The Wave Water Front Luxury Resort & Spa Wayanad

The Wave Water Front Luxury Resort & Spa Wayanad

The Charming hill slope, the serene waters of the Karapuzha dam, the misty mountains… The Wave Resort opens up a whole new world with nature in full bloom – Review

Wayanad – The Land of Paddy Fields {‘Vayal Nadu’} – is where thoughts clarify and your inner being deepens its sense of consciousness amidst nature’s perfect set-up. Encompassed by the rich heritage of nature, our senses grow more powerful as we curiously watch the tender quivering of a butterfly’s wing, as we hear the gentle rustle of the leaves on trees and as we feel the breeze gently caressing our skin. Wayanad is magical in the most beautiful way. And while it may seem that the enchantments lie in cauldrons of magic potions; all you need to do is look around to get tangled up in its magnetism. The wealth of this place is truly in the seamless kaleidoscope of natural freshness and cultural and heritage vibrancy.






The Wave Water Front Luxury Resort & Spa at Wayanad harnesses the true essence of the recalcitrant flora and fauna of Wayanad to offer unparalleled experiences to it guests. My husband, Vikram and I enjoyed the serene experience, their amazing hospitality and the delicious spread that we were treated to every day.

There are people who travel for luxury and glamour alone, and then there are those who travel for new experiences. I belong to the latter school of thought. Mine is an intrepid soul that thirsts for new experiences which are the result of interacting with people from different cultures, spending an evening with the locals and exploring the less travelled pathways. I don’t trust carefully planned itineraries; I’d rather throw caution to the wind and rely on impromptu plans which may just take me on a whirl of unplanned events like the time I got lost in Cambodia and ended up staying in a shack with a Cambodian family, who wanted to treat me to a dish of caterpillars {:)}, solely because they were inclined to help me out.


We spent an entire morning travelling in the car and dreaming of our restful weekend at Wayanad. Nestled comfortably amidst the hills and plateaus of the Western Ghats, Wayanad lies in the North East corner of Kerala. Ever wondered where Indian film director Mani Ratnam finds those gorgeous landscapes for his movies and songs? Kerala’s soulful environs have been the backdrop for some of his most famous films. The breathtaking beauty of Kerala matched my high spirits as our car winded up the hills.


Transcending Into a Zone of Timelessness at The Wave Wayanad

You simply have to go see it for yourself. From the dreamy canals that intricately trace their path through tiny civilizations to the magnificent hills covered in tea plantations –Wayanad is not just a fairy-tale location etched in the minds of children; it is an urbanite’s dream come true. While I am no slave of the concrete jungle, I feel like my trip to Wayanad was a breath of fresh air that spruced up my usual life at Bangalore.



A strong pulse of energy swept through my body shaking away all residues of fatigue as I stepped out of our car at The Wave Resort & Spa. Vikram and I had talked at great length about the beauty of Kerala, but everything that our words described failed to match the resplendence of the resort and its mesmerizing setting. The bravura of the mountains with their halo of mist harmonized with the alluring charm of the green rainforests to welcome us to a place where time was cast aside, and the only ticking that you could hear was the string of your hearts as it matched the symphony of nature.

Luxury amenities effortlessly blend with the natural beauty of the tropical rainforest that surrounds you. Everything is designed to stand out for the traveller yet merge in to affect the views in the least intrusive way. Be it the opulent cottages on the gently sloping terrain that present epic views of the lush green surroundings, a spectacular infinity pool merging seamlessly with the lake in the backdrop which makes for the perfect sunset spot, or an early morning relaxing yoga session amidst tall trees and well laid out greenscapes – The Wave Resort promises luxury bathed in the magnificence of its natural surroundings. Be under no illusion that this was every bit as magical as it sounds!





Walking up the pebbled pathway to reach the main lobby, we were warmly welcomed by the front desk team. We enjoyed a refreshing drink as they quickly completed the check-in formalities. A staff member guided us to our suite and as we sank into the bed; we praised their efficiency and courtesy.

I am boastful of my vivid imaginations, but the interiors of the suite surpassed my expectations. Rich woodwork, high beams, a splendid en-suite bathroom, romantic French windows and a lovely sundeck made my spirits soar as I drenched myself in the grandeur of the place. My suite gave me unobstructed views of the fascinating hills and plantations. For a city dweller like me – a view like this is akin to a piece of heaven.





One of my favourite spots of the suite was the sundeck that kindled my love for nature with its marvellous view of the water body formed by the Karappuzha Dam. I could gaze for hours at the pretty water lilies that lazily swayed their heads in the gentle afternoon breeze, I could bathe in the rays of the sun and turn my forty winks into a lazy nap, or simply gaze at the mighty firmament filled with stars at night – this sundeck was fraught with opportunities for me to stay out rather than bundle up in my bed.

When the dam was commissioned, it ended up swallowing an entire temple with a banyan tree raising its head above the waters to mark its location. Flocks of birds rest on its benevolently spread branches chirping as they hop from one branch to another. The comfortable silence of the majestic hills and the serene views of the forests have a magnetism that draws you closer to nature. The only yearning of my soul is to stay a bit longer or to make this heavenly place my permanent abode.






The resort has a tour desk which helps you plan your travels in Wayanad or on the resort. There are lots of activities and events planned through the day as well as the night to regale guests. Family-themed events promised a lot of fun too. Our three day stay at the resort included a number of activities like visiting the wildlife reserves, trekking and meeting the locals.

Our explorations began with a leisurely stroll around the surrounding plantation on our first day there. We were told that unlike conventional traditions, the women of the family inherit the lands here which are cultivated for coffee, rice, spices and many other crops.







Since I am inherently inquisitive, I enjoyed the walk which was filled with informational inputs regarding the culture and spirituality of Kerala. The plants grown in this place are coffee, huge jack fruits, bamboos, custard apples, cocoa and spices like cardamom, pepper, betel nut, basil, thyme, turmeric, ginger, and sandalwood. All these plants are used by the locals for eating as well as healing. The pleasant green foliage created by these plants was beautiful to look at as well. If I ever got the chance to return, I plan on rediscovering the precious values of Wayanad – that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control.

We returned in time for dinner. All meals are served in the same dining area which is located on the lower level of the resort. The décor is formal and hints at elegance. It opens to the gardens of the resort and gives you a perfect view of the dreamy lake sprinkled with water lilies. The compelling views are perfect for a laidback breakfast or leisurely lunch.

The management had thoughtfully planned a special evening for Vikram and me. Dinner was arranged in a private cove creating an intimate setting far from the prying eyes of the rest of the world. We had our own personal server ensuring that our candlelit dinner was a delightful experience. As I sank my toes into the lush green grass and opened my senses to the sounds of nature, the only thing my eyes fixated on was my darling husband. Kudos to the management for this lovely dinner arrangement.




Day 2

I enjoyed the resort even more when I was lying under a thatched palapa umbrella beside the spectacular pool soaking some sun at this beautifully planned property.




While the breathtaking views will notch up the luxury quotient, I found out that the in-house spa treatments were equally exemplary. You can pick from a range of massages according to your body’s requirements. Expert masseurs will ensure that you enjoy an invigorating massage that rejuvenates and refreshes you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Ayush Ayurveda


Ayush Ayurveda Spa brings together the rich traditions of Kerala along with the ethnicity of ancient healing wisdom. The exquisiteness of the elements used in the authentic Ayurveda spa techniques creates a well-balanced harmony in your soul healing you not just at an aesthetic level but from deep within. There are separate rooms for men and women and the spa includes a steam room, a sauna and private showers. I definitely recommend treating yourself to this experience.


Our spa experience was followed by an extravagant seafood luncheon. The food menu was clearly good, had a number of choices for both starters and mains, and had fresh ingredients, was authentic, and well presented. We enjoyed everything we ate including the payasam for dessert.



With a full stomach, we decided to relax at the sundeck enjoying a languid afternoon. But as the sky changed colours, our spirits leapt in jubilation with the satisfaction that lies in the shared cheer of bearing witness to the beauty of the painted skies belonging to no one and therefore to everyone. With birds enjoying their last flight of the day to coconut trees waving goodbye to the cheery sun, the sunset was a brilliant setting for an unforgettable evening at The Wave Resort.




I am fascinated by the prancing of flames as wood crackles and pops in a bonfire. The warmth of the fire and the iridescent shine of the star-filled skies jauntily nudge you to celebrate the night. The Wave Resort takes bonfires up by a notch with the wistful lake by its side and the expansive forests submerged in the quietude of the night. With chocolate fondue served alongside toasted marshmallows, this was a night that I would remember for a long time.





Day 3

Monday morning started at the break of dawn. We decided to do some exploration of the surrounding rainforests. It helped us discover nature at its best – untouched and untamed. This wild side of nature had us zigzagging our way through trails that often ended abruptly coercing us to retreat and find a different path. High on adrenaline, our adventurous souls explored the forest safely and quickly, stopping only to awe in the magnificence of nature or to rendezvous with the locals.





We returned from our trek to find a delicious spread of Kerala breakfast waiting for us. There was rice puttu, idiyappam, and lacy soft hoppers known as Palappam. For the rest of the morning, we lay down on the green lap of nature drinking deeply from its beauty and magnificence.


That afternoon, Resort manager, Girish invited us to have lunch the traditional way on banana leaves. The custom of eating on banana leaves goes back to the days of yore. It is identified as one of the most eco-friendly ways of eating food since the leaves can be discarded without harming the environment. The people in Kerala have redefined this eco-friendly eating arrangement by the traditional ‘sadya’ or the banquet.

Your entire meal including the rice, lentils, vegetables, curries and pickles are served on one leaf. The natural wax that lends a shine to the leaves melts when hot food is placed on it blending with the food and augmenting the taste of everything. Our delectable vegetarian meal in this authentic setting was quite the experience.




Goodbyes are never easy. Leaving #TheWaveWayanad was a sad moment because this little piece of paradise had tugged on the deepest strings of my heart. Authentic Kerala delicacies, unparalleled hospitality, and the quaint scenery of the cottages in the hills make this resort a fond memory.


End Note: Anyone from the wide-eyed toddler who loves to chase butterflies to the weary nine-fiver who dreams of escaping to a serene place where his cares can fly away will find that The Wave Resort and Spa is a blissful retreat. This luxury resort has the advantage of a mesmerising backdrop but what makes it stand out is its exceptional services and keen attention to detail when it comes to hospitality. This is the serendipity of travellers looking to get off the tourist trail. I already miss the resort and would definitely want to return in the very near future.


Tanya Dhar with General Manager Girish Subramanian


Have you been to The Wave Resort & Spa? Have you been to Wayanad, Kerala? If so share your thoughts with us.


Getting there: Odavayil Lake Side, Ambalavayal, Wayanad, Kerala 673593
Phone: +91 9744445288


*Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the resort, and is a narrative of the author’s experience at the property. Due judgement and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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