The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

To all the single girls out there, Valentine’s Day promises love in forms more than just the kind that lovers profess for each other. There is the love that you share with your family, friends, besties or just yourself. This February 14th, Urban Diaries has curated a list of things that you can do to experience the beauty of love, whether you are in a relationship or not.

{I collaborated with photographer and friend Kunal Majumdar, to put together a carefree shoot. We had a lot of fun shooting these photos and I hope you enjoy them too.}



1. Plan A Trip… Even Better, Bring Your Friends Along

The more the merrier! Plan an exciting trip with friends – couples as well as single friends – and turn Valentine’s Day into a love-filled treat as you enjoy some great times with people you care about.

2. Invite Them Home And Enjoy A Girl’s Night In

If you are tired of the overwhelming Valentine’s Day decorations that seem to follow you to every restaurant or public place you visit, then call your girlfriends home. It gives you time to catch up on some healthy gossip, talk about your latest crush, and watch some great movies. Order takeout and make sure the wine keeps flowing and the chocolates keep coming. Keep a good collection of movies of different genres, and remember to have plenty of cosy blankets available for everyone.



3. Spend The Night Out With Your Friends

The reason why I advocate a night out on Valentine’s Day is because love is in the air and with you out with your girlfriends, you may just end up meeting some cute single guys. Pick a charming outfit, and look for a great place for cocktails with your friends. Guys or not, you will definitely end up creating fun memories as you spend the night laughing and enjoying yourself. And who knows, you may just meet someone new too!

4. Pamper yourself

If you are single on Valentine’s Day then let me tell you that you are not the only one. Instead of mulling over your loneliness, show yourself some love and indulge in a much needed pampering session. You can book a spa session or spend the day as a shopaholic visiting stores that you’ve been wanting to go to for a long time. Use gift cards that you’ve been saving up or just splurge on yourself! Treat yourself to takeout food from your favourite restaurant and curl up in bed with your favourite movie playing on your TV. There is nothing more fabulous than self-indulgence, and this Valentine’s Day maybe you will realize how amazing that can be.



5. Get set up on a date

With cupid working his plans for you, maybe you want to take your chances on a double date that your friend fixes for you. One of my besties found the man of her life on a double date and maybe it can work out for you too. The two of them were set up on a date through mutual friends who went out with them, and the evening turned out to be their most memorable one. They enjoy life as a happy couple now. So if your friends want you to join them on a double date, play along and it may just work in your favour. If the odds are against you, then you still have the company of your friends for a beautiful evening.

Have the most amazing Valentine’s Day all you lovely people!


How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Share your ideas and plans. I’d love to read your comments!

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