Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel, Yangon

Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel, Yangon

A hotel with an eye for unassailable creativity, crafting uniqueness in a world that is doing its best to make you mimic others

Over the last decade I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the customs and attitudes of the countries I’ve visited, and have experienced personalized services and amazing hospitality at the luxury properties I’ve had the pleasure of staying at. While the usual pleasantness of hotel staff and experience on offer always excites me, when I get to know about one that is the antithesis of cookie cutter then I sit up and definitely take notice.

The Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel, Yangon is one of those spaces that takes your perceptions about luxury hotels and replaces it with an entirely new and undeniably positive outlook as to what luxury could stand for and what an immersive guest experience really means. Built onto a glamorous yacht the hotel allows for fascinating views and an authentic local experience of Yangon; the impressive Botahtaung Pagoda can be viewed from the yacht and you’d love the infectious energy of the vibrant markets which are just a stone’s throw away from the property.

The yacht itself is as mesmerizing as its surroundings, and the real magic unspools when you step on-board this 106-metre-long, 17-metre-high 1920s-themed luxury flotel. Although the sophistication of the hotel is largely owed to its design which reflects the 20s era, don’t mistake the classic splendour for an absence of modern amenities as the yacht hotel is equipped with a plush movie theatre, a spa with a Jacuzzi, and some of the most impressive restaurants in the country!




Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel, Yangon


Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel, Yangon



The gorgeous environs coupled with the splendid views that you are treated to and the hearty hospitality of the yacht hotel get together to create a treasure chest of experiences.



A 1920s Vintage Take on Luxury

Luxury is subjective, and my idea of it alters and metamorphoses

There is something moody and magical about the décor of the Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel, Yangon. Designed to represent the resplendence of the 1920s, the hotel offers an intimate atmosphere where every aspect of its design has been executed with precision and stunning mastery. Contemporary luxuries are devised to adorn the garb of another era to provide you with tasteful décor which matches your urban lifestyle and immerses in vintage-styled environs.


Feeding the seagulls at sunset

325g Feeding the seagulls at sunset






The hotel brilliantly served as a destination within a destination. I could hardly take my eyes off the grand spiral staircase which was creatively enveloped in frosted glass, coiling three floors down to create a riveting view. The magnificent chandelier was another design element which added to the profligate décor of the yacht hotel. Being here, really gave me a unique taste of uninhibited classic elegance.




The Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel in Yangon does decadence like no other! The extraordinary experience of living in the intimate quarters of an exclusive and private yacht made my visit to Myanmar an even more fulfilling one.


Every room is prudently designed to provide guests with beautiful views of their surroundings from porthole windows. My stay was booked at the Deluxe Room with Balcony which made me feel like I belonged in sepia toned photographs.

Everything in my room from the telephone to the Edison bulbs was reminiscent of vintage glamour. Even the rope detailing and the distressed-leather brass-studded chairs to succinctly re-imagine the travelling trunk motif remarkably played their part in taking me back to the golden age of sea travel.

A tarnished mirror revealed a map of the world with distinctive markings. A quill smugly claimed its place on the desk alongside a gas-lamp replica. A wooden barrel had been turned into a mini bar, and a faux fireplace gave the room a lovely sun-toned glow. I particularly loved the bedside gramophone with its brass horn that concurred with the rest of the design elements in the room. It’s hard not to be impressed by such detail.

The Deluxe Room with Balcony also happened to be one of the most spacious rooms I’ve ever seen on a ship, which was a pleasant surprise. The balcony offered spectacular views of the river, and my mornings were almost always spent there with a cup of coffee, waving at the friendly children as I watched local boats go by, and breathing deeply of the fresh morning air.






Dining On-Board the Yacht

The 1920 Industrial Restaurant is presumably named as a beautiful reminder of the Burmese Industrial Revolution. Dining at this unique restaurant was an elegant and eclectic affair, and I enjoyed my meal {Pan-Asian} at tables which featured iron legs suggestive of the industrial machines of the period.


Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel, Yangon



The Pirate Restaurant is another creatively designed restaurant which caters to a discerning palate looking for authentic Burmese cuisine. The delightfulness of the dishes was augmented by the exceptionally beautiful panoramic views of the Yangon River. The refreshing sights were exhilarating especially for a person who has lived most of her life amidst the concrete jungle of Bangalore.



Evenings at the hotel were spent at the Victoria Bar and Lounge which attentively stocked its shelves with a repertoire of local and international liquors. Cocktails here were deliciously intoxicating and the extensive menu of bar snacks and specialty cocktails allowed me to lose myself in the infectious energy of its environment.





Wellness Centre

In the three days that I spent at the Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel in Yangon, time seemed to be of little significance. It was replaced with the notion of creating experiences, memories and living in the present.

To bring my stay to an equally beautiful culmination, I decided to experience the Water Spa. I choose the Swedish aromatherapy massage to relieve tensions in the body, soothe strained muscles and improve blood circulation.

I often have to direct therapists so that they know which areas of my body to pay more attention to, but this time it felt like the therapist could effortlessly read my mind. She applied the right amount of pressure and worked out all the knots like a charm.

A Jacuzzi on the deck wrapped up my spa experience conforming to the luxurious design of the rest of this gorgeous yacht hotel in Myanmar’s Yangon.







Chauffeur for Myanmar Travel Itinerary

The Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel doesn’t just believe in providing luxury on board, but can also arrange chauffeur services for your Myanmar travels. A Rolls Royce can pick you up at the airport and take you around Yangon for an unmatched Myanmar tourism experience.




The entire yacht looks effortlessly at ease with the vintage design that it features, but effortlessness is just a deception that you are made to believe. The staff who wore a smile on their faces as eagerly as their uniforms, worked hard to ensure that guests enjoyed every bit of their stay.





If you’re looking for a classy and attentive hotel that breaks away from the usual to immerse you in genuine hospitality then I totally recommend checking out the Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel, Yangon.


* My trip to Myanmar has been split into several posts:  Bagan / Aureum Palace Resort / Popa Mountain Resort / Inle Lake / Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort / YangonStay tuned for my post on what to wear when in Myanmar

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*** Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Myanmar. Due judgement and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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