Wedding Decor Theme planning and Styling with Mahendra Gangadaran

Wedding Decor Theme planning and Styling with Mahendra Gangadaran

A wedding planner can be a saving grace; insightful, resourceful and dedicated to being of service – they are your best friends when it comes to Wedding decor, Theme planning and Styling for the big day.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Mahendra G – Bangalore-based owner of Neferrtiti Wedding Planners & Event Managers, who is an expert at working out the smallest of details to make sure his clients’ Big Day is a memorable one! Wondering if you really need a wedding planner for those pending nuptials? Read on for insight, straight from the source.



Q1. As an industry insider, what sort of distinctive expertise do you bring to the table that serves as an asset?

MG: The most important factor Neferrtiti brings to the table is 25 years of industry experience in Wedding decor, Theme planning and Styling. We have planned and managed hundreds of weddings in India as well as globally; our knowledge, skill and experience help us in understanding what works and what doesn’t.

We ensure that we stay up to date with the hottest trends, most fashionable venues, and the top vendors in every category and budget range. We ensure optimization of costs, so that we can provide the best service in the budget range provided by our client.

Q2. Has the role of a wedding planner changed in the last few years? Why is a wedding planner so invaluable?

MG: Yes, it has grown immensely. Ten years ago, this role would have been considered uncommon or only for the elite, but now wedding planning is seeing a paradigm shift, where the role of a wedding planner has become mandatory.

Our role is to handle the impact of the planning responsibilities; offering expertise, time and resources ensuring smooth planning and execution, enabling you to treasure the months leading up to your wedding and the special day itself, instead of being frenzied trying to manage events and arrangements.

Yes, a wedding planner is invaluable, as the benefit of having one person with strong vendor affiliations who is able to design & produce your wedding seamlessly in accordance to your unique vision is worth every rupee. Wedding planners can also arbitrate between the two families & create a unified vision that everyone can get behind.

Q3. What are your biggest tips for newly engaged couples when it comes to planning their wedding?

MG: Getting engaged is certainly an exciting moment in a person’s life, so first, congratulations! After the initial emotions begin to settle in, a person might feel a little overwhelmed with all the planning that needs to be done. So,

*My first recommendation would be to set the wedding budget. This will allow you to weigh out your needs and priorities with what you are looking for within your budget.
*Second, choose the right wedding planner, hence do your research.
*Third, do not be afraid to call the vendors and ask questions! Look up reviews and understand what others have to say.
*Fourth, be calculative. Analyze the risk factors. Discuss it with your wedding planners and always keep alternative solutions open.
*Fifth, get everything in a written contract from your wedding planner and the vendors for accountability.

Q4. How do you help couples who are on a tight budget create their dream wedding?

MG: : There are many ways to work within a specific budget and still provide a fantastic experience. If the couple is open to an outdoor location, and weather permits, we advise them to go with a venue which offers natural beauty (serene background, flowers, trees, etc). The more naturally beautiful the venue, the less you need to add to it! Another key point is ‘Lighting’. It is important to create a romantic and beautiful atmosphere, and if one is tight on budget, candlelight can be an alternative for a fraction of the price.

There are other factors as well, like skipping gifts for groomsmen & bridesmaid, and extended family members. My job as a wedding planner is to facilitate seamless planning, while ensuring the wedding costs stay within the budget that is being provided by my client.

Q5. What is the biggest trend that you are witnessing in weddings?

MG: Destinations weddings are definitely the biggest trend this year, as it allows the couple to exchange vows in a stunning paradise.

Whether you envision your ceremony atop a cliff overlooking the ocean, surrounded by mountains, on a white-sand beach, within a blooming garden or on a boat in the centre of a lake; the options for destination wedding locations are as limitless as your imagination.

Neferrtiti as a destination wedding and event management company offers Wedding decor, Theme planning and Styling services in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore – Bintan, Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Macau and Hong Kong, Mauritius, Seychelles, Bali, Jordan and Dubai!

Creating personalized celebrations with outstanding services and making destination weddings affordable – is what we do!



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