A Social Media Power Influencer: The Influencer Journey

A Social Media Power Influencer: The Influencer Journey

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I have been featured in Kalaage; a unique platform that helps artists and publications interact and connect. I had the pleasure to be interviewed for the May issue where I talked about my journey as an influencer.


1. Tell us a something about yourself and what you Blog about?

Me: Urban Diaries is a Luxury Lifestyle site dedicated to capturing beauty from the simple to the serene. My personal philosophy is to investigate life decisions and directions while I ascertain ways to widen-the-edge and lead an inspired life.


2. Since when are you Blogging and how did you start with it? Did you face problems setting it up?

Me: “A journey of thousand miles begins by taking the first step.” My journey thus far has been a short but eventful one. People usually say it takes years to be recognized as a good Blogger, but “where there is a will there is a way.” As a result of my perseverance, I found my way, and in this short duration, I have been fortunate enough to work with and showcase niche brands. I truly believe that if you are passionate about blogging, it will show in your work, and recognition will follow. Your blog-site {www.urbandiaries.in} will inevitably become a unique and personal space on the Internet.


3. Where do you get your ideas from?

Me: To quote J. K. Rowling, “As an artist, the key is to stay open to the universe. You never know what might inspire you.” Because, great ideas can truly come from the least-expected places.


4. Which platform works the best for you and why?

Me: With Urban Diaries, it’s definitely Instagram, and Facebook, with Twitter bringing up the rear. I feel that my community have always acknowledged and appreciated beautiful photography and narrating skills intertwined with a relatable and genuine voice.


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