Top Fashion Blogger in India

Top Fashion Blogger in India

For a country like India that has a wide sense of fashion with diversity in choices, cultures and rituals which differentiates or converges styles and trends dictating the fashion world – India has a lot of expectations from its fashion bloggers. As more and more fashion brand ambassadors are going global, it takes a lot to be recognized as the top fashion blogger in India. So if you are planning on being one, then here is what you must focus on.



An Unprecedented Sense Of Style

For a fashion blogger, their blog posts are not just about writing on what is currently affecting the fashion world or what is on-trend, but their blog is a clear window into their way of life. Whether it is a casual lunch with friends or a date night that they have been looking forward to, they always have makeup, wardrobe, and style rules for accessorising on their mind.

Additionally, irrespective of what’s new in the realms of fashion, fashion bloggers have a unique sense of style, and they are mindful about it at all times. One could conclude that fashion comes naturally to them, that style to them is effortless. This is why they can survive competition and stay afloat even with the blog sphere getting more crowded every day. So if you want to climb up to the level of being the next top fashion blogger in India, you definitely need to have an unshakable love for fashion and an unprecedented sense of style.


An Inherent Love For Makeup

Makeup is considered to be a crucial part of fashion blogging, and needless to say, not everyone shares that affinity for makeup that a good fashion blogger does. And since most women like to look good in addition to developing their own unique sense of style, providing makeup tips on one’s blog is as important as providing regular updates on what is trending in fashion.

In India, makeup is not understood very well by many women who take to the internet to find useful advice that can help them. A fashion blogger must be able to share personal tips that can help their readers, provide advice regarding the use of specific products and brands that are best for one’s skin type.


Following Trends Closely

To be a top fashion blogger in India, you must be able to closely follow changing trends and talk about these trends with your audience. The idea is not just to share the trend, but also to share your perspective. There is a possibility that you may not like a particular trend and being open about it gives your readers an insight into your style, thereby helping them connect on a deeper level with you.

It also eradicates the chances of looking phony when it comes to embracing every new trend that gears up in fashion. But when you know a trend is one that appeals to you and that it should be incorporated in your style, then share it with your readers and let them know everything they need to know about it. Just as every fashion trend is not for everybody, be open about sharing your thoughts on those trends, and your readers will appreciate the transparency with which you express your opinions. There will be many sites promoting these new trends, because of vested interests. A true fashion blogger will provide an unbiased view point, which may or may not resonate with everybody. Based on your view point readers can then decide for themselves.


Accurately Word Your Thoughts

Ever been on a date with someone who looks really good, but then they start talking and you lose interest? Or think of the person, who walks into an interview room all suited up, establishing an excellent first impression, but then this person starts responding to interview questions and no one is impressed any longer.

The ability to word your thoughts appropriately is a skill – one that needs to be honed and practiced because it takes a lot of time to reach perfection. Read other fashion blogs to understand how these bloggers word their thoughts. The more you explore the better you will understand this. When bloggers write they are generally in their writer mode, and understand how important it is to get into the shoes of their readers. Read your own posts as if you are the reader, identify what you can change, what would make it more engaging for a reader, and then get back into your writer mode, and make those edits.

Readers like to read posts that have a nice flow to them, and where the writer is able to connect with them. This can take time, but once you begin to skilfully “pen” your thoughts, your readers will be hungry for more. Make sure once you are done with your post, you re-read it a few times to check the flow. And remember that the flow of a post is more important than its grammar.




Strategizing To Collaborate With Brands

As a top fashion blogger in India you will have to reach out to renowned brands to partner with them and get into influencer marketing so that you can actually make some money from your blog. Collaborating with brands is not easy since there are numerous bloggers trying to get a piece of the proverbial pie. You have to ensure that you showcase the brands in a manner that enables them to see the value in collaborating with you. You then become their secondary marketing channel, and a means to reach a wider audience.

It requires good strategy and sharp business acumen to interact with brands. When your readers notice your reach in the industry, their trust will deepen and this will enable you to increase your blog reach as well.


Creating A Website That Reflects Your Sense Of Fashion

Everyone has a typical sense of style that distinguishes them from the rest of the crowd. Use your distinctive style to build the personality of your blog. Let your website be a mirror image of your persona. Everything from the colours to the design and the placement of elements should define you.

This is how you can bring uniqueness to your blog, and this is how your readers will be able to connect with you. If you like vibrant colours then add them to your website, if you are more of a pastel girl then let neutral shades define the beauty of your blog, and if you want something bold and brazen then pick colours that resonate with the boldness of your soul. Your readers will always want to see a bit of you in your blog.

At the end of the day if you are blogging for a purpose, and one of them might be to express yourself through your blog, you might as well spend time in understanding this aspect of blogging.  The more you are aware of what works for you, the more successful you will be as a blogger.


Variety In Your Content

Bloggers often end up losing readers because of the absence of variety in their posts. The good news is that fashion blogging provides you with any number of topics to write on. With the advent of the Internet, the media world is becoming smaller and smaller. You are not local anymore. Anything and everything is in the scope of your blogging. You never know where your readers may be: US, UK, India, Dubai, Italy… You have to write keeping in mind an international audience. There is always something new happening in the world of fashion, there are tips, personal advice & experiences and new trends to talk about. So don’t stick to just one aspect of fashion. Explore everything it offers and give your readers variety in your posts.


Matching Local As Well As Global Needs

If your ambition is to be the top fashion blogger in India then you must write about trends that are being followed in the country as well as those that are being introduced around the world so that your readers can stay updated and do not have to look elsewhere for information related to fashion trends. Research is an important aspect in blogging. Plan your topics well, and keep aside time for research before you start writing. Blogging is not about churning articles for readers… if your posts are not meaningful there will be no readers, and what is the point in having a blog with no readers. It will be better to have meaningful deep-content posts, which provide value to your readers. There is a popular saying in the blogging world, “Write meaningful content-rich posts and readers will follow.”




End note: These are some of the ways you can make your way towards becoming the top fashion blogger in India. Remember, the journey is more important than the destination, so enjoy blogging, and you will achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

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