6 Natural Beauty Oils and Why You Need Them

6 Natural Beauty Oils and Why You Need Them


 Use these 6 natural beauty oils and your skin will love you back!

Coconut oil, the one oil that serves many wonderful benefits and works for almost everyone, is also a crowd favourite. But sometimes going mainstream means that you end up overlooking the benefits of other natural beauty oils that can make fabulous skin look effortless. Variety, as we know, adds spice to life, and while coconut oil continues to be irreplaceable {at least in my home}, I’d like to introduce you to six other natural beauty oils that deserve our love and attention. 🙂

These natural oils have been around for a long time but their ability as skin moisturizers are being explored more avidly today. With benefits like skin protection and hydrating powers, it’s time to stock up your beauty cabinet with these beauty essentials and let your skin feel pampered!


Avocado Oil ~ Beauty Miracle Worker 

Beauty experts advocate avocados because of their benefits for our body and skin. I’ve been using homemade avocado face masks for as long as I can remember and having recently bought the benefits of avocado in a bottle, I feel that my skin care game has gone up a notch.

The oil version of this tropical fruit is rich in Vitamin E that nourishes the skin and also soothes sunburns and calluses. Additionally it helps your skin get a generous dose of Vitamin A restoring your natural glow to reveal a younger-looking you. I love the fruit and my skin totally loves the oil, could I ask for more?


Carrot Seed Oil ~ All-natural Anti-aging Skincare

Cold-pressed carrot seed oil, not to be confused with essential oil, is a powerful antioxidant that reduces the process of ageing by fighting free radicals {that damage cells resulting in an oxidative stress in the skin}.

Since essential oils are dangerous to use on skin without the addition of carrier oils, I would recommend the use of cold-pressed carrot seed oil to enjoy all of its benefits. An easily-absorbed source of vitamin A, this oil acts as an excellent skin rejuvenator when applied directly to skin giving it a refreshing and hydrated look.


Jojoba Oil ~ Dry Skin’s BFF

Jojoba oil is sourced from the seeds of the desert jojoba plant, and is revered for its hydrating powers. A natural emollient that works very much like sebum which is naturally produced by our skin, this oil has become a common ingredient in many beauty products.

If your skin tends to lose moisture very quickly even after generous applications of body lotion, then I would recommend you consider using jojoba oil, as it is one of the most popular oils for dry skin. However, for those of you who already have good skin which produces adequate sebum naturally, know that jojoba oil can increase shininess in excess.

A bottle of jojoba oil in your beauty cabinet will work as a natural makeup remover, moisturiser, and an anti-ageing solution. For instant hydration, simply take a few drops of the oil on the palm of your hand and gently massage it onto your face, lips and the areas of your body that might need extra attention.


Olive Oil ~ Liquid Gold

Having replaced traditional cooking oils in the kitchen, olive oil {packed with vitamins and antioxidants} has more benefits than one for skin and hair.

This Mediterranean oil works to moisturize and protect skin cells from the many toxins in the environment. Additionally, massaging it gently onto the skin helps repair deep tissue damage and eradicates blemishes and scars. If you have oily skin then I would recommend you apply olive oil after a shower when the skin is already damp to help it to fully absorb without leaving a shiny residue.


Rosehip Seed Oil ~ Skin Nourishment Made Easy

It’s likely that you may not have heard of this oil until now, but let me tell you that rosehip seed oil is a multi-tasking skin-care staple rich in vitamins and antioxidants. The antioxidants found in this cold-pressed oil which is extracted from the seeds of rose bushes grown mainly in Chile, can help rejuvenate the skin so that you enjoy a beautiful glow. This oil also packs in omega 3s, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Rosehip seed oil is light-weight and non-greasy, which means that your skin will quickly absorb the oil leaving little or no residue behind. Dry skin or not, you will find this oil to be great for your skin since it stimulates the production of collagen, resulting in naturally firm and youthful skin.


Sweet Almond Oil ~ The Skin Doctor

You’ve probably heard about the many amazing benefits of almond oil, but sweet almond oil takes this one level up. This cold-pressed oil known for its anti-inflammatory powers and emollient properties is lightweight making it easy for your skin to soak in the benefits ~ leaving your skin soft and supple while protecting it from oxidative stress and encouraging a natural glow.

Additionally, sweet almond oil works as an all-natural makeup remover since it easily penetrates the skin and clears all dirt and makeup lodged deep within. This natural moisturizer also works to help shed dead cells easily and repairs damaged skin.




End note: Since eons, we have used natural oils to beautify our skin and hair. The emergence of creams and lotions inconspicuously pushed these oils to the back burner. But we are beginning to realize the importance of these oils once again and more people are choosing oils over body lotions as natural and soothing moisturizers.

Use these 6 natural beauty oils for notably beautiful skin. Share your experience of these oils in the comments below and if you know of other oils that I should add to my beauty cabinet, then please share. 🙂

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