ITC Gardenia presents Fabelle Chocolate Boutique

ITC Gardenia presents Fabelle Chocolate Boutique


ITC Hotels is set to redefine the luxury chocolate space in India with its incursion into the high end chocolate segment with its brand, Fabelle. The brand will be retailed through select Fabelle Chocolate Boutiques located in ITC’s Luxury Hotels. The product has been launched for the first time in India at the ITC Gardenia in Bangalore with a dedicated boutique for an immersive & participative chocolate experience.




Each Fabelle chocolate creation has been expansively tested to carefully balance tastes & textures to ensure absolute perfection. A chocolate nirvana for any chocolate lover, Fabelle will offer an assortment of chocolate creations such as:

Fabelle Elements’, delicately crafted pralines inspired by the elements of nature;
Fabelle Ganache’, exotic cocoa cubes delicately churned with butter & fresh cream; and
Fabelle As You Like It’, customized chocolate cup creations offering multiple conceivable possibilities of fillings & toppings.



‘Elements’ Handcrafted Pralines

Earth: Dark chocolate pod filled with a dark mousse, encrusted with chocolate from the dark side.

Air: Light, aerated mousse embraced by delectable dark chocolate.

Water: Bark choco mousse drippings with acacia nectar, laced with French sea salt and enveloped in a rich-dark chocolate shell.

Wood: Chocolate, cinnamon, coffee and mousse come together in for a symphony of the senses.

Fire: Dark chocolate shell filled with white mousse infused with fiery Ancho chilli and tangy candied mango to set your senses on fire.


107dd Elements - Handcrafted Pralines


‘As You Like It’ Personalised Chocolate Cup Creations: Choose a cup, pick a filling and garnish your cup.



107ee As You Like It - Personalised Chocolate Cup Creations


‘Ganache’ Authentic Chocolate Creations – Creamy Milk & Rich Dark


107ff Ganache - Authentic Chocolate Creations

107fff Ganache - Authentic Chocolate Creations


Signature Chocolate Entrements – Invigorating Delicacies

Vanilla Cremeux Bar with Saint-Domingue Chocolate Mousse: Single origin 70% Saint-Domingue chocolate with strong cocoa notes, paired with a light cream of Madagascar vanilla and fortified with an almond hazelnut crunch.

107g Vanilla Cremeux Bar with Saint-Domingue Chocolate Mousse

107gg Vanilla Cremeux Bar with Saint-Domingue Chocolate Mousse


Black Forest Revisited: Sour cherry confit accentuating the vibrant berry notes of 64% dark chocolate, balanced with elegant Madagascar vanilla bean créme.

107l Blackforest Revisited


Tiramisu Inspired Chocolate Entremet – Coffee Two Ways: A modern interpretation of an Italian classic. Espresso ganache of Madagascar chocolate tiered with savoiardi and mellowed with a coffee jelly and coffee streusel, enrobed with mascarpone cream.

107o Tiramisu 2 Ways


Chocolate Dreams Inspired Chocolate Bites

84% Signature Dark Chocolate Petit Cake with Fleur De Sel: Signature dark chocolate with fruity and intense undertones explored three ways – a pure ganache, a citrusy chocolate cream and a rich chocolate mousse, on a textured sea salt-nut sablé, enrobed in cocoa glaze.

107h 84% Signature Dark Chocolate Petit Cake with Fleur De Sel

107hh 84% Signature Dark Chocolate Petit Cake with Fleur De Sel


Éclair Venezuela: Éclair of single origin 72% Venezuelan chocolate, augmented with rich caramel notes of dulcey cream and garnished with gold pepin.

107n Venezuelan Eclair


White Chocolate Cheesecake Jar: The goodness of Philadelphia cream cheese and white chocolate caught in a delicious house cheesecake recipe, embellished with berry coulis.

107p White Chocolate Cheese Cake Jar


Fabelle Signatures – Theatrical Delights

Chocolate Flower: Mousse of single origin Saint Domingue 70% dark chocolate enriched with Turkish pistachio cream, balanced with raspberry confit, in a dramatic setting of a chocolate flower, set to unfold at your table.

107i Chocolate Flower


107ii Chocolate Flower


What’s more, the Chocolate Boutiques for Fabelle will provide a variety of desserts & cocoa beverages fashioned live by Fabelle Master Chocolatiers.

Frappe of Madagascar Chocolate & Milk Cocoa

107j Frappe of Madagascar Chocolate & Milk Cocoa



ITC’s Fabelle Chocolates have been in the making for nearly a decade with comprehensive research and extensive trials in the company’s pursuit to create the finest luxury chocolates in India that rival the best in the world. A congruence of international and national chefs together with chocolatiers collaborated to craft the finest quality chocolates, using choicest ingredients from across the world. For example, sourcing single origin cocoas from the cocoa growing regions in South America and Africa, like Madagascar, Sao Tome, Saint Domingue Venezuela, and Ivory Coast, and combining the cocoas with Madagascar vanilla, Lankan cinnamon, French sea salt, ancho chilli and acacia nectar.

The launch of Fabelle comes at a time when the luxury chocolate market in India is still nascent with enormous opportunities. ITC is banking on its pedigree of creating premium luxury products and services to give Fabelle a winning edge in this exclusive and aspirational space.

107q Chef Harpawan Kapoor

Chef Harpawan Kapoor

107s Chef Ruby

Tanya Dhar in conversation with Chef Ruby



Fabelle is a must try destination for any individual who seeks an authentic chocolate experience.


*Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from Fabelle. Due judgement and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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