9 Superfoods to Boost Your Energy

9 Superfoods to Boost Your Energy

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Why eat Superfoods?

Imagine ingesting foods that could boost your mood and your energy, control your weight or keep you sharp — without side effects. “Superfoods” do this!

The benefit of a superfood is that they will have more nutrients than other similar foods you may already eat so you will not always have to make big changes while having a bonus of more energy and better circulation after eating them for a few weeks. And, they help protect against heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more.

Keep reading in order to find out what are the 9 Superfoods to boost your energy that you should definitely include into your diet.



There is no better way to join the fitness brigade than to start your day with oats. Known to help prevent adverse health conditions that are becoming increasingly common because of our present day lifestyle, oats are rich in a unique anti-oxidant called Avenathramides which helps in regulating blood sugar and reducing the risk of cardio-vascular diseases. Additionally, a specific type of fibre known as beta-glucan is found in oats which is known to be very helpful in reducing cholesterol levels.

A good source of protein, oats are also loaded with important minerals like manganese, phosphorus, copper and iron that can help you stay energetic through a hectic morning schedule.

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Quinoa’s popularity around the world as a health food is based on the fact that it is one of the few plant foods that contain all the nine essential amino acids. It is considered to be a good source of Vitamin E & B along with containing beneficial plant antioxidants called flavonoids.

A brilliant energy food to incorporate into your meals, quinoa is rich in protein, fibre, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium, and is known to increase metabolism, thereby keeping you active through the day.

Note: Quinoa is gluten-free so it works as a great food for those who are gluten-intolerant.

161c Raw Organic Quinoa Seeds



The lovely colour of these berries, their exotic taste and the ease with which they are available, makes blueberries a great superfood. Low in calories yet rich in antioxidants and energy-boosting nutrients & minerals, they help in maintaining blood sugar levels; aid in the prevention and control of coronary heart disease by ensuring that the ‘bad’ cholesterol in your body does not get oxidized; they are known to lower blood pressure and improve memory, and can also help you combat infections in the urinary tract.

All of these benefits are added to the fact that these berries keep up your energy levels throughout the day.

161d Blueberries



Known to be an excellent source of Vitamin A & D and two blockbuster omega-3 fatty acids – EPA & DHA, salmon is another superfood that increases your cardiovascular health, has the ability to combat osteoporosis & inflammatory joint conditions, and also aids in keeping tissues healthy by preventing cell damage.

Additionally, the carotenoid anti-oxidants of astaxanthin that are found in salmon add radiance to your skin. An important point to remember is that wild-caught salmon is always the best source of these nutrients and vitamins.



This nutrient-dense fruit is great for a lot of reasons. It is rich in vitamins and minerals {iron, magnesium and potassium; B-vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin K} that help reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and also prevents type-2 diabetes. Packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, avocado slows digestion and helps keep blood sugar from spiking after a meal. And more importantly, it is a natural source of folic acid which aids in the production and maintenance of new cells.

161f Avocado


Goji Berries

Known as a nutritional powerhouse, goji berries are considered a good source of dietary fibre and are rich in anti-oxidants whose benefits include the ability to help you fight disease by improving immunity and increasing energy, effectively manage your weight and experience better digestion. These berries are additionally known to promote a feeling of well being and calmness, while improving quality of sleep.

Fun fact: The bright red colour of goji berries is obtained from the anti-oxidant zeaxanthin present in the berries which helps in reducing signs of early aging.

161g Goji Berries



All nuts have a reputation of being energy-dense foods that are loaded with calories. Almonds are energy dense too but compared to all other nuts, they are the most packed with nutrients & beneficial components and are often recommended by dieticians as a part of a healthy diet.

The healthy mono-unsaturated fats in almonds are known to reduce the risk of heart diseases while the dietary fibres, antioxidants and vitamins ensure that your overall health is maintained. Additionally, almonds contain two vital brain nutrients – riboflavin and L-carnitine, which have been shown to increase brain activity, resulting in new neural pathways and a decreased occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

161h Almonds



The most celebrated health benefits of lentils are its ability to lower cholesterol and increase heart health. The presence of high levels of soluble fibre helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol and also ensuring that you have a healthy digestive system, while folate and magnesium keep your heart healthy.

And, in addition to providing slow burning complex carbohydrates, lentils can also increase your energy by replenishing iron stores.

161i Lentils



A member of the cabbage family, kale is definitely one of the healthiest and most nutritious plant foods to add to your diet. Very high in antioxidants, kale is also rich in Vitamin C & K, and Beta-Carotene. The flavonoids in kale combine both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits in a way that gives it a leading dietary role with respect to prevention of chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.

161j Kale


There are numerous other superfoods that are great to add to your diet, but these are the ones I am using the most to boost my mood and energy levels. So go ahead and give yourself a health boost with these powerhouse foods for a Super New You!

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