Jehan Numa Retreat, Bhopal

Jehan Numa Retreat, Bhopal


The air was sombre and luminous at the same time. A deep breath of the crisp air was all it took to switch up my entire sense of reality, belonging and meaning ~




Finding a quaint and satisfying experience is always a winner as opposed to the one coursing with greed and soullessness. Jehan Numa Group is a brand that blankets this feeling of satiation; creating spaces which echo their spirit and soul. Take a walk through my experience at Jehan Numa Retreat as I revisit the Nature Resort through my words!


The retreat steals you away from the busy urban life, engulfing your senses with purity and quietude ~

Our flight into Bhopal was rather early in the morning, but we could not fathom a single complaint. The morning sun played peek-a-boo through the trees, painting the streets with colours of mischief. As the road wound along Bada Talab, the Upper Lake of Bhopal, the chilly wind blew past us, singing a sweet song for the sunlight to play along to!

Approaching our destination in Madhya Pradesh’s capital city, Vikram and I were piqued by the whereabouts of the resort we were going to call home for the next few days. A painting that came to life, the resort was surrounded by the lush green landscapes of the Van Vihar National Park, with all the fauna you could imagine. The chirping birds took over our senses, which was a pleasant change from the loud city traffic we are used to.

Ascending the steps to the reception area, soothing shades of brown and beige came into view ~ a paradise embodied by the resort, the tranquil destination was a fine balance of luxury and comfort, with some of the best nature has to offer. A gem nestled in Central India, this resort is where you should plan your next holiday, to enjoy unparalleled beauty whilst resting yourselves in the hands of luxury and leisure.






Feel yourself becoming one with all that nature has to offer you, coaxing you gently on a personal voyage of discovery ~

Jehan Numa Retreat is a 12 acre landscape that is everything you want in a retreat, and more. We had the pleasure of spending 5 days at this luxury property surrounded by natural beauty, and a touch of lavishness. Welcomed with true Indian reverence, we were greeted with an aarti thaali and vermilion by the affable Vincent Marques, the General Manager and his team, as we began a blessed journey along with them.








A seamless check in, was followed with refreshing cups of lemongrass and mint tea, perfect to get us rejuvenated! We strolled through a piece of heaven as we toured the grandeur tree lined estate, in the company of many playful butterflies, making it more surreal than ever. An art piece come to life, the brainchild of landscape artist, Revati Kamath has culminated into one of the most beautiful Nature Resorts with fountain grass and banyan trees nestling themselves perfectly as dividers.






An ode to sustainability, the cottages are for those seeking nature, culture and luxury, all in one ~

The Jehan Numa Retreat has 28 premium cottages divided into 6 clusters, each named after local birds of the region, namely Kingfisher, Jacana, Heron, Hornbill, Lapwing and Francolin. Portraying the fine tune of nature and leisure, the rustic aesthetic of the cottages complements the earthy feel and look of the wooden furniture and ethnic décor. This stay embodies relaxation and rejuvenation for any traveller looking to kick back and find solace.

We were residing in one of the Premium Cottages at a quiet end of the property, ventilated with fresh air and warm sunshine, all due to the smart Mozaic design approach the architect, Dean D’Cruz had flawlessly integrated. We stepped out of our cottage only to be greeted with the picturesque view of the lush landscapes that included flora such as millingtonia, karanja, shisham, babool and baheda, to name just a few. I can describe this view as nothing short of the Eden!

The outdoor deck was without a doubt, Vikram and my favourite spot throughout our stay. Sipping on some flavoursome Sulaimani chai, whilst indulging in some deep conversations and the best breakfasts we have eaten ~ is a winner in my eyes! It was perfect to enjoy each other’s presence while spotting birds and in complete silence while we read our respective books. Light breezes grazing our skin and, the soft rustle of leaves and the beautiful fuzzy purple fountain grass, came together in harmony to really bless our senses!









A feature that was really the pièce de résistance was the outdoor shower. The resort’s successful attempt at bringing its guests closer to nature, this bathing experience creates a sense of intimacy with nature. Dusk was my favourite time to take a bath with Mother Nature, with the sun bidding farewell and the moon sneaking its way up to the sky.



Indulge in the fine culinary spread at the Retreat, where the cuisine is beaten just by the stunning settings of its eateries ~

My knowledge and experience with Bhopali cuisine was previously limited to just pohe, jalebi and chai, but was I in for a treat I would never anticipate! With a strong Mughal influence on the culture, I was aware that there were meats used in Bhopali cuisine but that was the extent of my information. The retreat and its talented chefs, have now led me through the path of unique flavours, I may never get over!






Maintaining the natural aesthetic, the signature restaurant, “Under the Jamun Tree” had a central tree adorned with hanging lights, surrounded beautifully by wooden furniture that faced an open garden. This restaurant captured perfectly, the feeling of ‘at one with nature’, with its easy breeze, soft movement of the leaves and the sunlight engulfing the property.

Jumping right into the splendid food, prepare for some stomach grumbles because the thought of it has definitely sent me into a frenzy of hunger! Meat lovers, brace yourself for one of the best Galouti Kebabs to melt in your mouth and treat your taste buds to the succulent Murg Bhopali Rizzala. The textures and flavours leave you wanting more and more with every bite!

One can also enjoy a fun Sunday brunch at the alfresco dining of “Under the Jamun Tree”, truly the best in Bhopal. Sip on a lovely drink while you take in the beautiful nature that wraps you immediately. The resort pampers your palette to all organic ingredients they source from their orchards and herb gardens, imbibing the aesthetic of the resort, in your plate!










The Coriander Leaf is an all day dining, which is a slight shift into a more grandeur dining experience. You can enjoy the greenery through the large glass windows and then you can start your day off with the breakfast spread served there. Vikram and I however preferred to start our day either in bed or in the outdoor deck of our room, sipping English tea and enjoying local delicacies, while also enjoying the view.






Allow the Retreat to reconnect the body, mind and soul with the luxurious gifts of nature ~

Other than taking in the beauty of nature, the resort offers you a spectrum of activities including yoga sessions, golf ranges, kite flying, sapling planting, and nature walks, amongst many more they like to call Special Experiences.

If you’re looking for some downtime of absolute relaxation, find your way down to the Chakra Spa to enjoy a holistic blend of therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments such as massage therapies, exfoliating scrubs, pedicure, manicure and different varieties of facials.







Verdict: Camouflaged by the touch of nature, the luxury and elegance of the Jehan Numa Retreat is an experience not to be missed. The emphasis on a natural experience balanced with the warm and courteous hospitality of the staff made our stay as unique and unforgettable as it can get. Enjoy a slice of Mother Nature, all while soaking up the luxuries life has to offer!

Vikram and I strive for a life filled with travel and experiences where we get to meet different individuals and experience different cultures. This experience was one where people and culture came our way instead, and all that we saw, felt, learned and experienced is something we cannot begin to describe. We sure hope to visit the Jehan Numa Retreat again and recommend anyone and everyone looking for a perfect place of tranquillity and comfort, to stop looking further! Visit Bhopal and experience the beauty of Central India at its finest!






Did you love Jehan Numa Retreat as much as we did? Do let me know in the comment section below.


*Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from Jehan Numa Group. Due judgement and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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  • Stunning! I didn’t realize India had places like this. The landscape is so BEAUTIFUL! Definitely need to put this on my list of places to visit. 🙂

    • I know what you mean, Joyce. As I was looking through pictures for this post, I was thinking ~ my country really is beautiful!

  • I didn’t visit Central India or Bhopla when I was in India in 2016. I feel like I have missed out, and your photographs make the resort look so beautiful! I am certain your stay was out of this world!

  • Wow – that appears to be a really beautiful spot to relax! I love places like this that are more tranquil than entertainment.

    • I think it’s a wonderful Nature Resort, Shelley. It’s unobtrusively exquisite, wonderfully organic and has a simple ethos.

  • I have never been to Central India but it always has been on my travel list. The way of life, greenery and the tranquil atmosphere is so inspiring to plan another trip to India soon.

  • Goodness! I can envision all your tiredness melt away with a welcome like that! I love your pictures with nature as the backdrop! Amazing place to relax and enjoy nature for sure…

  • Beautiful resort with dazzling nature views! What a lovely getaway ~ absolutely wonderful place to keep in mind when I head to India!

    • Thank you, Cyndi. The Retreat had everything that we needed – Peace, Calm, Relaxation, Activities and Nature. Do plan a trip on your visit to India. 🙂

  • This was a charming review and your style made it immensely readable, Tanya. While I haven’t really made it to that part of the world myself, your photographs did a great job of capturing the essence of the place.

  • What an incredible place! What’s more, the photography is remarkable! That cottage is so gorgeous – I didn’t know there were areas like this in India. Definitely on my radar now…

    • Thank you so much, Melinda. The Retreat was way too picturesque. Our photographer wasn’t able to keep his hands off his camera!

  • Some way or another despite everything I haven’t been to Bhopal. Anyway this resort looks picturesque and peaceful.

  • I adore the manner in which you layer in a photo rich post yet keep the story progressing along. The photo-density here is truly impressive.

  • I adore India and keep coming back. This sounds like a ‘different’ experience and one that I would love to be a part of.

  • The scenery is absolutely breathtaking! You got so many magnificent shots, and that GREENERY! I love how you captured your visit so wonderfully, Tanya.

  • Wow ~ this sounds like the ideal escape. I adored this post and your destination as well ~ especially as I generally lean toward more natural landscapes.

  • This resort looks so beautiful. I love being surrounded by nature and this place is so perfect. It looks like you had a lovely experience there. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • I’m glad that so many people reading this post are loving the Retreat ~ that’s what makes the world go round

  • The Retreat looks delightful; I love the wooden design and the room’s rustic embellishments. I always appreciate staying in a resort that is situated in a tranquil corner, from where you can watch the stars at night.

  • How I love the outdoors; this looks like a dazzling spot to kick back and unwind. Flawless post, I enjoyed reading it 🙂

  • What a serene place to visit. I love the vibe of your cottage. Who doesn’t love a big, beautiful bed! Sounds like you had a lot of fun and there’s quite a lot to do in the area.

    • You must plan a visit to India sometime, Robin. I would love to enable you to design your trip to cover such extraordinary places.

  • Your photos are beyond amazing! The environment is simply breathtaking and you were fortunate to enjoy a stay in such a lovely place.

  • Jehan Numa Retreat sounds the kind of place I might want to visit ~ as they keep nature and indigenous culture in the forefront of experiences on offer. Thank you for sharing.

  • The resort looks so idyllic and untouched from modern life. I will bookmark this post for future reference.

    • It is! The staff will help you plan out your days in the most fulfilling manner keeping in view your preferences. 🙂

  • This is an awesome and detailed blog post, Tanya. I am certain it will be super helpful. I have visited Bhopal twice but will be planning one more trip soon.

    • You should book a stay for no less than 3 nights to cover all the activities the Retreat has on offer, Vineet.

  • This look really nice ~ so peaceful and serene, and your pictures are beyond words can describe! I would love to visit one day. Beautiful post xx

  • Marvellous photographs, Tanya! And such a beautiful place to unwind at. I have been to India but not to Bhopal. I would love to stay here some day.

  • Above all else, I love the layout of your website. It’s so clean and easy to navigate. Now coming to the post – the resort is gorgeous ~ so inviting!

    • I am glad you liked the blog and website as well, Leia. In the wake of reading my post, what’s keeping you away from Bhopal? 🙂

  • This is one of the most delightful photo posts that I have seen about India. It would seem that you went to a European country. It looks so green, clean, beautiful and peaceful.

  • I have not explored India, so I’m somewhat naive; however I didn’t expect these photographs to be from India… They are just unreal. I must visit!

    • Thanks, Barb. India has a lot to offer; right from beautiful beaches, to lush green hill stations, to snow covered mountains, to architectural marvels and historical places and much more!!

  • I love being so close to nature. Jehan Numa Retreat looks exquisite; I never made it to Bhopal when I visited India ~ your photographs make me feel like I passed up a major opportunity!

  • I love the interior design of this property. It has a beautiful blend of conventional and modern vibes. This is a perfect getaway indeed, Tanya!

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