To Covet: Louis Vuitton Pochette Félicie in Monogram

To Covet: Louis Vuitton Pochette Félicie in Monogram

Finally, this classic bag has spoken to me.

With a few decades now under my belt, I’ve come to truly realize that quality should be valued over quantity, always. Modern styles and trends have mostly dictated my fashion choices over the years, but I’ve been going through a metamorphosis from the fashion ideologies of a girl to that of a woman.

This transformation doesn’t indicate that I don’t wear youthful clothes and accessories or even short hemlines anymore; but that my style choices have gained a new perspective. I yearn for quality in and I must be able to relate to every piece that I choose. A connection needs to be present – a specific exactness that is harmonious with where I am in life, and my identity now – and I want my wardrobe to mirror that.

So, enter the elegant Louis Vuitton Pochette Félicie in Monogram. My desire for exquisiteness was perfectly quenched by this iconic design that echoes the timelessness of the brand.

I had been looking for a versatile bag that I could carry with me both during the day and for any evening events, and there were no bounds to my delight when I happened to set my eyes on the Pochette Felicie. Monogram bags from LV haven’t really been on my list of favourites for a long time, but with my fashion viewpoint going through a substantial overhaul, I found this piece to fit in perfectly with my lifestyle.





The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas is one of the most iconic of all of accessories, falling in line with Chanel’s chain straps and Hermès Birkin belted closure. There are some very obvious reasons why it has been able to ascend to this position: the stark differentiation of colour which sets it apart yet allows it to stay neutral to match the pieces in your wardrobe is one of the biggest explanations for its global popularity. Then there is the almost indestructible nature of the material. And as if these reasons were not enough, the LV Monogram Canvas has also been the default material for some of handbag history’s most famous bags – from the Neverfull to the Speedy.

Logo bags have gained unprecedented admiration from people around the globe even though I’ve known some stylists who find it way too pervasive. But none of this changes the fact that Louis Vuitton is the valiant eagle that sits on the top most branch of the tree that represents handbag brands. Its popularity is the result of a long and interesting history which has kept its customers devotedly returning to its stores – even when other brands may offer similar features and functionalities.






I must admit that my affections have always run more toward LV’s single-strap shoulder bags and cross-bodies, and the Pochette Félicie combines the magnetism of the logo bags and the functionality required to carry all your essentials in one bag. Part of this beloved classic bag’s appeal lies in its simplicity; a perfect canvas that allows for seasonal adornment and embellishments without yielding functionality.

The Pochette Félicie has some very alluring features that add elegance to the iconic structure of the bag. Featuring two removable interior pockets that contribute to its versatility, the contrasting interiors with microfiber lining and edge paint help the bag maintain an opulence which is characteristic of Louis Vuitton. There is brilliance in the workmanship that goes into the creation of this bag which is evident in the sharply done interiors and finishes– needless to say, I love this bag!

When the gold chain is long I prefer to wear this bag crossed over the body. I also love that I can shorten the strap by doubling it up inside and wearing it just over my shoulder. I feel that this helps transform a day bag to an evening one. This is one bag that perfectly fits my needs, and if I were in the market for a versatile handbag, this version would be at the top of my handbag wishlist.

Measurements: 21 x 11.5 x 3 cm






End note: I’m not surprised that I am so fond of the bag, but I guess I’ll always have a soft spot for the iconic monogram canvas. And there is no denying the fact that there is no fashion house that matches the precision and sophistication of Luis Vuitton when it comes to monograms.


Please note: This blog is maintained as a source of inspiration for all my readers. However, none of my writings should ever be mistaken as coercion for buying lots of material things. Materialism has somehow never found my admiration since I recognize the silliness in being materialistic and I also find it to be immoral. Every purchase I make is well-thought and if you follow my articles closely, you may have already seen how much emphasis I lay on thoughtful purchases.


About the brand: The House of Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854, and brags of 150 years of excellent workmanship creating bags and luggage that are a symbol of elegance. The eponymous label is a global leader in luxury bags, and is worth an estimated $28 billion. The impeccable craftsmanship of LV bags matched with their elegant designs makes them popular throughout the world. And when it comes to choices, LV will leave you awe-inspired with their collections which also include some vintage styles to choose from.

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