Are Your Pattern Choices Discreetly Defining Your Persona?

Are Your Pattern Choices Discreetly Defining Your Persona?

Does the pattern you prefer for your clothing and accessories reflect the inner you?
Find out what they say about you.

Your personal sense of style moulds your personality. It is how people recognize you and it plays a huge role in building your confidence or stripping it down. We’ve always know that a neatly put together outfit that we know looks good makes a difference, but did you know that the difference goes as deep as reflecting the inner you? A fashion history professor at Woodbury University took to finding out if your pattern choices are discreetly defining your persona. The study concluded that the design prints we tend to pick more often have an inherent relationship with some of our finest qualities. Read on and find out what your favourite pattern holds in store for you.



Prints and Personality

Nautical stripes: If you gravitate towards stripes every time you go shopping then chances are that you’ve got an ardent sense of self-worth. The professor’s research suggests that individuals who have a proclivity toward stripes are inclined to believe in themselves. On the other hand, if you need to spur up your confidence, pair a nautical t-shirt with a basic solid blazer. It’s a style option that works well to give you a clean yet powerful look.

Recent trends have spruced up the pattern to breathe life and vibrancy into the classic stripes. You can pick from a range of wide, and bold stripes in a spectrum of pulsating colours with variations on the vertical and horizontal lines. The popular Ikat print is one such design that is getting a lot of attention these days, and is an easy way to spruce up a look. Stripes can also create the illusion of a slimmer and taller you, so play around with the pattern to pick one that complements your sense of style.



Florals: Floral prints, it would seem, are largely preferred by people with an outgoing and amiable disposition. The innate nature of a floral print is reflected in individuals who choose these prints; from soft, feminine prints to bright and cheerful ones, florals attract affable personalities who are known to be very sociable.

In my opinion one can hardly go wrong with the open and inviting floral print, and although the pattern is a popular choice for dresses, try mixing it up with an upbeat floral-print handbag or a beautiful floral blouse for a fresh take on the print. Modern trends are embracing this print in lot of new ways; you can mix florals with other prints, or keep it simple yet modish by matching it with a solid colour.



Polka-dots: Your fascination for the playful print may be subtly hinting at your energetic aura. According to the study, polka-dots are chosen by dynamic multi-taskers. In case you need a little “pick-me-up”, pep up your wardrobe with a hint of polka. The print that was once a rage, has mellowed down and is found in pretty variations that are fun and playful and look great even in neutral tones like grey, black, and white.



Animal prints: Animal prints reflect the creative leader in you. While the most exotic of prints certainly adds a little edge to your closet, there’s a lot I adore about animal prints. They are season-less, and you can pair them with almost anything. Furthermore, stylish women are getting more creative with how they incorporate everything from spots to stripes into their outfits this season. Try pairing an animal print with a bright colour, for e.g. a neon pink belt on a skirt in leopard print or a zebra stripe in a pop of orange. Use your creativity to style the print according to your fashion personality.



End note: We usually have a good mix of patterns in our closet, but that one pattern which is close to our heart ends up dominating all our choices. Apparently, these prints also rule our personality traits even if it may be in the most inconspicuous ways. What are your thoughts? Are your pattern choices discreetly defining your persona?

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