Why I Love Shibori And How To Style It

Why I Love Shibori And How To Style It

The infinite possibilities of Shibori: There is something about tie-dye that gives me a sense of freedom and fluidity… The flowing stripes and ripples on clothes make me feel liberated…



I have always been a great fan of Shibori, and love everything about it ~ wherever it is draped or used; on clothing, décor, or accessories. I am mesmerised by the way it looks with its intricate patterns and geometric shapes that vary in design and depth of colour ~ it makes a statement without trying too hard.

Many of us who develop fabric affection become interested in the creation of the fabric itself. My fascination for Shibori made me dig a little deeper to know about its history and origin.




Shibori: A Chic Blast from the Past

Born in Japan around the eighth century, Shibori is a resist-dyeing technique of stitching, folding, twisting, bunching, and binding mostly done on natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, or silk to create a visual feast of colour and technique that speaks volumes about the creativity and aesthetic quality of the artisans.

There is a rhythm and a lyrical quality to the tie-dye patterns that gives the fabrics and clothing different effects and an eclectic vibe that makes each piece speak boldly.

I just can’t get enough of this fabric and own a curated collection. Wearing these unique prints makes me feel as if I am wearing works of art! Now, I have many friends who admire my hand-dyed clothes, but aren’t quite sure how to incorporate such statement pieces into their wardrobe. So this blog post is dedicated to showing you how Shibori can be incorporated into your wardrobe.




What captivates me about Shibori is its authenticity in design ~ the swirls, twirls, and unique patterns are sheer poetry in motion. Beautiful structured dresses like this one are high on my must-have list for 2018.


What I have noticed is that this ancient resist-dyeing technique is gaining popularity with many contemporary designers, who are creating elegant and sophisticated Shibori capsule collections. There is beauty in imperfection and it is this aesthetic and hand-crafted element that makes each piece uniquely different from the other.

So let’s say “sayonara” to yesterday’s patterns, and “konnichiwa” to bring in this tie-and-dye style and culture to make it the style statement of 2018!



If you look at what I am wearing, the irregular patterns and colour of the ensemble highlight how this technique is deftly applied to achieve just the right shade, creating timeless prints that are as eye-catching today as they were a thousand years ago!


Tie-dye just makes me happy. It radiates peace, love, and everything in between… I hope that sometimes you wear your heart on your body!

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