Valentine’s Special: Mini Blueberry Coconut Custard Tartlets

Valentine’s Special: Mini Blueberry Coconut Custard Tartlets


Blueberries add so much more than just a spark of colour to a dish. This super food provides numerous benefits for the health conscious; it is sweet and luscious for those who are more flavour-oriented, and provides myriad culinary possibilities to the innovative cook. That is why I have chosen these small-in-size but big-in-flavour berries for my Valentine’s Day special dessert. As for my choice of dessert, it has mostly to do with my affinity for tarts which I feel are the cutest and tastiest #treats in the world! And given the fact that I travel as much as I do and that I have enjoyed a wide spectrum of cuisines, tarts have somehow found a permanent place in my heart {yes, really!}. These mini blueberry and coconut custard tartlets are absolutely perfect for a Valentine’s Day celebration. And the best part – these tarts are truly an easy to prepare mini dessert!

These delish mini tarts are dairy & egg-free. The secret lies in the prudent use of coconut milk thickened with corn-starch, which makes a richly decadent custard filling, replacing any need for eggs.


This recipe makes 24 mini custard tarts


Whole Wheat Flour – 1 ½ cups
Vegetable Oil – ¼ cup
Dark Brown Sugar – 3 tbsp.
Honey – 3 tbsp.
A pinch of Ground Cinnamon
A pinch of Salt



Coconut Milk – One 400 ml tin
Vanilla Bean or Vanilla paste – 1 bean or I tbsp. of the paste
Sugar – ½ cup
Corn-starch – 4 tbsp.
Fresh Blueberries {for garnish} – 1 ½ cups




• Start by preheating the oven to 175°C. Lightly grease a 24-cup mini-muffin pan and set it aside.
• Put the flour, cinnamon, honey, sugar, salt and oil {for the crust} in a bowl and mix together till it reaches a rough crumbly texture. Then place this mixture in the pan you have prepared {since the mixture has a crumbly texture, you may need to press it into the cups to give it the shape of a tart’s crust} and bake for ten minutes. Once they are out of the oven, let them cool while you prepare the filling.
• Heat a saucepot and pour the coconut milk into the pot, and scrape in the seeds of the vanilla bean {if you are using vanilla paste, then stir in the paste}. Add the sugar and the corn-starch, and whisk till the two ingredients completely dissolve into the milk without leaving any lumps.
• Turn the flame to medium and continue to whisk the mixture till it gradually comes to a simmer and thickens. It should take about 6 minutes for the mixture to achieve the desired texture of custard. Transfer the custard to a bowl and cover the bowl with a plastic wrap. Allow it to cool to room temperature.
• Once the custard has cooled, spoon the coconut filling into the mini tart shells and top each of them with three fresh blueberries.

*Chill the tart shells in the pan for at least two hours before popping them out to serve. This will ensure they do not lose their shape or break when you take them out.


These delightful little bites take advantage of the fresh berries coming back into season, and they beautifully complement the smooth coconut cream and the deliciously crumbly- crumbly crust, transforming a simple dessert into a decadent treat!

Wishing Everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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