Go Green With M.I.A. And H&M For World Recycle Week

Go Green With M.I.A. And H&M For World  Recycle Week


With Earth Day being just around the corner, Swedish fashion powerhouse H&M has collaborated with none other than English hip hop recording artist M.I.A Mathangi for their latest eco-initiative, World Recycle Week. This initiative is aimed at encouraging shoppers to recycle unwanted garments at H&M stores globally in exchange for store credit. Starting April eighteenth, H&M stores world over will be accepting contributions of old clothes, which will then be recycled into fresh textile fibres for garment production.

On April 11th, M.I.A. will release a visual content piece, featuring a new single around the theme of recycling, which will highlight the environmental impact of old/unused clothes going to landfills around the globe.

H&M has always been environmentally conscious; they have been paying close attention to environmental sustainability since the 90’s, and their first “Conscious” line of apparel made from organic cotton and recycled polyester was made available in 2011. Their clothing collecting initiative actually began in 2013, and their utilization of recycled material in their garments has expanded in the last few years. Consider World Recycle Week as an effort to enhance their continuing campaign, emphasising the need to be recycling to their consumer base.


Featuring it girls Victoria Lejonhjärta and Elizabeth, and model Cameron Russell, here’s a preview of the Recycle Week campaign by H&M, and an original song by M.I.A.

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