Best Travel Blogs in India

Best Travel Blogs in India

Travelling is one of the best ways to learn about the world. No matter how much you read or how many videos you watch, when it comes to knowing about a place, there is nothing that can beat the experience of finding it all by yourself by physically being there, and experiencing it on your own. The manner in which you interact with people, your journey to the destination and the soulful experience as you visit these places, is something that you will not be able to enjoy in any other way.



The best travel blogs in India bring these experiences to readers so that their travel posts can motivate their readers to pack their bags and enjoy a vacation in these places too.

If you are a travel blogger, and want your blog to be counted among the best travel blogs in India, or being more ambitious, best travel blogs in the world, then ensure that you have the following points covered in your articles:


Does your blog motivate your readers to travel?

Most people love to travel. If they are accessing your blog then they are most probably reading about the place they want to travel to; how to plan their trip, safety factors to consider, what to experience when they get there, etc. But the question is: Can your post spur them to book tickets and start a journey to the place you wrote about? Does it cover all aspects of travel? Does it provide unbiased reviews about the do’s and don’ts of that place. A good travel blog should have the ability to do that. It should be able to spark a flame which gives the reader a reason to begin travelling, to save for a journey even if it is a small one. Ensure that your travel blog post(s), cover these bare minimum requirements.


Give your readers a visual treat

People love images. In my opinion it is the second best way to experience a place, if not with one’s own eyes. The idea when posting on the blog is to use images in moderation and ensure that the images you post belong to you, and are relevant to the post. Photos clicked by you have your personal touch and this is what gives them their originality. Stock photos are nice but they hardly fulfill the demands that your readers may have. If your readers wanted to see how the Taj Mahal looks then the internet already has numerous images to satisfy one’s curiosity. But what the internet may not have is an image that you would have taken of the Taj Mahal – photos with noise – people around, timing of the day, the season you’ve travelled during, etc. So post photos that you have clicked instead of using ones that are already available on the internet.


Enhance reading experiences by sharing humorous or witty accounts of local encounters

As a reader it can be interesting to come across stories of how the locals treated you – for example when you were lost and needed help with directions. Share your unique experiences; talk about the reactions of the locals, and their peculiar behaviour {friendliness or reserved behaviour}. Stories are engaging and your readers are counting on accounts like these to enrich their own travel experiences; to feel that they know the place, before they even travel to the same place.

Keep humorous incidents in mind, and mention them in your blog posts to create light and cheerful accounts of your travel experiences. As adding humour to your travel stories is an effective and engaging means of garnering attention. Although humour should never look forced, and should be used only if fits the write up. The best travel blogs in India usually have bloggers sharing a number of personal incidents that bring a smile to the face of their readers.


Your readers will love unbiased reviews of the places you stay at

Travelling to new places will undoubtedly have you staying at a luxury hotel, bed and breakfast, a motel, a friend’s place, or a hostel. Talk about the places you stayed at. It can help your readers choose where they should stay when they are travelling. Since, as a traveller you would have done your research, your blog should be able to guide them with helpful advice on not only places to stay at, but things to do and things to avoid as well. Honesty is a rare characteristic and readers love it when they see frankness in your travel stories. It will encourage them to look up your blog every time they plan a visit to a certain place because they know that can trust you to share straightforward accounts of your trip.


Warn them of dangers if there are any

We love to read about sunny skies, pristine white sands, azure waters… you get my drift, but we also want to know if there is something that we should be forewarned about when we are travelling to a new destination. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially if one is traveling to an unknown place. The best travel blogs in India share their experiences – good and bad ones – helping readers know what to be careful of when they are travelling to a particular region. It can be about the culture and customs of the people of that region {and as a traveller it might be a good idea to be aware of the local customs and respect them}, specific areas that may not be safe to venture into or to simply warn your readers of people who may be scamming tourists.


Talk about local customs and cultures that you come across

Understanding and experiencing local customs and cultures is an integral part of travelling. Talk about these customs and inform your readers about peculiar rituals that you’ve come across during the course of your travels. Some travel enthusiasts like to plan their trips around a cultural experience, and they may seek that information in your posts. Your blog post can be the means through which the locals can tell the world about their rituals and the reasons behind them. If you come across social norms that you find are unique to a place then talk about them in your post. It will make your blog distinctive, and will provide travellers interested in a rich cultural experience with the information that they need.


Give your blog a look that matches your travel experiences

Some people like to explore small villages and places which are off beat and away from the regular hustle and bustle of tourist hot spots, while others end up talking about their experiences in metropolitan cities. No matter which region or place you travel to, your post should be able to resonate with your blog’s soul. Give it a look that will help your readers understand your personality and the type of travel that you are inclined to write about. When your blog becomes a part of you, there is a higher chance that it will attract like minded readers and rise up to becoming one of the best travel blogs in India.


Encourage questions from your readers

Of all the things you do, this is the most overlooked yet the most integral part of your blog – communicating with your readers. Your readers should be able to write comments on your blog posts, and ask questions related to your posts to get more information. It will encourage dialogue between you and your readers which will in turn strengthen your bond with them. The best bloggers are those who understand the importance of this as these readers are the ones who will end up being loyalists. To reiterate – encourage comments towards the ends of your posts, and answer your readers’ questions promptly.


End note: These are a few steps to help your blog make its journey towards being one of the best travel blogs in India. After all, a step towards the journey is better than not taking a step at all.

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