Travelling With American Tourister

Travelling With American Tourister

American Tourister: The Luggage Brand Trusted By All

Whenever I travel, my best companions are a good novel and luggage which matches my style and has no intentions to fall behind on functionality. Choosing the right luggage is imperative for anyone who travels – whether it is for the occasional yearly trips or frequent getaways. There are so many factors to consider – brand, size, colour, material, and features. Let’s look closely at the factors that really matter when a full-time traveler like me is scouring the market for a trustworthy piece of luggage.




Choosing The Right Luggage

When Sol Koffler, founder of leading luggage brand – American Tourister, conceived the idea of selling luggage back in 1933; he began with hardy suitcases that were sold for a dollar. But being ahead of the world for its time, the company futuristically started creating moulded luggage at a time when the rest of the world was unaware that this was even possible. In the early 90s, the brand was acquired by Samsonite, and in the present day, American Tourister is regarded as one of the finest luggage brands in the world.

One feature that is present in all American Tourister suitcases is reliability. The durable and tough suitcases range by the brand is a frequent traveller’s time-tested companion, especially with their easy-mobility and anti-theft features to help you enjoy your trip. They’ve got so many eye-catching designs too.

Since I pretty much live out of my suitcase because of my frequent trips to explore the world, I prefer something strong enough to be resilient to the repeated stress of loading and unloading. But strength doesn’t really have to coincide with heaviness or bulkiness. I want luggage that is light enough for me to glide through airports without feeling burdened by my bags. This is where American Tourister’s Paralite models fit that bill perfectly.







Hands On With Paralite

It is never too easy to find out if a piece of luggage is right for you or not until you take your first trip with it. From putting in all your clothes to adjusting it in the boot of your car and taking it all the way to the check-in area of the airport, you will learn if your luggage is everything that you had hoped it would be or not.

Well, after using my American Tourister 55cm Paralite in Gunmetal 4 Wheel Hard Luggage Strolley on my last few escapades, my expectations have been met and exceeded. The strolley stood the test of sturdiness as I carelessly dragged it through the airport terminal or shoved it at the back of my taxi or perched it on top of the luggage table in my hotel room. It is still in solid shape and shows no signs of slowing down.






What I like

  • Strong yet flexible – The rigid polycarbonate shell is well-toughened to see the Paralite through some rough-handling and yet it is flexible enough to avoid being brittle. For all the manhandling that my suitcase has seen, I am glad that it still works like it did when I first received it.
  • Light – I smiled as the portable luggage scale reflected a number that meant that I could fill my Paralite some more. Lighter suitcases mean that you can either enjoy shopping during your vacation or simply fill your suitcase with more clothes and shoes while packing for your trip.
  • Durable zips – I have been through the ordeal of having to change suitcases in the last moment after losing both main zipper pulls on my suitcase. Paralite features heavy-duty zippers which have a real solid feel.







  • 360-degree wheels – It’s so much easier when suitcases easily glide around corners and roll smoothly precisely to where you want them to. The 360-degree wheels and extendable handle on the Paralite are very comfortable to use and a handle has been judiciously placed on the top and the side to make it easy for handlers to carry. This is just the kind of suitcase you may want to invest in if you are hunting for good luggage this season. 
  • Internal compartments and restraints – The elastic restraint straps come with a sturdy clasp that keeps all your clothes in place. The Paralite also has zipped dividers which help in creating two compartments in the suitcase enabling you to pack your things in an organized manner.
  • Colour – Travel is so much fun, so why limit your travel luggage to mundane colours? The Paralite range of luggage is available in 3 glossy colours: Gunmetal Grey {for your traditional, unassuming look}, Seaport Blue {for those with an undying love of the ocean}, and Crimson Red {for those attention seekers who just can’t bear to travel with luggage in jaded colours}.

Point to note: In-built TSA locks are not to be considered theft-proof but they can certainly add a little extra peace of mind when your luggage is out of your sight. However, American Tourister provides external zips that are strong and fitted with large holes to allow an external lock to be easily attached to add to the safety of your luggage.


End note: American Tourister’s Paralite is designed for the modern-day traveller. Using the sturdy and light-weight Paralite as my travel companion makes everything so much easier. It calls for smoother journeys and helps me enjoy my trip without having to worry about dragging a heavy, stalling case across airport terminals. If you are looking at purchasing a suitcase, I can easily recommend this one.

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