Top Tips For Travelling Light

Top Tips For Travelling Light



“Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art.” — Richard Holloway

Packing small is essential for any globetrotter committed to embracing the chaos of travel. From chasing down Japanese trains that unapologetically depart on time to squeezing yourself into the only bus to the next Vietnamese village, lighter bags aren’t just the latest trend for travellers – they are a necessity, and have been a maxim for globetrotters since ages.

There is a deep connect between travel-packing and the lifestyle you lead. Your idea of comfort and style is usually your yardage when it comes to packing. But too much baggage can draw out precious energy that you may want to save for exploring your destination. Limber up by shedding the size and weight of your bags and travelling will become more fun.






There is a considerable amount of anxiety one may deal with when travelling. Apprehensions of being in a foreign place, encountering new cultures and traditions, and personal safely. So why club it with the hassle of chugging extra luggage?

I ask myself what I really need so that I can cut down on the things that I don’t need {or, things I wouldn’t even take out of my bag!} In the effort to take a more minimal approach to my travels, here are my top tips for travelling light:

  1. Have a Bag that Can Do it All

Travel preparations have a way of working up my nerves. No matter how much time I’ve had to prep before the journey, I anxiously try to go through my things hoping that I haven’t forgotten anything. This is why I have felt the need for a bag that can mirror my need to be organized so that I know exactly where to look for my boarding pass, wallet, passport, keys, and phone.

An Italian-made handbag of superior quality fits my requirements very well – one with adequate pockets to help me organize essentials. I should be able to easily prop it on my shoulders or carry it on my arm, and when I feel like wearing it cross body, my bag should be able to allow that too. I’ve got an inclination for neutral colours which easily go with anything that I wear. Additionally neutral colours don’t attract a lot of dirt and grit, and coupled with a light-coloured lining – makes it much easier for me to find what I am looking for.  Keeping all these things in mind, pick a bag that is lightweight and easy to carry so that your travelling memories aren’t speckled with upsetting images.






  1. Pack Smart

How do you fit a whole trip’s worth of luggage into a small suitcase? The answer is simple: A smart packer brings very little. Everything that you think you need to carry may not be required when you reach your destination.

You don’t need to overwhelm yourself by packing too much. I know it requires some heart-breaking decisions like leaving your favourite pair of denims behind, packing fewer accessories, and not bringing every shoe that you had your eyes on.

To pack smart, begin by choosing a bag that can fit into the overhead compartment of a flight with the least amount of shoving. Then fill it with all your travel essentials; anything that doesn’t fit in the bag doesn’t need to go with you. Pack for the best-case scenario and simply buy yourself out of any jams. Lighter bags are filled with more beautiful memories of your trip than heavy ones.

Pack clothes that can be easily rolled up without getting wrinkled too much; this helps you make space for more clothes and keeps the worry of ironing your clothes off your travel list. Dresses work well for me. They are an entire outfit by themselves. I would suggest light, flowing, quick-dry poly blends which can be easily layered and dressed up or down.

Clothes compressors, airless bags and packing cubes are a nifty way of travelling light while keeping your things tightly packed and well organized. Small travel items like a first aid kit, earplugs, clothesline, sewing kit and gadgets can be placed in packing cubes while mesh bags are good for underwear and socks.

Keep it simple and light – minimalism isn’t just trendy, it is indispensable to travellers. You can either travel light and enjoy your vacay or be among those tourists who wish they had.






  1. A Minimalist Approach

Pick clothes that can be mixed and matched and that easily go with the shoes and accessories you are carrying. Choosing light colours that complement each other would even mean that you would be able to get away with one load of laundry. This does not mean that you have to limit yourself to monochromatic or boring. Rather, it suggests a minimalist approach to fashion.

My affinity for different sunglasses, shoes and accessories has always made it difficult for me to settle on just one, but I’ve learnt the hard way that less is more. Because when you truly consider it, you just need one great pair of sunnies, and possibly two pairs of shoes. If your fashion sense begs you to differ, then pick scarfs, bandanas, hats or similar accessories that can help you bring your unique sense of style along with you on your trip.

Another thing I’m working on is simplifying my beauty routine, especially when it comes to my makeup. Multi-purpose products and two-in-ones are absolute life savers!







End note: You don’t need that. Or that. Or that either!

This is the smart traveller’s chant that works every single time you pack for a trip. The overwhelming sense of travelling to a new place can fog our sensibility encouraging us to pack a lot of “what ifs”. All we need to do is think clearly about what we really need. If you end up needing something that you didn’t pack then you can purchase it. Travel light and return with a load of photos and memories – the only things that deserve lots of space but don’t carry any weight.



Do you guys have any tips for travelling light? Let me know in the comments below!

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