10 Tips for Keeping It Healthy When You Dine Out

10 Tips for Keeping It Healthy When You Dine Out


We’re much more likely to dine out during holidays / getaways or your run-of-the-mill sociable gatherings. But rather than feeling guilt after each mouthful, come to the right resolve prior to the bread basket even arriving. Permit me to school you on how to consume healthy food while eating out.

1. Don’t feel like you absolutely have to order an appetizer
I would advise you to get more comfortable with the uncomfortable. It isn’t your concern if another person finds it off-putting unless you order something to start with. Appetizers more often than not make you overeat, so only order when a dish seems truly tempting, and preferable order just one.

2. Skip the butter & bread
As well as the salsa and potato chips. Instead, order a side salad or vegetable soup. When you consume a leafy green salad with your meal, you consume twelve percent fewer calories than when you do not have a salad beforehand. The fibre in the salad fills you up and the acetic acid in the vinaigrette dressing really helps to suppress your appetite & slows the speed at which your stomach feels empty. This way you will be content without feeling the need to fill up.

3. Order above the menu
After all it is a restaurant. Don’t feel limited by what is available on the menu, and ask for what you would like eat. For example: Request for avocado on the salad for healthy fats or as an alternative to cheese.

4. Salads can be nutritious
They might be getting a bad reputation lately, but when you order properly, salads are still the ideal solution. Focus on greens as your base, put in a protein like seafood or beans, add a starchy vegetable or grain like sweet potato or wild rice and complete with plenty of vegetables like asparagus, artichokes and tomato. Obviously give the croutons & cheese a miss, and stick to a vinaigrette dressing.

5. Watch your portion size
I would advise you to stick to appetizer-size servings for your main course; quite often you will find the portion to be adequate. Your other option would be to split your entrée in half, and share with your dining partner, or save for the doggie bag.

6. Choose your vegetables correctly
Every time you order vegetables have them steamed. Sautéing not only contributes hundreds of calorie from the use of oil, but it cooks out almost all of the nutrients & antioxidants that vegetables are known for.

7. Request for olive oil over butter
When you’re able to, ensure the restaurant uses olive oil rather than butter. If olive oil is not an option, request for the dish to be steamed.

8. Make over your favourites
Theoretically, Mexican cuisine should not be too unhealthy; ask for lettuce wraps or vegetables with your salsa, and for all dressings & sauces on the side (no cheese or sour cream). For pizza, select wood fired, slim crust & wholegrain, when you can.

9. Pass up on alcoholic beverages
Or at least reduce it to just a few glasses weekly. Not only does excessive drinking impact your willpower, but it influences the absorption of natural vitamins, minerals & essential fatty acids. So, any healthy dish you have ordered just went out the window.

10. Sweet tooth… Ignore it!
Here is some tough love for you. If food cravings or hunger is not the issue, food is not your solution – especially when it comes to dessert. Wait out the craving… it will pass & you will be better for it.

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