Fitness Expert Speak by Wanitha Ashok

Fitness Expert Speak by Wanitha Ashok

In conversation with my dear friend and fitness enthusiast, Wanitha Ashok.


Q1. What is your personal fitness routine in an average week?

WA: As an Aerobic instructor I take 17 classes in a week and attend 2 Yoga classes for myself. Knowing the fact that one should not overdo workouts as it leads to injuries, and wear & tare on joints & ligaments, I limit my sessions to moderation. As most of my students have been with me for years now it’s easy to execute the class with commands.

As I am on weight management only, I squeeze in 20 minutes cardio for my heart health, and focus on weight training to build bone density, muscular strength and endurance, and to keep my metabolism revved up.

I attend two Yoga classes a week, this allows me to work on my core and strength, using my own body weight which is a good variation. It also takes care of my flexibility – an important component of fitness

Q2. What advice do you give to people just starting to exercise or who haven’t exercised in a long time?

WA: Start slow; don’t rush it, as the chances of giving up are very high. One needs to build their workouts gradually. Work on the FITT principle. Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. Start with frequency; slowly increase the number of days you workout, then gradually add intensity. Increase the duration of your workout as you get stronger, and lastly add variation to prevent adaptation. Building the workouts gradually will allow your body to get used to the idea of working out and habit to be formed.

Q3. How can someone who doesn’t like to exercise learn to like, or at least tolerate it?

WA: Simple. Chose something that you will enjoy doing. Music based workouts and group classes work well too. The foot tapping music, group enthusiasm and motivating instructor will get you to love workouts, and will soon have you hooked to exercising.


Q4. If someone has just 20 minutes a day to exercise, what should they focus on?

WA: Compound exercises! Many muscle groups are worked at the same time and gets the heart rate soaring. Other exercises would be interval training, HIIT and Tabata; which can be designed for 20 minutes. However, 40-60 minutes of cardio on most days is recommend if you are aiming at losing weight.

Q5. What’s your greatest exercise secret?

WA: Weight training – The secret is out! 😊 Yes, weight training adds definition, tones and chisels and sculpts me, builds my muscular strength and endurance which helps me tackle my hectic day with ease.


Wanitha Ashok is a Motivational speaker, and Author of a Bilingual Fitness book – ‘U have an excuse, I have an exercise.’

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