Beauty services at your doorstep by UrbanClap

Beauty services at your doorstep by UrbanClap


Get the convenience of a Spa within the comforts of your home with the Salon At Home service by Urban Clap. My review for the app & service

From the keen employee who runs out the door with his morning cup of coffee for an early meeting to the socialite who has a calendar full of events, urban living is so much about time poverty than the luxuries and comforts that we imagine we have. And this time crunch often becomes exacerbated when even the smallest hiccup like searching for a dancing teacher for your five-year old changes your entire schedule. This is probably the reason why mobile apps like UrbanClap that offer value to people in terms of time have become precious for us.

I live in a gated community, and for my life to run with the least number of interruptions, I am always in need of the services of plumbers, electricians, repair technicians, et al. Needless to say, crime in urban communities puts me on guard when it comes to trusting people who have not been referenced or reviewed. This is why I do not trust online directories when it comes to looking up service providers. This is where, an app like UrbanClap comes in very handy.

UrbanClap is a mobile services marketplace for buyers and service providers, available on both Android and IOS. With a user-friendly interface and an easy registration process, using this app is no rocket science. Visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store and download the application. Register yourself and you can begin browsing through the different categories of services available in your area. Pick the service you need and proceed with the appointment procedure. For those who want to hire a photographer or a personal trainer, you will need to leave details regarding your requirements and you will soon receive a quote from the service providers available in your city.

For the purpose of this review, I tried out UrbanClap’s salon services for women at home.

Booking the Service

Open the app and browse through the categories of services provided by UrbanClap. Pick the service you need and choose your date and time preference. You will be asked to make a payment for the service and soon a service provider will pick up your request.







My Experience

I went through the same steps and I received a prompt response from one of the spa professionals. To my delight, Ms. Lalitha Shankarappa turned out to be a punctual person. She was at my door right on time with all her equipment in tow. I had received an SMS from UrbanClap confirming the details of my appointment and Lalitha had courteously called up to let me know that she had arrived.

Lalitha’s warm smile set the tone for a great service and her patient efforts to satiate my brimming curiosity about her services and the products she would use put me more at ease with her. Her work was meticulous and she seemed to be a lovely lady. For this appointment, I had opted for a 60 minute AgeLock by o3+ facial massage {designed to control an uneven skin tone while brightening and revitalizing the skin} and an O3+ Spa manicure.

Lalitha considerately showed me the products before she began. The AgeLock Facial Kit included a Purifying Cleansing Foam, Skin Buff, Purifying Tonic, Moisturiser and a Mask. I was really pleased with the efficacy of the products and Lalitha’s adept work. City dwellers face the brutalities of pollution every day as they travel to their office, the supermarket or even when they step out onto their balconies hoping for some fresh air. Our skin’s vital nutrients are leeched by the harmful rays of the sun, and the dust and grit in the air leaves us with skin that has lost its natural radiance and moisture. O3+ products help us recapture the suppleness and beauty of our skin resulting in even-toned skin with a beautiful glow.

As I told myself to relax, Lalitha began my facial treatment by gently massaging my face, neck and shoulders, lulling me into relaxation as I felt my taut shoulders droop in response to her soothing strokes. While I enjoyed the gentle pressure of her fingers throughout my facial, if you prefer harder pressure, then feel free to request your therapist for the same. My pampering session proceeded with cleansing and toning which was then followed by a scrub and face massage with a mask that abetted the cleaning of my skin and smoothening. The indulgent massage culminated with a relaxing back massage heightening my sense of rejuvenation.

The manicure was equally impressive. The whole process took 2 hours. I found it very thoughtful of Lalitha to carefully clean the area before she left my home. After a stressful week attending meetings and events with very less chance to unwind, these services helped me refresh myself so that I could begin another hectic week with a rejuvenated sense.

I always find myself more comfortable among people I know, and so I indulged in some conversation with Lalitha too. It didn’t take long to find out that she had been a part of the salon service industry for almost 10 years before she chose to cut her career short to take care of her children. UrbanClap came as an opportunity for Lalitha to return to her profession, and now she attends to her chosen clients at flexible hours riding her two-wheeler around the city.

Evidently, Lalitha is not the only one who has been trained by UrbanClap, there are many others like her who owe their progressive careers to this app that seems to be growing in popularity by the day. With more than 10,000 requests for home beauty services per month from metropolitan cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai, the company has standardized the services and products to ensure that quality is maintained in the services they provide. And, UrbanClap’s beauty services makes up just a small fraction of the many services they provide.


What I liked

  • I found the interface to be very intuitive. It was quick, and aimed at keeping things simple so that users can move from one step to another with the least amount of assistance. The booking process was very easy to understand so the app scored high for me on user-friendliness.
  • The app aims at providing a gamut of services through more than 60 different categories. Browsing through the different sections made me realize how easy it would be for me to book service professionals for different areas of work.
  • Since I chose salon services, I found it particularly considerate that the app allowed me to choose a beauty package or individual beauty services according to my requirements. Those who prefer starting the day with a pampering session will be able to book an appointment as early as 8 a.m.
  • You are provided with an option of going through detailed reviews of the service provider and checking their profile to ensure that you know who will be attending to you.
  • While you can cancel the appointment in the event of an emergency, you will incur a cancellation fee for last minute cancellations. This is in the best interest of the professionals who end up losing an appointment.
  • I found the services to be competitively priced in comparison to the much hyped salon prices that we usually pay.
  • My experience leads me to believe that UrbanClap trains its professionals very well to ensure they are neat and clean, and have a strong sense of politeness and courtesy.
  • The fact that you can rate your service provider after the experience is an added advantage because it encourages the professionals to give their best and it also allows us to detail our experience – good or bad so that other UrbanClap users know what to expect.

Areas of improvement

  • The home salon services can be extended to include more services. At this time, I felt that it was relatively limited, especially the hair services provided by them.
  • You cannot request for modifications in your appointment date or time. In the event of an emergency you can only cancel the appointment.
  • The service is based on the service provider picking you instead of you picking the service provider. This means that you do not have the option to pick the same service provider even though you were able to strike a good rapport with her and found her services to be very likeable.
  • Promotional codes and discount coupons can be used on the app, but only on the condition that you can avail it once when you are completing your booking process. You will be unable to get the discount if you cancel the same booking and tried booking it all over again.


My experience with UrbanClap was very satisfactory. The app helped me connect with a duteous professional who had deep knowledge of the beauty services she rendered and turned the two hours she spent at my home into an indulgent session pampering my face and hands.

In addition to the deprivation of time that I experience with schedulers filled with events and meetings, I think that the patience I need to manoeuvre through the claustrophobic streets and the fuel that I would otherwise spend traveling to my salon and of course the rising problems of parking space made me feel that UrbanClap could be one very helpful app.

For all of those people out there who want to use professional services at the comfort of their home and at a competitive price, UrbanClap is the app you must explore.



A week after my UrbanClap facial, and that’s how fabulous my skin still looks!



Gifting my viewers Rs 200 to try salon services from UrbanClap using the above code. I had a nice experience and I am sure you will too.


Have you tried UrbanClap? What has been your experience?


Disclaimer: My treatment was hosted by UrbanClap; however the opinions expressed in this post remain my own.

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