Ace Photographer Vasanthan Kumaraswamy in an Exclusive interview

Ace Photographer Vasanthan Kumaraswamy in an Exclusive interview

I recently had the pleasure of working with the wonderfully talented photographer, Vasanthan Kumaraswamy.



Vasanthan primarily shoots fashion & beauty. I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his journey as a photographer and what inspired him to take up this profession.

Q1. What is the one thing that interests you most about photography?

VK: The very idea that a camera can help a person see more clearly, and observe life more fully.

Life is short and our time here on our planet is limited. Photography provides me with an opportunity to explore the beauty that our world has to offer, capture those moments, and relish them; it allows people an opportunity to be a part of my journey and savour those moments, while getting a chance to view the beauty of this world with its extraordinary people.

Q2. What was that moment when you decided that this profession was for you?

VK:  I started my journey as a teenager. Out of sheer curiosity, I purchased a camera and decided to capture beautiful moments that people have, and document it for them. Over a period of time this became my passion and there was no looking back.




Q3. You effortlessly capture warmth in your portraits. What is your approach when you take photographs?

VK: I focus on emotions, and with each photo I take, it’s a vision in my head. I approach photography as a medium to express myself, and as a medium for people to explore who they are; this enables me to capture moments and bring them to life.

Q4. When you are working, how do you manage to keep calm, when there is chaos all around with people running in different directions?

VK: When I work, I ensure that I go into a state where I am absolutely focused, and calm. My subject is the only thing that matters to me at that time. I don’t feel any other need. I don’t feel the lack of sleep, I don’t need to eat and I don’t feel the heat. I just keep going.




Q5. You are about to launch a fashion Calendar. What was the initial idea behind the project, and how has the project evolved?

VK: This project is a great example of my vision and exploration as an artist – more than a photographer – an expression to bring things to life. Photography to me is an evolving journey which takes me to different places, helps me understand people, learn about different cultures, and grow as a person.


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