The Shiro Dim Sum Festival

The Shiro Dim Sum Festival

With the monsoons doing its magic this season, it is the perfect time to introduce a festival celebrating dim sums! ~ #DimSum lovers can relish in the flavours of the Orient throughout the monsoon as #Shiro is all set to wow Bengaluru with its massive line up of 40 dim sums all through July & August.


Event 7 Shiro 1b

Tanya Dhar with Chef Aditya


Not much is required to convince me that steaming hot Dim Sums pair wonderfully with the Indian Monsoon. And it’s going to be a monsoon bonanza for Dim Sum lovers as Shiro is back with its Dim Sum Festival boasting 40 unique gourmet varieties combined with a delightful collection of cocktails. Shiro always manages to surprise its guests by experimenting with unparalleled flavours while keeping the essence of the traditional flavours alive.

This is the fifth year in a row that Shiro is back with its exotic display of dim sums and the restaurant sure knows how to keep the festival spirit high. The menu has been exclusively prepared by Chef Aditya and contains elements of Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese flavours. Though it is very natural that you would want to stay with your favourite Chicken Dumpling or Hargao but I would advise you not shy away from trying the new varieties like Chi Chow, Hargao, Sui Mai and Shen Jian.

While steaming hot dim sums are a delight for your taste buds, the “steaming” cocktails are sure to be a delight for your eyes. The cocktails are presented in beautiful stem-less Martini glasses atop a bowl of smoking dry ice to create a stunning effect. If you want to try out the tropical varieties, Peach Thai Chili Martini – packed with some bold flavours – is the drink for you. But if you would rather go a little easy, then the Rosemary and Pomegranate Martini is the gentler, sweeter concoction. You will also find a variety of teas to choose from to go with your order of dim sums.

Event 7 Shiro 3

Rosemary & Pomegranate Martini with grenadine, fresh rosemary and pomegranate juice

Event 7 Shiro 4

Peach Thai Chilli Martini with a tempting combination of fresh peach, Thai chilli, lime juice and vodka


In competition with these exotic cocktails is the enticing Lobster and Truffle Oil Dumpling. Take your time with this one as not only will you otherwise risk burning your tongue but you will be deprived of enjoying the exotic flavours slowly and gradually with each bite.

Should you prefer the extra hot side of flavours, then there is a delicacy called the Wasabi Prawn Dumplings to spice up your taste buds. Packed with a bold combination of flavours and textures, this one will be sure to satisfy your monsoon cravings. To add to the entire ‘Wasabi’ experience, the spinach flavoured and coloured wrapper satiates the soul.

In case are looking for something other than dumplings, the Prawn and Chive Pot Stickers offer a variety of exotic flavours in a single bite. You could also go for Shiro’s open faced Baos. While there are no guesses required for the Pork Belly Bao, the Chicken Katsu Bao with their panko crusted chicken layered with gochujang mayo makes an extremely satisfying sandwich to wrap up the day. To satisfy your sweet cravings, you should order the Mandarin Chocolate Velvet Cake; it will be the dessert you have been waiting to savour.

Event 7 Shiro 2

Event 7 Shiro 5

Edamame & Truffle Dumplings

Event 7 Shiro 6

Spinach, Corn & Mushroom Dumplings

Event 7 Shiro 8

Event 7 Shiro 7

Five Spiced Vegetable Dumplings


Event 7 Shiro 9

Event 7 Shiro 10

Event 7 Shiro 11

Event 7 Shiro 12

Chicken & Coriander Jiaozi

Event 7 Shiro 13

Hoisin Duck Dumplings

Event 7 Shiro 15

Event 7 Shiro 14

Scallop & Prawn Sui Mai

Event 7 Shiro 20

Event 7 Shiro 19

Mix-Seafood Crystal Dumplings

Event 7 Shiro 21

Event 7 Shiro 22

Zucchini & Coriander Dumplings

Event 7 Shiro 16

Event 7 Shiro 17

Event 7 Shiro 18

Wasabi Prawns Dumplings

Event 7 Shiro 23

Event 7 Shiro 24

Event 7 Shiro 25

Katsu Chicken Gua Bao

Event 7 Shiro 26

Event 7 Shiro 27

Event 7 Shiro 28

Steamed Chicken & Assorted Mushrooms

Event 7 Shiro 29

Event 7 Shiro 30

Mandarin Chocolate Velvet Cake


*Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from Shiro, and is a narrative of the author’s experience at the restaurant. Due judgement and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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