Fabelle As You Name It

Fabelle As You Name It

Fabelle redefines the meaning of customised luxury, creating chocolate history by taking personalization to the next level!

~ Luxury has a new name – and it’s yours! ~

I recently took a dive into the fabulous world of Chocolates at the Fabelle Luxury Chocolate Boutique at ITC Windsor, Bangalore. As soon you walk in, the warm smell of chocolatey-goodness embraces you like only a best friend can. I felt like Charlie from Roald Dahl’s beloved book, the moment he steps into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – and expected some Oompa Loompas to appear and burst into song!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, follow me on social media and see the pictures that I post, you will know how much I love chocolate. Getting invited by Fabelle to be a part of their ‘As You Name It’ campaign – to mix and personalise my own Chocolate Cup – has been the sweetest, gooiest, most delicious experience I have ever had! And just like that two of my fantasies came true — to live out a favourite book, and to be a MasterChef Chocolatier!




Tanya Dhar with Shreya Das


Tanya Dhar with Master Chocolatier Rashmi





At Fabelle, you can create your own personalized chocolate cup; add your filling and topping. Choose from milk or dark chocolate cups, seven delicious créme fillings and ten divine toppings. Go on, be your master chocolatier!


Fabelle’s ‘As You Name It’ offering, an extension of their premium offering – ‘As You Like It’ chocolate cups, lets you can have fun playing with different combinations of flavours to create your own customized chocolate cups. While I was personalising my cup, Chef Rashmi, the artistic chocolatier at ITC Windsor, shared with me that ITC’s Fabelle Chocolates have been in the making for almost a decade. Top quality single-origin chocolate is sourced from cocoa-rich countries such as Ghana, Ivory Coast, Venezuela and St. Dominique to craft the finest luxury chocolates. The passion and expertise of their Master Chocolatiers is obvious in every taste. The chocolate is conched for hours to bring out the most sensational flavours and aromas. It is then deftly tempered that results in a unique and velvety feel when you place the chocolate in your mouth; giving the phrase “melts in your mouth” it’s true meaning. 🙂

I let my imagination take wing as I mixed and matched the type of shell, the fillings inside and topping too at the beautiful brown-and-gold counter of the open kitchen. ITC has definitely poured a whole lot of love, thought, attention and style into every detail. From the decor to the gleaming display cases carrying spectacular selections of exquisite chocolate to the warmth of service, this Boutique oozes luxury.


I decided on creating two unique cup combinations, and then decide on which one to go with depending on how each one turned out







Dark Cup + Dark Creme + Arabica Coffee



I must say that I was amazed at my own random chocolate mixing skill as I made my Personalised Cup; it was such a great way to customise the taste of your chocolate! This was an experience I was going to remember for a long time to come.








Dark Cup + Almond Creme + Choco Curves






It’s time for the big reveal 🙂





I noticed some Masterchef’s creations included in the menu and I just had to try them. The most noteworthy was the ‘Passion Flower Dessert’ by the famous British pastry chef, Darren Purchese. If you’re worried about the quantities of sugar I was shovelling into my bloodstream, they also have sugarless and sugar-free options. I also just had to try their São Tomé Classic Hot Chocolate. It was rich, Madagascar dark chocolate with vanilla and spices and was low on the sweet content.

I couldn’t leave without packing a large box of milk ganache and signature dark chocolates. Then I realised, I would have to share them and ordered another box just for me! What’s a celebration without indulging in the great delicacies of life?

End note: Fabelle truly epitomises for me the art of personalised luxury chocolates in India. It was a visceral, multi-sensorial experience that really swept me off my feet. From their warm signature ITC style hospitality, to their utmost expertise in chocolate making, this is definitely the place to indulge in sinful desserts, spend quality time with family, and buy romantic gifts for that special someone.


* Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from Fabelle, and is a narrative of the author’s experience at the event. Due judgement and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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