A Guide To Dry Skin Brushing: Benefits and Instructions

A Guide To Dry Skin Brushing: Benefits and Instructions



Just like an artist’s paint brush beautifies the modest canvas breathing in a personality of its own, giving the canvas a character that defines its frame; dry brushing helps us beautify our skin. How, you may ask, can a simple brush make your skin look beautiful? The answer lies in its ability to remove dead skin cells, improve blood circulation, re-invigorate the lymph nodes, and aid digestion. This wonder technique also helps with water retention and improves the appearance of cellulite.

Displayed on the shelves of the health and beauty section of your departmental store, this wooden brush is gaining unprecedented momentum as more people begin to identify its benefits. The dry brush is one of my favourite bathroom accessories, and the practice of brushing my skin every day with a soft but firm brush has helped me keep my skin radiant and has also improved my overall skin health.





The crux of its benefits is in the ability of skin brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system which is a part of the circulatory system. The lymphatic system comprises of a network of lymphatic vessels which contribute to the immune system of our body and help in removing waste produced by the cells from our system. When the lymphatic system experiences congestion, it can lead to an unwanted build-up of toxins that suffocates our system causing inflammations and illnesses. When you gently sweep your skin with a dry brush, you end up invigorating your skin and the lymphatic system beneath. With the help of a long brush you can easily access parts of the body that would be otherwise unreachable like the middle of your back. On the other hand, a shorter brush fits in your hand perfectly and makes it more ergonomic to skin brush.

In addition to natural detoxification which is triggered with the stimulation of the lymph nodes; dry brushing also helps in natural exfoliation by removing dead cells and leaving your skin soft and smooth, while also unclogging your pores. You will feel knotted muscles relaxing under the gentle brushing of your skin, initiating a healing process for an exhausted muscular system – energizing your whole body. Complete your skin brushing ritual by slathering some Shea butter or coconut oil and massaging your skin. You could also indulge in a foot scrub and follow it up with a warm wrap to feel revitalized.




Dry brushing is extremely easy to incorporate into your daily routine, and leaves you feeling really good too. Since the process is meant to energize your skin and invigorate your lymph nodes, experts suggest that you incorporate it into your morning routine. Dedicate at least five minutes to skin brushing. While the brush is designed to be used without any oil or cream, some of you may prefer using oil on the brush before you use it. If you use oil, then I would advocate a shower before skin brushing so that the benefits of the oil can reach deep within your skin. On the contrary, shower after skin brushing, post which you may apply oil or lotion for soft and supple skin.


The lymph system drains at the chest area. This is why the dry brushing pattern involves brushing upward towards the heart. Use firm, small upward strokes from your feet towards your legs, thighs and then brush your stomach counter clockwise to reach the heart. Then begin brushing your fingers, and move up towards the arms. The idea is to mildly stimulate your skin and not to break the skin. Pick a soft brush especially if you have sensitive skin. I look for medium-soft bristles that would be gentle on my skin.




You can also dry brush your face with a brush that is specifically designed for this purpose. Limit it to once or twice a week according to your requirement, and remember that your brush strokes must be gentler since your skin here is tender. Work upward on both your face and neck and moisturize after.

Without heavy investments in exfoliation scrubs and packs or the need to spend endless hours getting a rejuvenating massage, dry brushing is simple and time-efficient; the investment will pay off beautifully with radiant skin and a healthy immune system. Could you ask for an easier way to look lovely?

Have you ever dry brushed? Would you like to try it?

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