A Truly Unique Facial Experience at Jiva Spa

A Truly Unique Facial Experience at Jiva Spa

Relax, Rejuvenate, Breathe, Refresh, Enjoy, Nourish, Renew– A mantra that makes your life beautiful

‘Ayurveda’ is a Sanskrit word that translates to ‘The science of life’. While many of us see Ayurveda as just a way of treating illnesses, rooted in the benevolence of Mother Nature for its treatments and philosophies, Ayurveda is actually a way of bringing harmony to your body and soul. It works at a level where your physical sense of being encounters your spiritual side. My explorations of this ancient medical science began when the lovely Samanta Danday, Learning and Development Manager at the Taj Group of Hotels, who also manages Jiva Spa, invited me to experience their spa services

Its impeccable reputation and the thought of indulgence made me look forward to my visit. Read about my marvellous spa experience here. In this post, I will share my facial experience that was nothing short of remarkable.

Nestled in the heart of Bangalore, Taj Gateway’s pride lies in its posh neighbourhood, exuberant décor, warm hospitality and mesmerizing spa experiences. Jiva Spa, inspired from the ancient ‘Surajkund’ reservoir, is designed in congruence with the five elements of nature. Hues of ivory, beige and brown are used artistically in its décor, and there is a comforting grandeur in the look and feel of the place that could unequivocally impress any visitor. Closely tied to the Royal Indian Heritage, the spa’s contemporary style is but a garb of its modern outlook to age old Indian philosophies radiating a balance of energies in a world where everything else seems a lot less oriented.


The philosophy of Jiva Spa is inherently rooted in India’s ancient approach to wellness. Inspired by traditional Indian healing wisdom, The Taj Group of Hotels believes that a spa unfolds a holistic path of life that opens out channels to nurture one’s life force.


Tanya Dhar with Samanta Danday



I walk down a sleek corridor that is flanked by dim lights leading to three treatment rooms. I am not sure if it is the soft music that takes its effect on my senses, relaxing me and lulling me to a state of comfort, or the beautiful orange-tinged wooden aesthetics that create an environment fit for a session of rejuvenation, or maybe it’s the intricacies of the South Asian murals that have an overwhelming effect when it comes to pacifying my inner being. There is a chance that all of these elements are subtly working together to create the soothing environs of the spa, helping me prepare for a wonderful treatment session.

I enter the luxurious washroom that is located at the middle of the corridor. The lockers in the washroom allow me to leave all my belongings safely, leaving behind the world of busy calendars and notifications to immerse myself in the mesmeric Jiva experience. The changing room is roomy and well-appointed. Keeping in mind that the core of the Jiva experience lies in its use of natural products, the robes at the spa have no intention of undermining this experience. And so, I step out of the washroom in natural jute slippers and an intricately designed natural cotton robe. All other linen and towels used here are natural cotton too.


My Facial Treatment

I choose the Ananalepa facial. It involves the judicious blend of organic ingredients which accentuates the natural beauty of the skin, bringing out its inherent suppleness and adding a glow to the complexion. The absence of artificial preservatives in the facial safeguards your skin from the harshness of chemicals.



My therapist Anju, who hails from the North East, requests me to lie on my back while I get ready to be transported to wonderland. For the first few minutes she expertly applies pressure on the pressure points in my shoulders helping me relax so that she can begin her magic.

My facial begins with a natural cleansing session where Anju uses Aloevera gel, raw milk and Vetiver oil. She gently massages these ingredients into my skin allowing the natural elements to cleanse away the dirt and grit that inevitably find their way to my skin – woes of an urban dweller {that you will be able to relate to}. After about ten minutes of gentle cleansing, she uses a warm towel on my face that softly removes all the cleansing ingredients, and follows this up with an Exfoliation mask made with buttermilk and honey. The mask has a sweet aroma and an amazing effect on my skin. After the deep cleanse and polish, I am left under a steam to draw out all of my imperfections for an extraction.







Steps to nourish my skin then begin with the generous massaging of a facial cream containing Aloevera gel and Papaya juice. I go into a deeply relaxed state, thanks to Anju’s methodical hand motions. My facial treatment ends with the application of a masque made of fuller’s earth and grated cucumber; another step into augmenting my state of relaxation. Time passes too quickly when you are enjoying every moment, and so I come back to the present with a gentle tug from my therapist who ushers me back to the locker room. Glowing with this special treatment of true indulgence, I step into the locker room knowing that this was a day well-spent.




The warm hospitality extended by the staff, the amazing sense of rejuvenation I experience at the end of the treatment, and the edifying conversations I have with my therapist make my experience at Jiva Spa an enchanting one. The facial has a calming effect on me as the powerful blend of therapeutic oils soothes my senses with their delightful fragrance, and returns a beautiful glow to my skin, which means that the ingredients used were very effective – just what I could have hoped for from a good facial treatment.

Note: Every aesthetician at the Jiva Spa goes through a minimum six months training. During this time, they train under experts and understand the Jiva ethos and work culture, so that every guest steps out of a treatment with the utmost sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. I was very impressed by the service and the courteousness of the staff.


End Note: I am greeted back at the reception lounge with some herbal tea and dried fruits, which is a wonderful way to end a most wonderful spa experience. The true essence of the place is held in the expert hands of its therapists. Jiva Spa is definitely a place that you should try out if you are looking for a marvellous treatment session to rejuvenate yourself.

Address: Taj Gateway Hotel on Residency Road, 66, Bangalore 560025
Phone: 080 66604545





*Disclosure: My treatment was hosted by The Jiva Spa Bangalore; however the opinions expressed in this post remain my own.

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