5 Smart Wedding Apps to make planning smooth and easy!

5 Smart Wedding Apps to make planning smooth and easy!

5 Smart Wedding Apps to make planning smooth and easy!

Your big day needs attention to details: scheduled pick up of your family members coming in from different parts of the globe, getting vendors and caterers lined up on time, checking the progress of delivery… This list could go on and on! Urban Diaries presents 5 Smart Wedding Apps to make planning smooth and easy!

Wedding Party

The Wedding party app is a must have if you intend to have a more private collection of photos (taken by guests during your wedding). The app will assemble all the images to a single site, which can be viewed on the app, and from there you will have the option to decide which of the photos to make accessible for public viewing; thereby controlling viewing access of your albums. There is also an option to have a private gallery, where you can limit access only to yourself.

Available on: Android and iOS


Appy Couple

Appy Couple is a robust platform that provides the choice of designing and personalizing your own wedding website or app {or both}, customizing themes, colour options, styles, and inspirations. After your website has been set up, you will be able to share event details, dress codes, photographs, and travel itinerary details. Once the theme, design option, and features have been chosen, the app will design a personalized package and provide the price.

Available on: Android and iOS


The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

With this app, you can access all details with respect to the planning of your wedding with the click of a button. Easy to navigate, it helps manage and track budgets easily, and has inbuilt features which provide valuable inputs for hairstyles, dresses, arrangement design etc.

Available on: Android and iOS


Our Wedding Planner

Our Wedding Planner is your go-to for having a stress-free wedding! It has all the standard features from managing to-do lists and budgets, handling vendor information, tracking of guests… One cool feature allows you to import all your guest details from your phone list and sync that information with the app. And if you want a cost estimate? They have that too!

Available on: Android



As the name suggests this one is focused more on the couple. This app would be my recommendation for couples who are long distance lovers, as they can use the useful and romantic functions it offers to share photos, messages, and videos for a little virtual intimacy.

Available on: Android and iOS

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