Top 50 Influencers In India

Top 50 Influencers In India

I am still on a high after being featured in this month’s Exhibit Magazine! #Top50Influencers


Sharing my projects with you online is always fun but there is something so special about finding a kind mention on the pages of a magazine. 💛 #ExhibitMagazine Merci!

p.s. My response to their first question seems to have been eaten up by the printing press 😁 So here’s what I actually sent in:

EM: Tell us a bit about your journey.
Me: I was at the crossroads of my life and career a few years back, and it left me wondering about what would give me the drive to do something that would not feel like work, and that I would be passionate about. That’s when Urban Diaries came about ~ my Luxury Lifestyle Blog-site where I showcase luxury brands.

Among the many threads that stretch between two people ~ threads of varied sizes, thickness, hues and textures ~ there are those that bring happiness. And these are the threads that my blog tries to establish with my readers. It is in continuous evolution as I try to find new ways in which I can add value to their readings and bring interesting topics to their attention.

EM: What keeps you motivated every day? (Feel free to give us your #QuoteToLiveBy here!)
Me: The learning curve for a blogger is almost infinite. I wake up every day with the joy of being able to do something I love, but I also wake up to the fact that today I will learn something new through my blog ~ sometimes, even through my readers. The journey so far has been an extremely colourful one and not a day passes by when I think to myself how blessed I am to have this platform through which I can reach out to so many people and inspire them.

EM: If you could choose one person that has influenced your life in a drastic way, who would it be and why?
Me: It would definitely be my mother. She was my pillar of strength and was always there for me when I needed her the most.

EM: Can you share with us three books that have impacted your life?
Me: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma
Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

EM: Do you think you would be able to reach the position you have earned today without the help of social media?
Me: Influencers have this ability to observe the subtlest dimensions of the world with the most bizarre of lenses. While Social Media has revolutionized the blogsphere and I would say it is a necessary evil of the modern era, the subtlety and nuance with which you relate your stories and share your experiences makes your post reflect your
personality in it. So I would say that for a Digital Influencer, the engaging presence of Social Media is a blessing. And yes, I would attribute my popularity and power as a Digital Influencer to Social Media.

EM: If you had to choose one, your favourite Social Media platform would be?
Me: I personally find Instagram to be one of the most impactful social mediums so far.

Why: Visuals can have a deeper impact and can often speak to your audience in ways where words may fail. Then there is the quickness with which an Instagram post can be seen and reacted on. Long texts are good for avid readers and those who have the time, but we are already catering to a generation of readers who prefer crisp posts which are quick to read and respond to.

EM: If you were stranded on an island and could take along only 3 gadgets/use 3 apps, what would they be?
Me: Satellite radio, Solar powered cell phone with long range wifi on solar energy, and of course an Iron (Wo)Man Suit!

Instagram, Facebook, and Adobe Photoshop

EM: A technology/gadget that is currently influencing your life:
Me: My Samsung 9Plus is a beast when it comes to Social Media!

EM: Three quick words of advice to all the budding influencers who look up to you?
Me: I once received this simple yet profound piece of advice when I was told never to limit my dreams. You will find many people in real life who may want to bar you from achieving what you want, so stop limiting yourself and give your dreams the wings they’ve been yearning for. Fly high and fly joyfully to the destination you’ve always wanted to reach.

EM: If given an option, would you do anything differently if you started in your industry now?
Me: The devil, inevitably, lies in the details! I believe that attention to detail is what will make your work unique, as details bear an essence of your personality and will help you gain the right set of audience. So a focused approach is the best approach when it comes to being a Digital Influencer.

EM: If you had to describe yourself in one hashtag, what would that be?
Me: #ShowcasingLuxuryWithTanya


I hope you have enjoyed reading these influencer notes as much as I did writing them.

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