The Re-Collective by Artist Raghava KK

The Re-Collective by Artist Raghava KK


Five artists ventured out to create the ‘Re-Collective’, a name that has become synonymous with individuality and innovation. While their first project of designing an office space using art installations was off in full force, I got a chance to catch up with these talented individuals, and came away really impressed.

The brain child of Raghava KK (lead artist), Shilo Shiv Suleman, Nikhil More, and Pallavi Sen – the Re-Collective was launched on 5th February, 2016 at Kstart (an initiative by Kalaari, a venture capital company). The passion displayed by these young artists was evident by the fact that they had spent months in a space which was still under construction, with no proper facilities to sleep, eat, or take a shower! But against all odds, they worked tirelessly to ensure that the project came to life as they had envisioned.


“We truly believe that studios and galleries should not be the only places to display art – it belongs everywhere,” says Raghava. “Our idea as a team was to work on an ambitious and interdisciplinary project where technology, science and art come together, and this project provided us with such an opportunity.”

Every exhibit at the Re-Collective is inspired by the artists’ personal experiences and observations, where they push boundaries to create works that are an amalgamation of technology and art. The Kstart office is peppered with artworks titled ‘Re-Form, ‘Re-Think’, ‘Re-Imagine’, ‘Re-Flect’, and so on. One in particular saw lotuses and a hanging moon carved out of mirror and wood, where artist Shilo demonstrates the importance of taking a moment to reflect.


“It is refreshing to see that a majority of people are taking an interest in our ideology pertaining to the fact that one can’t really think out of the box while sitting in one,” Raghava mentions. “Transforming the workplace to look less like a traditional one is gaining popularity with venture capitalists as well.”

A Banyan tree (named – ‘The Sharing Tree’) fashioned out of metal hangs low in one corner. The moment a person speaks under it, the tree glows brighter using breath sensors which are camouflaged amongst the leaves! Innovation at its best!




Featured in the photo below: Pallavi Sen’s installations at the launch of The Re-Collective. Her work explores the concepts of #upcycle #rewear #reuse #repurpose.



Here’s a video tribute to the lovely evening

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