The Festival of Colours!

The Festival of Colours!

Have fountains of coloured water and water balloons already started appearing around your neighbourhood? Holi, the festival of colours, infuses a playful spirit in everyone – the young & old alike. The essence of this flamboyant festival is the spirit of joy, sharing and generosity that it brings with it, which is one of the many reasons it is the most widely celebrated festival in our country!



In a diverse country like ours, the festival of colours has multi-hued stories passed on from generations, and legends & facts interlinked with it. Fundamentally, it is an agricultural festival that ushers in the season of spring. However, like most Indian festivals, each state has its own unique rituals, own narratives for different customs to be followed during Holi.

One underlying thread however, is the message of joy, sharing & equality, and the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’ that forms the core of the kaleidoscopic festival of Holi. With our faces dyed in varied hues, we become one mass of humanity celebrating with equal zest and vigour. These are the moments that bind us together and helps promote the spirit of one nation. Urban Diaries hopes the same spirit permeates your celebrations today!




Tips for a safe and enjoyable Holi:

* Apply coconut oil liberally on your skin and hair. It will provide protection from the chemicals in the colours.
* Boys this one is for you – apply a coat of transparent polish to protect your nails.
* Play Holi with people that you know, and always be wary of other people who are around if it is a large gathering.
* The colours on your skin will most likely stop perspiration, resulting in dehydration; so drink a lot of water during Holi celebrations.
*Lastly, do not forget to let go and just have fun!

Urban Diaries wishes you a safe and joyous Holi Festival!




The video below was shot in India by Variable’s crew during last year’s Holi festival. Filmed using one of the world’s most expensive cameras – weighing in at $150,000 – this short film is absolutely incredible.

Life is extraordinary. Live it, Embrace it.” — team

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