How to Start a Food Blog ~ Easy Guide for Beginners

How to Start a Food Blog ~ Easy Guide for Beginners





Food blogging is not as easy as many people think. It has to be a good combination of recipes, gourmet cooking, and captivating photographs to attract readers. If you are into culinary arts and want to share your passion and ‘secret recipes’ with the world, food blogging is a good idea to showcase your masterpieces.

Of course, a willingness to share your knowledge with the world, and hard work are they key ingredients to make your blog the best one there is on the internet. You can also make your food blog a successful business and here are some tips to catapult your blog to the numero uno status:


1. Get your domain. Give it a catchy name preferably with a pun on cooking. Let the name be short and descriptive so that it is easy to remember.

2. Decide on your hosting platform. Once both the domain and name are ready, choose the hosting platform which will make your site live for long. Additionally choose a theme that is mobile friendly and not too complicated. It should give you the option to make your blog look beautiful, and should have a variety of themes to make the blog colourful as well.





3. Identify what your content is. You should have clarity on what you are planning to share on your blog as the topic of food is vast and extensive. You can make the presentation as if you are narrating a story or you can take your readers on a journey along with you and make them feel as if they are with you while you are eating that pizza or sipping wine.

4. Be original. There are a lot of food blogs out there, so let your content be unique and authentic. It is important to give something to people that is different from the other food blogs they read so that it will encourage them to come back to your blog again and again. In a nutshell, I would advice quality over quantity.

5. Inspire readers by being passionate about food. It is important that your love for real food, cooking, and sharing recipes are tangible in the blog. With so many food blogs out there on the internet, it is mandatory that your obsession with food should stand out otherwise your blog might not be popular with the readers.





6. Your personality should be tangible through your blog. It is important that your voice, individuality, and creativity shine through the blog posts and the pictures you share on your blog.

7. Post lip smacking pictures. Readers like to dream. And blogs always look captivating if they have eye catching pictures. So, since a blog is a good platform to put your photography skills to work, go ahead and take some colourful shots of your creations to make them look tempting and out-of-this-world.

8. Connect with other food bloggers. Stay connected with other bloggers because interaction is important and you need to get inspired once in a while. It is a good way to ‘up’ your marketing game while you build good connections that will make blogging fun. You can post thoughtful comments on their posts once in a while. This way you might end up making friends and can form long lasting online friendships.

Posting comments, sharing the content of other bloggers, and being a blog buddy is also helpful when it comes to directing more traffic to your blog.




9. Social Media Platforms. Facebook, Google+,Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are ideal platforms to connect and develop relationships with like minded people. There are groups which can help you connect with bloggers so that your blog gets noticed. Ask questions in these groups and the responses might be helpful to decide on the next content for your blog post.

10. SEO {Search Engine Optimization}: SEO helps in finding your blog in search engines and will give you opportunities to get your blog ranked so that the number of visitors will increase. Once you do your research, use proper keywords while posting and optimize your images. That one specific keyword chosen should be included in your title, first sentence, and post permalink. And yes, following your blog should be made easy.

11. Earning an income from the blog. There are many ways to generate an income from your blog. You can easily turn the traffic into a good stream of revenue and it is not as difficult as you think. Once you blog has become successful, follow the basic tips when it comes to monetization; deciding and prioritizing the content, keeping it original and simple and tasteful, and getting started with ads and sponsorship. Coaching and being a consultant is also a good way to bring in revenue, and conducting courses and workshops are the other methods you may try out.

12. Be prepared to work hard. Your blog should be built slowly and consistently and with patience. Get all the groundwork done, check out other blogs, consult, and discuss. Once you have all this done, you are on the right track to seeing your blog climb slowly and steadily to the top of the rankings.




End note: Like all other blogs, food blogs too require time and good planning to make them appealing to the readers. Use useful evergreen content {things that will not change much with time} along with fascinating tales of food to strike a chord with your readers ~ this will get them sucked into the world of culinary arts through your words and visuals that will leave them wanting for more!

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  • Tanya, I absolutely love your blog!! My purpose with beginning and keeping up my blog was to share my mom’s recipes with other home-makers and stay connected with this community.

  • Nicely written. Thank you for sharing your insights, Tanya! I go back and forth about whether to do this full time, so this was certainly a valuable read!

  • This is really very useful for me as I have started food photography, and intend to start a food blog as well. Thank you for sharing, Tanya.

  • Good work, Tanya. You have here a unique site and an interesting one too… keep it up. Looking forward to more updates.

  • I concur. Learning the basics of photography and ensuring that the photos you post are appealing and delectable, will help your story fall into place.

  • What a fantastic read! Straightforward and insightful. Much obliged to you for the first-hand information, Tanya. A post on monetizing a blog would make for an incredible read.

  • Great post for a new blogger. It would be great to see where this approach takes me… More power to you, Tanya!

  • Tanya, I must admit you’re an amazing person. I can see that with your smile. Keep blogging, keep posting, and continue to update us with the latest!

  • All of us adore food, however not every person is a foodie! But, given a chance to convert my love for food into a dream career, I’d jump right at it!!

    • In recent years, food blogging, from a niche hobby, has evolved into a bona fide industry in its truest sense. 🙂

  • A really insightful post for beginners in the food blogging industry. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and motivational blog with us, Tanya. Keep up the good work!

  • Simple and to the point blog entry. As you stated, it’s vital to know your readers and which strategy would work for your blog in addition to the readers.

  • I am one of your regular blog readers and Instagram followers. I hope you are enjoying a lot in Fiji. I live in New Zealand, very close to Fiji. Hope you will visit the beauty of New Zealand as well.

    Just read your blog about how to start a Food blog, loved it! Written in a very simple way without any technical jargon. This kind of posts will help new readers to start their own blog.

    I am a blogger as well and write about tech tips & tricks. One issue about your blog grabbed my attention and that is your blog https certification. As your domain does not have https certification, when I was browsing your site, it was showing Not Secure. In some networks, it will not even allow users to browse your website. I hope you will consider this scenario. {I have written a useful post regarding this on techntechie dot com: advantages-of-ssl-certificate-installation}

    • We did have a wonderful time in Fiji, Himadir. I do hope to visit New Zealand someday 🙂
      Thank you for sharing.

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