How To Get Flawless Skin

How To Get Flawless Skin

Like I have discussed here, this year I’m all about intentions. One of which is tied in with having a healthy relationship with my body. I know, it’s easier said than done, but I’ve been really trying to prioritize what goes into my body and onto my skin.

As women {and men, I’m sure}, we love glowing, healthy skin and those who are fortunate to have radiant skin are truly envied. Just so you know, even those who are envied may, in all probability, not be satisfied with their skin too! I’d like to tell you though to remember this ~ transformation does not happen overnight. I believe we are what we eat, so eating right, and nurturing your skin using the right products will go a long way in maintaining skin health. Without further ado, I present to you the skin habits you should adopt to help you get flawless skin!




  1. Wash Your Face Right

Maintaining a routine is very important as your skin is constantly exposed to the elements. Now, you’re most likely on auto-pilot when you wash your face. But tonight eschew the soap {as the pH value of soap is higher than what your skin needs} and reach for a gentle cleanser {as cleansers hydrate your skin} ~ get a few drops on your fingers and massage onto your face using upward and circular motions to dispense the cleanser properly. Use tepid or cool water to wash your face, again using upwards motions ~ gravity pulls down, which is how wrinkles are created! Rinse a few times and pat dry using a soft towel {I use soft baby washcloths} ~ don’t rub, as rubbing stretches your skin. And don’t forget the toner; it helps to rev the skin up and refresh it for further ministrations. I know, I know ~ this may require some time to get used to, but you’ll thank me later!

  1. Exfoliate To Improve Skin Texture

While lotions and creams are great for your face and body, you do need to allow your skin time to breathe. The way to do this is to exfoliate, to clear away the layer of dead skin which will leave your skin soft and supple. Remember to be gentle with your skin and use an exfoliating body wash and a loofah in conjunction. You’ll be surprised with the results ~ your skin becomes more elastic and your skin texture improves to reveal gorgeous skin. Use the loofah on moist skin and stick to that circular motion. Rinse with warm water and watch your skin come alive.

Tip: I exfoliate before a waxing session, as this helps get rid of dead skin that builds up around my hair follicles and gives great results!

  1. Dry Brushing ~ An Alternative To Exfoliation 

If you’re not a great fan of the loofah and body scrubs, but still need a body massage, then this one is for you. I’ve been dry brushing off and on for a couple of years now {remember this post here?} and I think it’s a great habit to get into. You would normally need a long-handled natural, non-synthetic bristle brush but go easy on your face and sensitive areas ~ get one with softer bristles for those areas. Use the dry brush in an upward and circular motion once a week ~ your circulation gets a boost, and your lymphatic system works overtime to get rid of toxins. Dry brushing also helps improve the appearance of cellulite!

  1. Moisturise With Hyaluronic Acid

With time, our skin weathers and the result can be dull and blotchy skin. Our skin needs to stay hydrated and protected from the outside factors, so finding the right product can be quite a challenge ~ but don’t despair, help is always around. Hyaluronic Acid is safe for your skin as it’s something that is naturally produced in your joints, connective tissue and even in your eyes. This acid is really good at retaining moisture, and adding HA serums to your daily skin care routine helps your skin become firm, smooth and radiant ~ there, you’re a new person altogether.

  1. Never Skip Sunscreen

You’d think that if you spent the better part of the day inside your cool home, you wouldn’t need to use an SPF ~ wrong! The sun’s UV rays have an insidious way of attacking your skin even though you don’t feel it ~ age spots appear, the skin looks weathered, and your confidence takes a nose-dive. So, regardless of whether you’re at home or whether it’s sunny, overcast or raining; you should be wearing sunscreen Every. Single. Day!

I would advise you to use a day cream that has an SPF of 30 at least, or a broad spectrum sunscreen that will protect your skin from damage by the UV rays of the sun. Also check whether your sunscreen has zinc, titanium or mixoral, as they are the real saviours! I use one that sets my makeup as well as provides SPF coverage. And we all know how much I love a good double-duty beauty product!




  1. Retinol For Use At Night

If you thought your skin needed protection and moisture only during the day, think again ~ the natural process or regeneration happens at night ~ therefore night creams need to have active ingredients and need to be more moisturizing. Retinol is one great ingredient as it helps with skin upkeep and regeneration.

There are many other benefits to using Retinol {time-released, gentle formulas} as well: it stimulates the production of collagen, reduces hyper-pigmentation, reduces scarring, and smoothes fine lines. A word of caution: Retinol is powerful and should never be used during the day. Since it’s derived from vitamin A, it’s likely to break down in broad daylight.

  1. Eye Creams Are Just As Important

Do we really need eye-creams? As the skin around our eyes is the most delicate layer on our face and tires easily {can you say puffy eye-bags and dark circles?}, it needs extra care ~ i.e. it needs to be pampered a little more than the rest of our face. A good eye cream not only keeps those creases at bay, but reverses signs of aging and smoothes fine lines; but that doesn’t happen overnight, therefore do keep at it.

So get this straight ~ you need a day cream, an eye cream, and a night cream ~ all of which must suit your skin type. The correct face care will support the skin day and night.

  1. Imbibe The Goodness Of Vitamin C 

Include vitamins in your diet is what we hear day in and day out ~ “Eat your veggies and fruits!” Strange as it may seem, if you don’t eat right, it shows up in your skin. Your diet should be rich in antioxidants, in biotins and omega-3. Antioxidants help to fight free radicals that damage the skin, biotins help skin to remain healthy and revitalized. Omega-3 repairs damaged cell membranes and makes the skin more resilient.

You’ll be surprised to hear that the same formula holds good for your skin too ~ beauty products with vitamin C help reduce age spots, improve the overall texture of your skin, and visibly brighten your skin too! So ensure you include this vitamin in your daily skincare routine. Remember that learning to love your skin and nurture it the right way and at the right time, helps.

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Perhaps you’re tired of hearing people tell you that water does wonders for your skin ~ take their advice. Water hydrates your skin, removes toxins and waste products, keeps your skin supple and soft, and enhances your complexion! I don’t always remember to drink water but having a super cute water bottle helps!

  1. Try a Collagen Powder 

Are you employing a collagen powder yet? As you may already know, collagen is responsible for giving your skin elasticity, giving structure to your nails and hair, it’s what makes your ligaments and tendons strong, and it helps to hold connective tissues in place ~ so, add a spoonful of collagen powder to your morning coffee or tea, or add it to your orange juice and see the difference in your skin.

  1. Don’t Skimp On Your Beauty Sleep

And last but not the least, I would like add that you need at least seven hours of restful sleep ~ as there’s truly nothing like a good night’s rest. Your skin is just like any other part of the body, it needs to relax too while you sleep to refresh yourself. So ensure you get the proper amount of shut-eye to keep you ticking the right way.




End note: These tips will allow your skin to take on its own glow. Treat your skin gently every single day and treat it right ~ a healthy attitude, a healthy diet, and a healthy everyday skin care routine can do wonders. Now that you know how to get flawless skin, go ahead and put these routines to good use… 🙂


It takes 21 days to make or break a habit ~ so start TODAY. Do you have a skin habit that you’ve adopted and loved? Let me know in the comments below!


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