How to Wear It: Living in Linen | Ann Taylor

How to Wear It: Living in Linen | Ann Taylor

With the trees shedding their garb to move into a more refreshing apparel of green leaves and beautiful flowers, Mother Nature is giving us a cue that it is time to swap your heavier fabrics to make space in your closet for light and breezy summer clothing. Since change is one element of our lives that takes away the mundane to add vibrancy {largely}, I know that most of you have been looking forward to finally stepping into the sunny summer months with the promise of some outdoor fun. This is the time of year the soft embrace of linen promises to keep you looking fresh and beautiful for all-day comfort. Whether you’re opting for a casual weekend blouse for some day-time fun with your girlfriends or a comfortable pair of pastel trousers for brunch; today’s post covers how and why to wear the most essential summer fabric.




Linen has a past. Long before we lounged on sun-drenched decks in breezy linen wraps, prehistoric man was dabbling with these remarkably strong fibres, busy spinning them into simple thread that made life more agreeable. To include some background, linen is produced from the flax plant, which in addition to serving up a plethora of pretty blue flowers yields strong fibres up to 6” in length that make linen one of the smoothest fabrics available, that also lends comfort to the wearer because of its ability to keep heat at bay allowing you to feel cooler instantly as the indulgent fabric gently caresses your skin. And since linen and history are in discussion, you must know, that the word “lining” has its roots in linen since the material was used for centuries to line garments because of its ability to keep the wearer cool and dry.



Linen and Me – A Love Story

The beauty and comfort of linen combined with its incredible ability to be transformed into exquisite items of clothing made me fall in love with the textile long ago. Here are six reasons for you to add linen to your closet this summer:

1. Eco-Friendly: Made out of the fibres of the flax plant, linen is 100% natural which means embracing linen brings you closer to the environment.

2. Comfort: Linen clothes ensure a constant flow of air through the fabric letting your skin breath even when the thermometer shows soaring temperatures. The cool and comfortable feeling that you will experience wearing linen is incomparable. Crisp linen pants and soft linen dresses have become my summer staple-wear {read essential fashion item} especially when I am on vacation.

3. Absorbent: Linen’s inherent ability to evaporate moisture faster than any other material makes it a brilliant summer pick since it will keep you looking fresh and presentable throughout the day. You can’t ask for much more from a fabric really can you?

4. Does Not Cling: The structure of linen fabric gives it softness yet stiffness, which keeps it from clinging to the skin like most cotton garments. Great for concealing problem areas and making you feel more confident out & about.

5. Versatile: Linen is one of the few fabrics that is versatile and it renders a loveliness that makes it perfect for almost any occasion. Sport a casual look in your favourite pair of jeans and a soft linen blouse or pair a linen jacket with shorts and moccasins. Or if you are planning a tropical holiday then pack a pair of linen trousers and match them with a locally bought floral t-shirt – the options are endless! What’s more, in spite of the fact that it is sensible to wear white linen in the summer sun, the fabric also comes in a repertoire of cool shades just right for the season. While the comfort of wearing linen made me fall in love with it, its versatility made my love for the fabric permanent.

6. On Trend: Given its strength and longevity, linen has managed to stand the test of “fashion time”. The occasional slub-texture of linen and its typical broader weave fits in perfectly with today’s more casual lifestyle. In my opinion, every investment in linen is smart, as you’ll enjoy it for many seasons. So, follow your fashion sense and opt for pieces that allow ease and a flawless fit.



Scale your style up a few notches this summer with a simple linen blouse; shop for pieces in easy care blends of linen, cotton and rayon, which render a flowing, feminine drape for an elegant look. The simplistic elegance my Ann Taylor White Embellished Linen Top carries is worth the praise. This breezy blouse allows me to hit the road without worrying about the heat. The fabric blend includes more cotton to keep the blouse from creasing but it has just the right percentage of linen to give it the summer-style effect. When the temps drop, this scoop neckline blouse paired with my favourite pair of jeans will help me pull an effortlessly chic look for an evening of careless fun!








Finally bottoms that can keep up with those lively legs! 😉 Crafted prudently to allow me an enjoyable soak in the sun, my Ann Taylor Loft Peony Pink Linen Pants are designed to perfection with 100% linen. It features an adjustable waistband, and trendy pockets to keep up with my active lifestyle! Perfect for both smart and causal summer dressing, I love the unending choices that these comfortable yet classy linen pants unfold. From heels to flats or sneakers, from a crisp shirt to a casual tee – I can experiment with different styles to find a look to suit various occasions. Linen looks immaculate in white but there is something about styles in pale hues such as neutrals and pastels that increase my fondness for linen. Linen pants are absolutely one of this summer’s best investments for a cool and comfortable look!





If you now can see yourself living all summer in linen outfits, you’re not alone.


End note: There are so many reasons to choose to wear linen more often; it’s a wonderful natural fabric with an ability to let your skin breathe well and keep you comfortable even when you have a long day ahead of you, making it the perfect fabric to wear in summer. Not only does it look great when worn, but it’s also easy to wear and combine with non-linen pieces. The elegance of the fabric matched with its comfort makes it great for all lifestyles.

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Stay cool. Enjoy the sun. Wear linen!


How do you like sporting your linen? Do share in the comments below.


*Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the brand, and is a narrative of the author’s experience. Due judgement and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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