Top Fitness Blogger in India

Top Fitness Blogger in India



How to become a successful fitness blogger

Are you an aspiring fitness blogger? If your ambition is to become the top fitness blogger in India, then you will need some real insight into the world of fitness, along with some in-depth knowledge on how to build a blog that can reach the right audience, and keep your readers interested enough to follow your blog.

Health and fitness are becoming an integral part of our lives due to the increased awareness that we now have towards various aspects of health, especially with respect to food and the long term benefits of exercise. This opens up ample opportunities for fitness bloggers to write about health, wellness etc. Depending on the niche segment that you want to cater to or if you prefer to be a generalist fitness blogger, you may want to chalk out a plan of action as to how you want to go about your posts. Following a plan of action will go a long way in ensuring that your goals towards becoming the top fitness blogger in India are realised.


Define your idea of fitness?

Fitness differs from person to person as there are various ideologies, techniques, and schools of thoughts on physical activities, food habits etc. Also, there will always be takers for one particular form over the other, and depending on who you target as your reader, you can define your idea of fitness. From your blog’s perspective – you may have random readers in search of a particular topic chance upon your blog post, or you may have regular readers, who follow your blog because your posts may be in sync with what that person wants to read and is convinced that you are the right source {a source of authority who provides interesting content and value for time invested in reading}. In conclusion you can plan your blog posts depending on your idea of fitness and the type of reader(s) that you want to cater to.

A point to note is that sharing different ideologies on the same blog may not gel well with your reader(s), but that is of course a personal choice, and a call that you want to take. For example you may either write about Yoga or you may write about Zumba as your fitness mantra or you may write about high intensity weight training. All three topics will cater to different readers; but whether you want to cater to one over the other, or you want to do a mix and match so that the relevant reader will find his/her way to your blog and read that post – is entirely up to you. Also, if you write about contrasting styles of fitness, how you present them will also make a difference. In my opinion, with search engines focusing more on page rankings it makes more sense to have a variety of posts catering to different audiences, as the right audience will find your blog post via search engines, and your regular readers, may also choose to read the post based on their interest levels.




How do you plan to make a difference?

To be counted among the top fitness bloggers in India, you will have to make your presence felt. You will need to ensure that you build your credibility in that domain by being knowledgeable about the different aspects of fitness: food, nutrition, exercises, weight training, cardio routines etc. You will need to build a brand around your own fitness and your presentations on the same. Your blog will need to be like a knowledge house which provides everything under one roof! Well yes, it takes time to build that kind of content, but plan well, and cover all aspects of fitness that you are familiar with. Read up and educate yourself on the ones that you are not familiar with. It will be to your benefit to have 2-3 posts on different topics, rather than churning out 30 posts on a single topic.


Are you connected with your audience?

When people seek information online, they usually do so by searching for a specific topic via search engines. You have to ask yourself if your blog posts are providing such valuable information to your readers. Does your post feel the pulse of your reader? Is it creating a connection at a different level, so that a reader, who has read an article, would consider returning to read more on your blog? Take a moment to think how you would build this momentum towards providing value to your readers, and also how you would inspire your readers to stay fit and healthy.


Are you equipped to answer questions regarding the topic in question?

Whenever you post an article on fitness/wellness, your readers may have questions regarding that topic, and if you want to be counted among one of the top fitness bloggers in India, you will need to develop sound knowledge about various topics related to fitness/wellness. Meaning that you should be able to answer these queries satisfactorily on various platforms:  Blog comments, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…


How motivated are you about fitness?

Do you have a real reason to be blogging about fitness? Answer the following questions to get clarity:

* Are you willing to be fit yourself?

* Are you willing to go the extra mile to learn about the many topics on fitness/wellness?

* Are you willing to develop an all-round knowledge on the topics you blog about?

If the answer to the above questions is ‘Yes’, then you are in a good fitness blogging space, as your motivation, dedication, and focus will ensure that you reach your goal of becoming the top fitness blogger in India.




Is your blog a publicity machine? 

So you have knowledge on fitness; you are motivated about fitness blogging; you have the patience to write about fitness blogging – now the next important questions are:

* Is your blog positioning you in the top influencer space?

* Is your blog design appropriate, to position you as the top influencer?

* Is you blog content appropriately visible and are your readers going to easily follow what is being written?

* Are the internal links appropriately set, so that navigation around your blog is easy?

Using different elements and content to work in a way that will give your blog a look that makes it perfect for your readers is very important. There is no shortage of themes that you can use for a website. Depending on your target audience, choose a theme that will fit the bill perfectly, as your blog is your brand ambassador.


How do you plan to keep up?

Once your blog picks up pace and you start publishing posts regularly, the next step to ensure that you become the top fitness blogger in India is to identify what others are doing. What is trending in the fitness industry? What are readers interested in reading? Are you writing about the right topics at the right time? Do you have a plan in place to provide cutting edge content for your readers at regular intervals? This will ensure that you are always on top of your game, and among the top influencers in the fitness space.


End Note

Lastly, connecting with your audience is the key. Do you have different ways for your audience to reach out to you?  Along with blog comments, your social media icons should be strategically placed in your blog, so that your readers can easily browse through them, and leave a comment. Additionally, it is equally important that you regularly check your social media channels to answer any queries, or appreciate your readers for the time they took out to read your blog posts.

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