How to Start a Travel Blog

How to Start a Travel Blog



If you already have a travel blog and want to improve it, and are aiming to become a top travel blogger in India, here are some tips for you to consider because there is so much more to it than just travelling.

Know your voice: What would you like the focus to be on in your travel blog? Would you like to write about places of interest, or do you want to focus on the culture, lifestyle, and cuisine of the place you have visited? Your blog should define your perspective and individuality making it unique and different from the rest of the travel blogs in the blogsphere.

Being authentic: There are a lot of travel blogs and to be honest not many of them are that interesting or encourage travelling, it is hence important that the contents of your posts are original, and reflects you ~ your style, personality, individuality, and creativity ~ so that it stands apart from the rest. You should also be innovative in the manner that you present content to ensure your readers come back to read more.

Take a break from the run-of-the-mill type postings: Always try to post content that is not found on other travel blogs. You can have innovative methods on how to combine the writing with pictures, and maps and make it visually attractive and vivid to your readers. The content you provide should be fascinating, and in depth so that readers know that the resources and details available about places on your blog are the best.

Keeping it simple:  Keep your blog simple and easy to navigate. There should be no clutter of advertisements and widgets on the site which can be distracting to visitors and take their attention off from the posts.

Commenting on other blogs: This is a good way to get noticed and also make your presence felt in the blogging industry. Be choosy when it comes to commenting because there is no point to this if you do not share a relationship with the blogger in question. Apart from appreciating your comment, said blogger should return the investment you have made by reading and commenting on your posts.

Make your presence felt on Social Media: Being active on social media is extremely important if you want to get noticed. That means not just commenting on others’ posts, but responding to comments made on your posts, and also sharing blog links written by another blogger, if you think it is good. I understand that this activity can be time consuming, but if you are efficient and have a proper plan in place, then the amount of hours spent on the same can be reduced.

Here are a few ways to utilize your social media effectively so that your blog is noticed.

  1. Facebook: Follow Me On Facebook! You can decide on the number of posts you would like to post per day, and follow that up with a timeline that will give the best results, by testing initially. Captivating pictures with interesting captions always draw attention, and ensure you tag yourself in the pictures so that your friends see them.
  2. Instagram: Follow Me On Instagram! Posting a picture a day with neat descriptions attracts visitors on instagram. Do not forget to use hashtags, and tag the location to attract more visitors to your account. I use quite a few hashtags, around 20-25 usually so that it connects to a wide audience.
  3. Pinterest: Follow Me On Pinterest! You can create your page and share content and pictures, and manage those using Pins, Pin It, and Pin Boards.
  4. Twitter: Follow Me On Twitter! Likewise have a couple of postings on twitter along with some pictures. Your postings should be consistent and regular so time them accordingly.

Posting photographs of yourself: You should not be afraid of posting your pictures on your blog because many times the connection is more palpable when readers see your photo.

Patience and perseverance: Travel blogging can take up a lot of time, especially because you need to create content that stands out. Most of the time bloggers give up because they do not have that kind of time to invest. I would advise you to be patient and you will find it rewarding.

Finding that connection with your readers: Travel blogs should not be about the mundane, like what you wore or what you ate, but about the stories that will make the place come alive to your readers enabling them to visualize themselves there. Many travel blogs end up being personal diaries which can be the cause of their non-popularity.

Timing the posts: Consistency is the key word here. Your blog posts must be timely and regular so that readers do not forget you and you will be able to make your presence felt online on a regular basis.

SEO {Search Engine Optimization}: SEO is an important topic and it is required to drive more traffic to your blog, as well as increase ranking in search engines. It will also enable Google to list your posts at the top of searches by using specific keywords.

Ignore negativity: There might be negative comments on your posts with readers criticizing you for your content ~ pay them no heed. If there are negative comments, delete them, or have an option where the comments need to be approved by you before they can show up on the post.


Now that you know how to work towards growing & improving your travel blog, you can work towards your goal of becoming a top travel blogger in India! Be patient. Put in the time. And you will reach your goals!

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