The Leela Residences in Bhartiya City

The Leela Residences in Bhartiya City

You will truly find a complete life of luxury at this address!


Luxury is a way of life. It doesn’t end with how your home is built. It starts there. When I think about luxury what comes to mind is Italy and to be more specific Tuscany. Tuscany reminds me of elegant architecture, a vibrant art scene, and beautiful colours which blend magically to create motion trails, rainbows, and fantasy!




Leela Residences in Bhartiya City gives you one such experience where luxury is reiterated as the beginning of everything. I am a morning person, and the idea of waking up to a brand new day and making the most of my time when dawn breaks is exciting. In Bengaluru, I love those mornings where it is just me and the gorgeous sun that is playing peek-a-boo through the plush green landscape… where I luxuriate in my cup of my morning Joe, soaking up the gorgeous view of the Central Park right from my own space. The living area would be my mid-morning retreat to discover a new author, a new adventure, before I head down to the amazing aroma of a custom breakfast spread prepared for me in my state-of-the-art Italian Boffi kitchen.






I like to plan out my day well in advance to free up my time for things that are important to me. As I plan around my priorities, I see myself strolling down neatly manicured lawns feeling a connection that I am unable to describe. Deep down it makes me feel as happy as a child!

My afternoon is spent enjoying the work of celebrated designers, where graceful form is combined with groundbreaking simplicity and meticulous detail. I follow this up with a premium massage at the Leela Residences Spa. I observe the same consistency in everything ~ from the rich and delectable cup of ice cream I devour post spa indulgence at the Clubhouse Lounge, to the limousine waiting at the porch on my return. At The Leela Residences, their team of experts truly ensure every day is as effortless as it should be. Residents can avail a host of services exclusively curated by the Leela like Chef on Call, and the World Class Club. Welcome to your Leela Life at the City of Joy!





An Introduction

As I was speaking to the staff on my visit to Bharitya city, I came to understand that good design and aesthetic quality were the two ideals of the Bhartiya Group. Inspired by collective architectures from around the world, but tailor made for India, stands the City of Joy ~ a 125-acre integrated township located in Hebbal, Bengaluru City, where design architects and urban planners have taken the experience of fine living and exceptional landscaping to a new level. A way of life that is perfectly encapsulated by The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts to bring you modern Indian luxury via The Leela Residences.






Why Opt for Ultra Luxury Apartments?

In my understanding ‘luxury’ when it comes to urban living is a careful concoction of connectivity to the greater part of the city, the ecology and the panorama. So I began to wonder, what do Ultra Luxury apartments have to offer to top this?

Now, who would not want to be able to watch the warmth and beauty of sunsets from their bedroom balcony? It’s peaceful, melancholy tone bringing the characters in your story to life. On that note, be it landscaped gardens on the 10th floor, a residences’ private theatre on the 11th floor, a residences’ chef’s room on the 6th floor, a full service spa offering customized treatments, Jacuzzi facing the beautiful red-orange colours of the sky, concierge services, and what not ~ when you’re dolling out your savings on an ultra luxurious apartment, in addition to the above you are also provided with high-levels of customisation and, of course, private access guaranteeing the highest degree of privacy.




Situated within the inspiring environment of a plush green 7 Acre Central Park, the opulent and inviting living spaces at The Leela Residences offer an ecosystem that makes one simply want to thrive. Not to mention luxuries that can rival the best around the world!


The Leela Project ~ A Glimpse of What Could be Yours

For over three decades, The Leela as a Brand has been known for keeping the tradition of Indian hospitality alive. And it should come as no surprise that they constantly strive to stay relevant by raising the bar when it comes to branded design and luxury hospitality services.






The concept of homes delivering the Leela life is truly unprecedented. Imagine residing in expansive living spaces that open up to beautifully designed landscaped terraces and the melodious chirping of the birds all the while enjoying Bangaluru’s beautiful weather. It does remind you of old Bangalore ~ our Garden City.

The staff informs me that The Leela homes are curated by PIA Interior offering symmetry in design, wall textures and rich finishes in neutral colours with artful concepts showcasing themes of the city. Private decks, a designated chef available on call, a temperature-controlled terrace pool, alongside many more amenities provide for ample indulgence exclusively for residents. Each Limited Edition Leela Residence whose offering extends well beyond the ordinary has clearly been crafted for the finer things in life!




How I Envision My Life at The Leela Residences

This apartment is like the yin to my yang!

Excellent location? Check.

Stylised yet comfortable space? Check.

Brilliant view from the window? Check!

The rising sun, fresh air with the scents of the flora and fauna around wraps my heart with their invisible hands protectively around me. Since I’m looking for a luxurious urban retreat in the heart of a bustling city that offers green living in the truest sense ~ I intend to look no further!





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** Disclaimer: This blog post has been brought to you in collaboration with The Leela Residences. As always all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

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