Top Travel Bloggers In India

Top Travel Bloggers In India

There are times when you are delighted with a place, a meal, an outfit… and want to share it with the world! Off late blogging has become that platform to give voice to the elemental beauty on the various aspects of life with your unique perspective. Although I wouldn’t say that blogging is a new technique, as it has been existent as a search engine and has slowly become a sort of influencer to many business professionals and marketers where it gives them the space to speak about their brands and products in order to be heard, and be known to a wider strata of society and a more diverse audience.


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Travelling is a passion shared by many, and with the onset of budget airlines and other convenient travel modes; places across the globe have become easily accessible. If you are a travel enthusiast and have travelled to many interesting places, you may consider becoming a travel blogger. Especially as travel blogs are becoming extremely popular, since they bring the country/region/place to your drawing room ~ the pictures, descriptions, and places of interest shared in these blogs make them come alive and palpable to the readers, all the while encouraging them to put on their travelling shoes, and wander far to discover new lands.

But of course, along with the travelling part, a passion to write is imperative so that you can capture the important as well as the trivialities of each place you have visited, and make it a captivating blog experience with your unique voice, by sharing content on the blog telling your readers what you feel passionate about. Your words should open the doors to novel experiences and new challenges.




So how do you go about becoming a travel blogger? It is certainly not easy as it looks, but once you have made up your mind, you can work towards achieving your goal.

Starting: First off, register your own domain name and then proceed to create your website with a good website design. It is important that you know what you want as the central theme of your blog ~ whether it is about sight-seeing, food, culture, adventure activities etc. It is not mandatory that you cover all areas; you can speak about the things that get your attention while on your trip.

Your Audience: Clarity on the type of audience you want to cater to through your blog is the next important step. You should also have an understanding on their age bracket, gender, and their preference for short blogs or lengthy ones. Additionally, having knowledge about their interests is beneficial as it will help you pay more attention to those areas when travelling.




Being Active on Social Media: Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+ are important to make your active presence felt. It is equally important that your postings are consistent without overstretching yourself. Commenting, replying to comments, hashtags, and tagging yourself in posts should also be done on a regular basis to bring about the desired results.

Mailing List: Apart from social media, building a mailing list is vital for a travel blog. Many times what is sent via email reaches subscribers faster than social media updates, and it is the best way to alert readers. There are numerous tools that will help you in managing your email subscriber list and you can choose the one that suits you the best.




Content: Your blog reflects your style and personality, and it is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Whatever content you choose to write about, your blogging journey should be interesting and you should be able to enjoy it while sharing your experiences with other people. Additionally, images and photographs make blog posts tangible, and they tell exciting stories to the readers.

Building Your Audience: What you post is important and once you get into ‘active blogging mode’ you will have a better understanding about diverting traffic to your blog, SEO {search engine optimization}, and building your audience. Most importantly ~ stick to your topic of interest, and continually post good content to see a definite growth in your audience. Remember, no one reads a blog that has poor content.




Stay Connected: Leaving thoughtful comments on others’ blog posts, guest blogging, and coordinating with celebrity influencers, especially if you choose an individual who will showcase your brand to its max potential, are all good to build a good list of followers. Influencers have the power to influence people and they are individuals who have a good number of followers due to the quality content they post on their websites. Getting to collaborate and build long-term relationships with them can be effective as long as your goals are aligned with them.

Setting Goals: This is important but what is more important is achieving those goals. It is always better to go for sustainable long term goals for your blogging account because it gives better focus and is influential for the success of your blog. A combination of good planning, dedication, time, perseverance, and hard work form the crux and will make you stay dedicated to your work. Short term goals can be used to build towards long term goals and can be rewarding as they can be completed quickly.


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Join Travel Blogging Groups: The blogging community is huge and it is always good to be aware of the viewpoints of new, as well as experienced bloggers. Take the advice that suits you the best because what works for one need not work for another.

End note: There are a lot of options out there to try out and new things to learn. Do not give up and be patient because building a name for yourself might take a while, as things are likely to go wrong especially in the nascent stages, but best, is to handle it patiently and like a professional.

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