ITC Hotels Bangalore Present Signature Mornings

ITC Hotels Bangalore Present Signature Mornings


We should never undermine the importance of breakfast and yet, due to our ‘notoriously’ busy schedules, we’ve limited ourselves to ‘on-the-go’ food items.

Recognising that breakfast is the most fundamental meal of our entire day, ITC Hotels has designed Signature Mornings; ‘Classic Breakfast Signatures’ that seek to present super-foods in contemporary renderings. These breakfast offerings ensure the blissful luxury of fresh, seasonal local produce while minimising carbon footprint. Laying emphasis on responsible sourcing & bringing back lost grains, each signature dish has been created bearing in mind a ‘caringly sourced’ and ‘mindfully prepared’ approach.

Chef Yogen Datta, Tanya Dhar and Chef Varun



‘Signature Mornings’, a high impression dining experience is a renaissance to ‘Classic Breakfast’ options. Muesli & Berry Brulee flanked by Amaranath {an Indian grain also referred to as ‘Rajdana’}, and Jaggery Brittle Finger Millet {Ragi} being the highlights, the breakfast menu also includes Almond-meal pancakes with Aloe Vera & Black Currant Chutney, Seven Grain Porridge – granule jaggery, dried fruit and berries, Finger Millet & Charoli Nut Pancakes served with Aloe Vera & Blackcurrant Relish and Haggery Butter Sauce, as an unexpected twist. Of course, the star of this offering is the Eggs Benedict, prepared with free-range eggs & extra virgin olive oil hollandaise, served with locally sourced Birchwood Smoked Chicken Rashers. The changing edition of this menu means that an assortment of ‘Breakfasts of the World’ can be showcased, and the ‘Indigenous Signatures’ are constantly redefined.


Assorted Platter with a Wheatgrass and Mint Shot


Sugar-free Muffins


The  Multi-grain Dosa made with Flaxseed, Sunflower seed, Cracked Soya, Whole Wheat broken and Oats




Aside from these enjoyable Breakfast options, there is the ‘Pavilion Pure’ – juice blends from in-season local ingredients in healthful combinations, arisen seeing the need for the perfect breakfast stimulant that will aid in boosting productivity throughout the day, while also providing a sense of goodness. Abundant with anti-oxidants & vitamins, these ‘Signature Blends’ are formulated to boost immunity, stimulate enzymes, improve metabolic activity, improve blood circulation and eliminate toxin build up. Utilizing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Home grown Cress, Sprouts of Horsegram, Fenugreek, Pumpkin seed, Flaxseed, Mustard seed and Tulsi, one can choose from varied combinations of pure elixir like ABC: Apple, Beet & Cucumber, Ginger & Carrot, and so on.


Pavilion Pure Juice Counter


Organic Papaya


Organic Seasonal Mangoes


Multi-grain Croissants



A mention must be made of the more recent ‘Responsible Luxury’ initiative, ‘SunyAqua’ -pronounced Shunya {zero} Aqua – which is water infused with indigenous good-for-you herbs. Not only does this enhance the wellness quotient of drinking water, but the bottling takes place within the hotel premises guaranteeing a planet positive experience. SunyAqua is served in two variants – Tulsi {Holy Basil} & Fennel, and a Cinnamon blend.

‘Responsible Luxury’ being the guiding school of thought, ‘Signature Mornings’ is an initiative taken to bring breakfast back to its pride-of-place in a person’s day, while at the same time ensuring it is done in a sustainable manner.



‘Signature Mornings’ is available at:

Cubbon Pavilion at ITC Gardenia, for reservations please call 080 22119898 or email at

Raj Pavilion at ITC Windsor, for reservations please call 080 41401224 email at


*Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. Due judgement and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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