3 Valuable Investments That Will Change Your Life

3 Valuable Investments That Will Change Your Life

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What is the price of that pink flush in your cheeks when you ask your crush out? What is the price of the smile that lights up on your child’s face when you prepare her favourite meal? What is the price of that tear rolling down your mother’s cheek when you visit her after a long time?

Some things in life are priceless and these moments remind us that life’s investments are not just the ones we make for financial gain. These are investments that may not require deep pockets but a big heart and conscious effort. Investing in these will reward you with returns much more gratifying than monetary goods.





A Connection With Yourself

Ambivalence is a critical element of life that is often treated as an enemy rather than the friend it truly is. We are quick to judge the uncertainties of life even before they completely unfold before us. By investing in ourselves and the connection we have with the person deep within, we will be able to see the true meaning of living and not just conform to the rules of life.

Some people see age as the advocate for deciding whether it is a good time to bring their thoughts to action or letting their fancies pass as a whim of an aging soul. But this kind of self-criticism can only limit you and turn you into a cynic ~ never being able to see beyond the incongruence of your own mind. Raised to be a woman who kowtowed to the norms of society and humbly accepted life as it came, I have realized how wrong these notions were and how important it is to take a stand for yourself and know what you really want from life.

Two years ago I left a secure job to follow a dream that didn’t promise much at the time in terms of monetary benefits. Nine to five working hours transformed into round the clock schedules, sleep became a luxury and practises a necessity. It took me time to find myself. But by investing time and energy into introspection, I stand here today, more complete and more rounded as a person than what I was before I started this blog.





Connections Beyond Yourself

When we connect to ourselves we’re able to create lives that are meaningful and fulfilling; but the connections we establish and nurture with others will enable us to embrace the reality of our interconnected nature, and help us live with compassion, equanimity, and purpose.

What’s important to remember is that relationships aren’t something you plant and expect to grow on their own. They take nourishing and time. And while some connections are formed to last forever, others may require a little more of your attention. Because without being mindful of the connections you establish around yourself, you will soon be caught up in the noise instead of taking pleasure in the enriching company of people you truly value.

Relationships are crucial in life so be careful to pick the right friends, and a partner who will cherish your selfhood as much as you cherish theirs. Invest in these beautiful relationships which bring forth value, empower you, and help you enjoy a sense of achievement in the life you lead.





The Celebration of Life

Celebrating life is one of the biggest investments you can make. I know I’ve touched the subject of gratitude earlier on a deeper note, but I’d like to reiterate. There is nothing more wonderful than being grateful for the big and small moments of happiness that dot your life. Be grateful even in everyday moments which spin around the big wheel called life. When you are mindful of these moments and appreciate life for being benevolent to you, you will be able attract positive energy that can really help you to raise your vibration.


A Final Word

Don’t just focus on the finances you are setting aside for the trip you want to take or for the house you want to purchase or for your retirement. Think of the person you would like to take that trip with and how important it is to invest in the relationship you share with that person. Think of the people you would want to be surrounded with when you reach retirement age. Think of the life you currently lead and ask yourself that if you were to be sitting on a rocking chair right now thinking of the things you missed out on when you were young, will you still lead the same life? Or will you stop and reset?


Please share which of the tips listed above you plan to implement this week… I would love to hear from you!

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* I love bringing together a bunch of conflicting items and weaving my own sense of one-ness to them. *


  • Good article, Tanya – with some wise words. 🙂 On the self-investment angle I’d like to include my understanding that if a person is figuring “How might I do this” they likely have it wrong. My advice would be to try not to think “how” but “who”. “Who can enable me to do this” and it moves the accentuation and expels the sentiment of overwhelm and dejection.

  • Tanya, I love your work and have been keen to your analyses. Be that as it may, you hit the nail on the head with this post! Thanks so much for this!

  • So happy to have discovered your blog! This article has inspired me. You are amazing and merit all your accomplishments! Thanks for sharing. xx

  • This is remarkable advice, Tanya. Enhancing my life is what I have always wanted to do and your article has motivated me to put in resources towards achieving that. Bookmarked! <3

  • This article really hit the spot! I’ve always been curious about this subject; investing in oneself is something we don’t generally understand ` on the grounds that it has so many grey areas…

    • I think there’s probably going to be some gray areas where you’re making an emotional trade-off some of the time, but the other parts of the time you’re taking higher quality action, Wesley. 🙂

  • Personally, I read your posts for motivation, Tanya – to place me in right frame of mind. Your article outlined it impeccably toward the end; the hypothesis needs to be followed with action.

  • I have consciously been working on this for several years; however it wasn’t until recently that I’ve gained ground. Your blog is a great resource for Inspiration and positive Attitude, Tanya. 🙂

    • Thank you, Tebogo. It’s more habit-building by immersing yourself in a solitary propensity rather than choosing a few.

  • I imagine self investment would enable me to open my mind and be less fixed in my attitudes, convictions and judgments ~ which, for me, is such an impediment to making the most of my life.

    • I think this worry is more of a reflection on our impatience as human beings rather than an issue with the endless meta layers that I believe exist, Mohamed.

  • This is an exceptionally fascinating concept. I figure more people should observe this, with the end goal that they can know about how they may lead a fuller existence. Btw, I think your posts may do well as a youtube video. I think you should attempt it 🙂

  • Your posts have a priming effect on me that endures as the day progresses, Tanya, and I continue noticing opportunities for further self development. Thanks for writing!

    • The ideal approach to learn is to seek and discover general truths and attempt to apply them throughout everyday life, Charles. 🙂

  • The challenge here is having the introspective clarity to acknowledge when you are utilizing a situation as a means of avoiding your objectives as opposed to working on them.

    • Yes, there is by all accounts a fundamental disconnect for being mindful and being honest with yourself about the outcomes of your choices, Shubham.

  • The ideal approach that has always worked for me is: “Attempt what should work, then on the off chance that it does not ~ take a stab at something that should not work and check results.”

    • Going extreme appears easier in tasks where estimating results is not simple… still nice observation, Michael. 🙂

  • As I would see it the recurrence at which you can “experience” and take inspiration from life mirrors your level of solace in carrying on with that life.

  • Experienced it and I can’t agree more that we can all just get in a flow state, put some effort in and build some momentum to get a bit more out of life than a daily calendar saturated with commitments.

    • If we have an unchanging attitude about something, we believe individuals are “just born with it” versus the growth mindset that says anyone can develop an ability if they strive, Scott.

  • Thanks for such a thoughtful piece! This is such a captivating concept, and I have often thought about how hard others are working in the pursuits you recommend.

    • The more we do, the greater the capacity/familiarity/positive emotions about the activity we will retain, Nico. 🙂

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