Trend Alert: Tie Dye Will Make You Feel The Love

Trend Alert: Tie Dye Will Make You Feel The Love 

The Fashion Print You Can Wear All Year Round: Tie-Dye!

If you have been following me on Instagram, and my blog posts, my love for travelling must have been palpable to you. I always felt there is something alive and profound in travel and my love story with travelling has been an ongoing one ~ last year alone Vikram and I travelled to Jordan, Fujairah, Fiji, and many beautiful parts of our home country, India.



Travelling always fascinated me from a very young age and I visualized it as a deep breath that I inhaled and allowed to touch my spirit filling me with positive vibes. I made the decision earlier on in my life that I wanted to make it a priority in my life, and I know for sure that I will remain a lifelong lover of exploring new destinations as I love to discover new places, try new foods and generally experience a different way of life.

My travel diaries are filled with the kaleidoscopic charm of different countries, and places in my home country, filling me with experiences that were unexpected, adventurous, mystical, and many that I could not even have imagined! Yes, there is this element of curiosity and creativity that is associated with travelling ~ and honestly it has influenced my thoughts and ideas, and made me the person that I am today.






I will, of course, continue to share my travels here on my blog and my social media channels and I hope they encourage and inspire you to seek new lands and explore new destinations. That said, sometimes the complexity of travelling is associated with deciding upon suitable clothing. This is where Resort Wear brands come in.

In the last few years there have been some great resort wear brands making their foray into the fashion scene, and I really consider that a sort of blessing because not only do these brands specialise in clothing that are functional and trendy, but in keeping their offering small the brands are able to focus on creating well made, functional products that are available all through the year, irrespective of seasons.






It all contributes to finding out what suits me and makes me genuinely happy!

We photographed this look whilst away in Goa. There were old buildings in beautiful colour combinations that camouflaged while adding their own aesthetic brush to the crumbling walls… and even a few derelict ones with untended gardens looked sublime and tasteful. There was something magical about those buildings painted in different shades ~ we felt they harmonized well with the surroundings and broke the monochrome frequency of our lives. Time truly stood still in that part of Goa and we embraced the leisurely pace of life ~ it was blissful, and though quiet and slow paced, our days were complete.

This beautifully fluid maxi dress was gifted to me by a lovely couple who own a local boutique in Goa. I found that this look worked really well out there ~ the fabric is a soft, lightweight cotton that is comfortable in the heat as well as later in the day when it’s not as warm. What made it special was that it gave a peek into the personality of this warm couple whose penchant for travel played a role in the way they designed and created their ensembles which could make a statement wherever you went, whenever you wore them.





End note: I do love to dress up unconventionally once in a while {read: add a bit of boho to my style}, especially during summer and this warm blue tie-dye ensemble is just me ~ though it is unapologetically daring. 🙂


How do you wear your tie-dye? Tag us on Instagram with your looks ~ we’d love to see!

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