Let’s Eat Wedding Cake!

Let’s Eat Wedding Cake!

The wedding cake – it’s the centrepiece (highlight) of any wedding reception. In an endeavour to settle on the perfect blend of flavours for themselves as well as their guests, most couples attend multiple cake tastings and hope that the one they have selected is their perfect cake!

I recently had a chance to catch up with the owner of ‘Ms.K’s Cupcakes’, Pastry Chef Katherene Deborah about what’s happening in the pastry world.



Q1. One of the latest trends in weddings, and events in general, is cupcakes. What is your opinion about the inclusion of cupcakes for weddings instead of cakes?

KD: Couples sometimes choose to present more flavours to better accommodate their guests and I think cupcakes are a great option! Cupcakes are undeniably one of my specialties, and I love to customize them for weddings by creating handmade flowers, chocolate filigree, or using hand-painted silver or gold accents. Although if one is looking to make a grand statement, you can’t beat a big cake!

Q2. What are your preferred pastry trends? What do you believe is going to be the next big trend?

KD: Elaborate dessert spreads are trending these days, and I think that the next big trend in pastries may just be tarts. Tarts create a exclusive single serving dessert; they are precious looking, easy to handle, and extremely delicious. But, the future is definitely the Naked Cake! No frosting – simply topped with fresh flowers and delicious berries.

Q3. What are your specials for weddings this summer? What is the biggest influence that you are keeping in mind when creating desserts this year?

KD: My inspiration for Summer 2016 is fresh and fruity flavours. I have observed that most couples are moving towards fresh light flavours that are also organic in its produce. I personally love the idea of having a small exquisite wedding cake surrounded by petite dessert options: fruit tarts, dessert spoons, dessert shots, macaroons & cheesecake pops, and not to forget the Indian mithai. It’s a gorgeous visual with a grand impact, which can be accentuated if arranged in tiers.

Q4. What unusual ingredient combinations work well as a fusion concept?

KD: Hmm, well I will say the use of buttermilk in desserts. It can generate a delicious sweet & lemony flavour when cooked with the sugar, in a pie or cake. I enjoy experimenting with different flavours, and absolutely love the fusion of buttermilk and blueberries! I also love using Indian spices with cakes and filling; my cardamom cake with masala chai frosting is quite popular.

Q5. Have gluten-free concerns, vegetarian considerations, and allergies become more of a factor?

KD: Vegetarian considerations have been around for quite some time, and yes there is a growing request for gluten free, dairy free, and nuts free products… Fifteen years ago, I don’t remember anybody even asking for a gluten-free meal. But as they say, “Client in King”, and we have to ensure that we provide options for everything that is being requested.

Q6. Would you have recommendations for styling cakes?

KD: Appearance plays a big part in this business, and I ensure that attention is paid to that aspect. All of my cakes are beautifully decorated but you can of course personalize them to make them unique.

Q7. More and more couples are opting to serve their wedding cake as dessert. What is the best way to go about this?

KD: Firstly, talk to your wedding planner and people in-charge about venue timings and ensure that you to let them know your plans in advance. If you want to serve your cake as dessert, you might consider cutting your cake in advance, probably during your wedding breakfast or, if you wish to pass up on cutting into your work of art, we also offer cutting bars. Cutting bars are of the same sponge flavours as traditional cakes, and can be finished with a chocolate ganache or plainly iced, and easily cut into portions to serve to your guests.

Q8. And lastly, what is your ‘baking philosophy’?

KD: I like to keep it simple and employ straightforward baking techniques, with a minimal but elegant presentation with colours on the plate to tempt the palate.


End note: Katherene’s cakes look amazing, and I would imagine they taste amazing too. For more information about ‘Ms.K’s Cupcakes’ or Pastry Chef Katherene Deborah, visit her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Ms.K.Cupcakes/


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