Why The Jade Roller Is My Favourite Beauty Tool

Why The Jade Roller Is My Favourite Beauty Tool



Roll Your Way To Glowing Skin

It’s an open secret. We hunt for the best beauty products or tips to achieve the level of beauty that sets us apart from the rest. However, beauty isn’t just defined by one’s outward appearance ~ healthy skin plays an important role too. There are numerous products available in the market and many, many more beauty tips with some amazing results.

I first heard of jade rolling on Instagram. Although I wasn’t entirely sure what benefits jade rolling held, curiosity got the best of me. And this hand-held device is straight up B E A U T I F U L!

*FYI* When purchasing a jade roller, you may have to verify that the stone used is actually jade. I have noticed that if there is a product that gains significant popularity, you will find counterfeit products for the same. Similarly, not every green stone is Jade. Some jade rollers are made using glass infused with green dye, so you don’t really get to reap any of the natural benefits of the stone. My advice: read reviews and purchase through a reputable brand.




Now, before we get into my personal experience with jade rolling, I think it’s important to talk about the history and understand the benefits of Jade.

History: Jade rollers date all the way back to the 12th century. This unique anti-aging device was favoured by the nobles and royal women in Ancient China, with history stating that every emperor’s wife had a jade roller in her beauty cabinet. Believed to be a powerful semi-precious stone, and one that granted immortality ~ emperors of China were even buried in jade suits!

Benefits: In a nutshell, the roller works through massage to improve blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage; improve elasticity of the skin and tighten and reduce pore size; smooth down wrinkles by stimulating collagen production; reduce puffiness and dark under-eye circles.

According to research, jade rolling is also a remedy for anxiety and fatigue. And the stone itself is believed to have deep healing properties ~ protecting you from negative energy and balancing your chi. Chi is also known as Prana in Sanskrit, the warm current, Kundalini power, or the electromagnetic life force. So now I’m really curious, maybe jade rolling is the real deal?




My Jade Rolling Experience {and why the jade roller is my favourite beauty tool}

Did I mention that this skincare device is absolutely beautiful! So much that I may want to “accidentally” leave it laying around for my friends to “discover”… 🙂

The beauty tool has a smaller jade stone, shaped like an oval bead at one end for the under-eye area, and a larger oval jade bead on the opposite end for your entire face, with a single gold wire holding the pieces in place; the handle is made of jade too, making it easy to hold and to roll. So apart from its elegant, simple and effective design, it’s very east to carry around as well.


Most of us have tried using ice cubes to soothe pimples, sunburns, and skin inflammation. So to get double the benefits from my jade roller, I placed it in the refrigerator and left it in there overnight. The next morning, I washed my face and applied a face serum. I then used the jade roller over my skin for a very soothing effect. The first noticeable benefit was the calming of my morning “puffy face” which most of us experience when we work for long hours or sleep late.

Next, I used the jade roller with an upward motion, moving it along the contours of my face ~ continuously rolling back and forth in the same spot a few times ~ you can feel the massage getting deep down into your muscles and working to relieve any built-up tension. The devise also soothes stress-related headaches when massaged onto the temples and forehead.

As I began to use it regularly, I noticed an overall improvement in my skin tone, and a significant reduction in pore size. Additionally, my face started looking slimmer, and skin around my eyes became firmer.




Final thoughts: Other than being a nice additional to my skincare routine; my biggest takeaway, is that the roller showed positive results in the first few days. It reduced the inflammation in my active spots, which showed in size and redness.

Jade rolling has become an essential part of my life. I use it every single morning and most nights. And during these few months of usage, I have not seen any negative effects on my skin. I would recommend jade rolling to anyone who wants radiant, healthy-looking skin.


What do you think of the jade roller? Will you be giving it a try? Let me know in the comments below!

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