Welcome a Slice of Japanese Tradition to Your Homes

Welcome a Slice of Japanese Tradition to Your Homes

Bangalore‬ is all set to get a taste of exquisitely crafted dinnerware at the recently launched  Noritake‬ store at Indiranagar, Bangalore.


Synonymous with grandeur and luxury, ‪‎Noritake‬ dinnerware has created a niche for itself adorning the magnificent dinner tables of luxurious homes for over a century; and has finally made its debut in Bangalore with an exclusive store located in the posh neighbourhood of Indiranagar. Hosoi Shoji, General Manager of overseas sales, Noritake, spoke enthusiastically on the event of its grand opening, explaining how pleased he was to bring Noritake to Bangalore. “Being one of the most desired crockery brands in the world, Noritake is finally available in Bangalore where you can enjoy crockery that is not just world-class, but a rarity too!”

‪Considered to be one of the most sought after brands in the world of crockery, Noritake has expanded since its inception in 1904, to make its enviable antique handcrafted designs available to numerous cities around the world. This time around, ‪‎Bangalore’s elite will have an opportunity to add splendour to their dinner tables with Noritake’s fabulous collections.


While every product created by Noritake has the ability to take your breath away, one of the most appealing pieces in the store at Indiranagar is a 24 carat gold tea set


136c Noritake porcelain

136d Noritake porcelain

Create a vintage tabletop look with Noritake Regent Gold this festive season.

Note: In addition to introducing a world of elite crockery to Bangalore, Noritake has created history of sorts with their latest store at Indiranagar which is claimed to house 130 varieties of Noritake tableware. So far, this is the only store to boast of such an extensive and exclusive collection!



Tanya Dhar with Ajay Anand and Mr. Jagadeesh {Bangalore Store Owner}


Tanya Dhar with Renu Chettri


Tanya Dhar with Shubha Sriram {Mrs. Karnataka 2016}


Tanya Dhar, Pramila Deepam, Renu Chettri, Neema Kumar and Shubha Sriram


Our gorgeous host for the evening, Pramila Deepam {Founder and Managing Director – Deepam Silks}


Address: 42/1, 4th Cross Rd (behind the metro station), CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru 560038.
Phone: 080 4113 0169   Hours: 10:30AM to 8:30PM

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