The Ultimate Fiji Travel Guide ~ Part 2

The Ultimate Fiji Travel Guide ~ Part 2

The Fijian Experience: Top Five Things To Do In Fiji


The exotic islands of Fiji give you more than dazzling white sand beaches, and cyan blue lagoons, where the sun caresses you with its warm fingers, which may leave you with an impression that travelling to Fiji is all about throwing down a beach towel and soaking up endless sunshine. It is only when you reach there that you get to see the diversity of the landscape and these five adventure tours speak about the unforgettable and magical moments Vikram and I experienced while enjoying the incomparable beauty of the place.


The Dimensions of Human Existence ~ Sigatoka River Safari and Tuvu Village Experience

The Sigatoka River Safari and Village experience is more of a civilization and cultural activity that will take you into the interiors of Fiji aboard custom-built safari jet boats, making the spirit and essence of the beautiful place palpable to travellers. There could not have been a better way for us than this half-day river boat ride and village visit to soak in the sights, and sounds of the Fijian traditions and culture.

The geometrical ripples, the little ebbs, twisting river, and the sharp bends made this half-day adventure along the lush and verdant Sigatoka River exhilarating yet soothing at the same time. Each boat had a driver/guide who enlightened us about the rich culture of the Fijian people, sharing the history and legends of the area. Vikram and I learned about life along the river as we glided along and were swallowed in the serenity and richness of beautiful sights in the inland areas.

Post the kava ceremony, we were welcomed to the Tuvu village by enthusiastic children who waved at us cheerily, and it was here we truly experienced the authenticity of the Fijian community, their family bonding, and their lives. The village festivities began with a member from our group carrying gifts of Kava {either in root or powder form} and presenting it to the chief for the ‘sevu sevu’ {welcoming ceremony} so that we could savour a day in the life of a real ‘kaiviti’ {Fijian}. We were also generously sprinkled with talcum powder on our faces, and the women welcomed us with crowns and ringlets of leaves and flowers. It was truly a memorable and conventional Fijian koro {village} experience.

We were served with a variety of delectable Fijian food ~ there was rice, fern salad, sweet potato, tilapia fish, fresh river muscles, eggplant, and fresh juice. With our bellies satiated, it was time for a dance. With the lilting and enigmatic sounds of the villagers’ voices creating a beautiful symphony, we bid them farewell.

Details: The tour costs 299 FJD per person and includes round-trip transportation from where you are staying, contribution to the village you will be visiting, a Fijian lunch during your village visit, bottled water, sulus {sarongs} for women, and a 10% discount at the Fiji Market & Tappos store in Sigatoka.

*Carry a change of clothes and towel. You will get wet no matter where you sit on the jet boat during the spins. Don’t bring anything valuable that will get wet.









Looking Down at the Miniscule World ~ Ziplining at Tau Village, Momi Bay

Are you looking for some forest adventure while on your trip to Fiji? You wouldn’t be disappointed because they have the adrenalin-rushing Nadi Zip Line Canopy Tour which will redefine the meaning of adventure as you explore the world from a different sensorial platform.

A canopy tour has been high on our bucket list for years and our wishes manifested when we were able to take part in this tree top adventure! We soaked in the magnificent beauty of the Fijian landscape and under the supervision of trained guides, we took over 16 giant zip lines with tropical forests and island waters seamlessly woven into the landscape by the hands of nature!

And if hanging upside down was not electrifying enough, we also felt alive feeling the fractals of wind swishing past us, the fragrance of the lush green forests, distorted figures and houses, the clanging and hissing sound as we whooshed on the zip lines at great speed ~ all the while marvelling at this feat of engineering. It was an unforgettable experience!

The Nadi Zip Line Tour is conducted from Momi Bay which is at the Tau Village, 35 minutes away from Nadi. Built in 2014 it is the highest, fastest, and longest zip line spread over 27 platforms that have 5 kms of stupendous adventure through dense forests, canyons, mysterious caves, and mesmerizing sea views.

As we traversed from one platform to the next, we were provided with a great view of the Mamanuca Islands, Plantation Island, and the azure blue waters of Tavarua {a popular surfing spot}. The place also has some fascinating stalactite limestone Tau caves which can be explored as part of this tour.

Details: The tour costs 235 FJD per person. Basic equipment like climbing harness, carabiner, helmet and glove are included and you will be accompanied by two guides at all times. A very basic lunch is also included.








Pure Adrenaline Rush ~ White-Water Rafting in Fiji’s Rugged Highlands

A trip to Fiji is like a dream come true for all outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Most of the people in Fiji reside in Viti Levu and it is here you can experience the ultimate adventure ~ white water rafting on the Upper Navua River ~ a mind-blowing escapade that will take you to another realm altogether.

The Upper Navua River flows through the interiors of Viti Levu and reveals another side of the land where the lush rain forests make decorative patterns on the skyline, and you are met unexpectedly with narrow canyons and hidden waterfalls as you go around each bend. The rapids here make it the best spot for rafting.

As we rafted down the rapids we could sense an element of mystery and fierceness and the river sped us through beautiful terrain, isolated spots, dangerous gorges, and tropical wilderness. This was a place where black volcanic walls rose over forty meters high and were fringed by jade green trees of the forest ~ no words can truly describe how one feels when surrounded by this magnitude of nature.

There was a spot where we tumbled down with the swift currents and I found myself being spun in a whirlpool of water, and as quickly our guide pulled me back onto the raft ~ that twirl and whirl certainly added to the thrill and exhilaration of this tour! We passed through many waterfalls, and the deep, narrow canyon stretched for kilometres exposing another side of Fiji where natural splendour abounds and makes it hauntingly beautiful.

It was a full day that included great laughter and incredible scenery ~ the experience of manoeuvring through the rapids frothing its way while realizing the powerful force of untamed water, and the exotic fauna and flora in the tropical forests ~ we left with a smile and carried many wonderful memories of the trip with a promise to return.

Details: No experience is needed for white-water rafting. Basic equipment like paddles, life safety jackets, and helmet are included.  A few kilometres of hiking is required to reach the launching point.

The rate for this day trip is 510 FJD per person and that includes a mid-morning snack, full lunch and afternoon snack. You are picked up at 6.45am and the trip ends around 6pm.







Snorkeling in Fiji ~ A Snorkeling Tour to a Private Island Is A Must-do

Fiji being an archipelago offers ample opportunities to dive deep into the crystal clear waters of the Pacific and have a peek at the colourful world that exists underwater.

The weather here is a dream and you can be sure that you will always experience the brighter side of life while on a trip here. The exotic Mamanuca & Yasawa Islands of Fiji with the sun, sandy beaches, and coconut palms give impressive ocean views and are also known for being the filming location of movies like the Blue Lagoon, Cast Away, and the TV show Survivor: Fiji.

You can use your time to go snorkelling and explore the blue lagoons, extensive reefs, and the marine fauna and flora. There are idyllic spots to relax beach side, watch the waves lapping the shore, and explore by hiking through the island and to hone up your photography skills.

Vikram and I had already decided that we wanted more than what a day cruise could offer in terms of exploring and discovering this tropical island, and hence opted for the 7 nights cruise with Captain Cook Cruises Fiji ~ it was a trip of a lifetime and there couldn’t have been a better way to experience the sights and sounds of the Fijian seascape. I have dedicated a whole post to our experiences on-board, here.

Please note: Fiji has a lot of scope for scuba diving, for both beginners and advanced divers {in accordance with your scuba diving abilities}. For those travellers who do not have their scuba licence, it can be easily obtained at the island as there are many affordable courses for beginners. You can dive along the famous coral reefs of Fiji and swim alongside tropical fish, manta rays, sea turtles, and arresting coral reefs. Advanced divers can be a little more adventurous and daring and they can swim through the shipwrecks, caves, and swim alongside whale sharks or hammerheads.






Chasing Sunsets During Our Dinner Cruise

As we glided along the mangrove fringed serene waters of the Tuva River, Vikram and I were treated to one of the most exquisite sunsets we had ever seen. While shades of pink, peach, lilac, and mauve coloured the sky and decked it up like a bride, the palm trees silhouetted against the twilight sky completed the magical scene making it look like an artist’s unfinished painting.

We had still not gotten over the mesmerizing sunset over the waters of the Pacific Ocean when we reached the alluring Robinson Crusoe Island. A Fijian choir and a traditional Fiji welcome ceremony awaited us when we alighted. The welcome drinks coupled with the stunning vistas of sandy beaches and aquamarine waves left the both of us intoxicated. It was a perfect moment; dreamy and sensual, just like you see in the movies!

Once the welcoming ceremony was over we headed towards the Lovo pit where we witnessed the opening of the Lovo {earth oven} and the Traditional Fire Walking. It was a scene of singing, dancing, and revelry around the bonfire as we waited the food that was being cooked in the Lovo. Our rumbling stomachs were treated to a conventional Lovo buffet dinner ~ Roast Pork, Roast Beef, Vegetables, and local Fijian dishes. It was a scrumptious meal indeed!

What followed after dinner was a feast for our eyes; when Vikram and I booked this cruise we never expected to see something as spectacular as this ~ a South Pacific Island and Polynesian cultural dance, knife and fire dance show. It captivated us ~ we stood there and watched intrigued at the twirling and the swirling of the knife, and the impressive traditional dances with a variety of costume changes. But what thrilled me the most was the riveting fire dance ~ this was indeed the perfect finale to our splendid evening!

Details: Robinson Crusoe Island is a 40 minute drive from Nadi, followed by 30 minutes by river cruise, and a short trip across the lagoon to the island. It costs 225 FJD per person.









To Be Able To Give Back Is A Blessing

Although there has been a steady rise in the Fijian economy over the years, there are still many families here living in remote areas who need help when it comes to their livelihood. I did not have a chance to work on a program during this visit, though I would have loved to, but I did get to spend a day with these happy little humans living in a remote village {courtesy Captain Cook Cruises Fiji} who welcome visitors and donations. It was a humbling experience, their happiness and joy were tangible, and I was elated ~ just being there, being able to talk to them, just seeing the smile on their faces.




Do Fiji Your Way

Because of its unique location in the South Pacific, Fiji’s climate makes it an ideal vacation destination year-round. There are many different Fiji vacation packages to choose from for the discerning traveller ~ whether you prefer active tours, cultural immersions, or Fiji all-inclusive experiences {my personal favourite} so that by the time you leave this tropical paradise, you would have experienced it in totality instead of just one aspect of this beautiful place! Well, you can now add Fiji to your bucket list and start planning your dream vacation!

Note: Most of the activities on the island include hotel pickup for free so you need not worry too much about transportation and car rentals during your holiday. And the convenience of it all will make a trip to Fiji that much sweeter!


Personally, it would take me over a month’s worth of travel to visit every place I want to see in Fiji. Don’t underestimate how much there is to see and do!

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