Pamper Your Body & Soul at Bodycraft Spa & Salon

Pamper Your Body & Soul at Bodycraft Spa & Salon

If I were to talk about cutting-edge hair-styling and impressive skincare and wellness services, then it would be difficult to lead the conversation without mentioning the services of Bodycraft Spa & Salon which has been Bangalore’s most known and trusted beauty destination for over two decades.

Spearheaded by Manjul Gupta, a protégé of the legendary Shehnaz Hussain and a beauty care professional of twenty six years, Bodycraft has grown exponentially in terms of its commendable range of services as well as infrastructure since its inception in 1997.

Each of its seven state-of-the-art facilities spread over a sprawling forty thousand square feet space, which caters to over one lakh loyal clients who find the services to be extremely gratifying, is symbolic of Bodycraft’s immense success. The chain employees more than five hundred professionals who boast of superlative training from renowned names in the beauty world like Wella, Sebastian, SP, Dermalogica-USA, Ainhoa-Spain, and Babor-Germany.




I was recently invited to experience and review their wellness services at the Bodycraft Spa & Salon located in the posh neighbourhood of Kormangala. I visited the Spa with high expectations, and I am glad that Bodycraft gave me no reason to expect any less. From the moment I entered the spa, I felt like I had stepped into an oasis of calm and quiet. I was welcomed with a warm smile from a friendly receptionist who invited me to take a seat in the lounge area. The simplistic architecture blended perfectly with the baroque flair in its décor setting the mood for an upscale spa experience.

Bodycraft Spa & Salon boast of treatments which are focused on enhancing the quality of your skin naturally where the results are instantaneous and last for a longer period of time. This is why their services always begin with a complete skin analysis. Their in-house beauty consultant asked a few questions, and took me through a detailed analysis of my skin before recommending treatments that would be suitable to my skin’s needs. The Pure Indulgence Gold Facial was suggested as a good place to begin with, followed by the Indonesian Spa Aroma Body Massage. As I waited for my therapist to prepare the spa room, herbal tea was presented in the waiting lounge, which served as a pleasant start for a luxurious experience to follow.

I was soon guided to the indulgently spacious spa room by my therapist, Priya. The room included a shower & steam cubicle which stacked the basic amenities like a bath gel, shampoo & conditioner, body lotion, et al. With the soothing tones of music wafting in the air, my senses were gradually beginning to relax.




The Treatments

Pure Gold Indulgence Facial: Explore the spectacular luxe of 24 karat gold as it gently caresses your skin to give you the experience of an extraordinary facial.

The facial was certainly an experience. It began with double cleansing techniques that included an eye cleanse, lip cleanse and facial cleanse which gently coerced all the toxins and build up out of my skin. Once the cleansing was complete, my therapist began the gentle skin exfoliation process which was followed by the slathering of exotically scented creams. She then proceeded with an acupressure facial massage; and the facial concluded with a deep cleansing and intensive face mask. This facial came replete with a hands and back massage.

Here is some technical information on this facial:

The Pure Gold Indulgence Facial therapy involves the application of molecules of leaf gold to the skin which is gradually absorbed aiding in cell regeneration, moisture binding and collagen synthesis. In simpler terms, it affords the smoothening of lines and wrinkles. Additionally, this deeply relaxing facial revitalises and activates your skin, leaving it feeling like silk.

Each product used for the facial was divinely aromatic and had an extremely satisfying effect on my skin. To sum it, the entire treatment was well-appointed from the beginning right to the end.




Indonesian Spa Aroma Massage: The intermingling of pure essential oils in this deep healing massage brings enhanced relaxation of the body and soul as you give in to its revitalizing experience.

I find massage therapies to be an extremely important facet of a person’s overall health and wellness routine. My perception of a massage goes beyond the divinity of the pampering “me time” that we look forward to. Here are just a few of the benefits of a good massage:

• Stress Relief and Relaxation – In addition to finding relaxation from soothed muscles, a good massage can regulate your blood pressure by improving blood circulation; and is known to be a great reliever of headaches and stress-related ailments.

• Pain Management – Be it general aches and pains we experience in our everyday lives or the ones that have turned chronic due to an injury, massage therapists have a way of handling problem areas by tailoring treatments according to your needs.

• Flexibility – A massage improves the suppleness of your body by targeting muscles, connective tissues and joints that may have lost their flexibility. The long-term effects of regular massage can include benefits like retention of joint fluids which play an important role in helping you look young longer.

• Skincare – The personalized element of a massage means that it is always preceded by a thorough skin analysis so that treatments can be tailored according to the needs of your skin. A bespoke massage ensures exclusivity in treatments enhancing the appearance and texture of your skin.

Bodycraft Spa’s Indonesian Spa Aroma treatment is really all about enveloping you in comfort, soothing tense muscles and gently relaxing your mind as you flush away the tensions built up in your mind and body.

The lights are dimmed and relaxing music echoes in the background to begin my journey into blissful serenity as the therapist insightfully works on my knotted muscles. The nourishing oils used for the therapy soften my skin and rejuvenate my soul reintroducing me to the harmonious balance between body & soul.



This treatment focuses on pressure points to promote blood circulation and nerve stimulation. And, the last lap of the massage involves a stimulating scalp massage which recharges and revives.

After the massage, I was directed to the steam cubicle which helped in opening my pores; leaving my skin soft and clean. At the end of this treatment, I certainly emerged restored, de-stressed and radiant.


The fast-paced, urbanistic lives that we lead in a world which puts perfection at the forefront, relaxation is often condoned as a joy that only a few people can experience. The synergy between mind and body is central to everything we do, so why not treat yourself to a fabulous wellness service at Bodycraft Spa & Salon and unleash the full potential of a revitalized you?

Address: 118, Ganapathi Temple Rd, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
Phone: 080 4092 6544


Disclaimer: My treatment was hosted by Bodycraft Spa & Salon, Bangalore; however the opinions expressed in this post remain my own.

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