The Druid Garden: A Delightful Multi-sensory Dining Experience

The Druid Garden: A Delightful Multi-sensory Dining Experience

Restaurant Review: The Druid Garden

If you were to look back at life, how would you summarize it? A lot of us fail to enjoy life at the moment in anticipation of the future. But for me, life is all about creating vividly beautiful memories that I can cherish every time someone asks me the same question. I enjoy exploring the magnanimity of the world and its beauty through the eyes of a traveller and my memories are often speckled with visits to new restaurants where I try to reconnoitre the flavours and aromas of food. I am grateful that Bengaluru has been very obliging to the foodie within me. I have witnessed a lot of new cafes, lounges and bars come up around the city. And imagine my exhilaration at visiting these new places where I could try something extraordinary, and indulge my taste-buds in surprisingly new flavours each time. If you are a foodie like me, then check out The Druid Garden, you may just find it to be your next favourite hang-out watering hole.

The Druid Garden finds its inspiration in the lustrous magnificence of exemplary culinary delights around the globe. It resonates an impressive intermingling of sophistication, innovation and authenticity. Designed to represent a European beer garden, the restaurant brings together design ideas from different corners of the world. And when I say corners, it is not just a figure of speech, but literally the corners of the world including inspirations from Panama, Peru and Argentina. With a stage for live bands and multi-layered, German-style seating which includes a VIP deck, this restaurant derives its cool quotient from the retractable glass roof – rains won’t stop this place from serving its guests. With the elegant wooden designs adorning the restaurant and an Al fresco top floor, there is no better way to tantalize your senses with the tasteful décor setting the mood for an epicurean journey.





The Druid Garden’s impressive menu has been curated with inspiration from owner Amit Gowda’s favourites which are picked from 15 of the world’s renowned cuisines. The result is an enticing spectrum of dishes which range from desi tikkas to lip-smacking tacos. I have great respect for people who are able to strike the right balance, and the culinary artists at The Druid Garden exemplify the combination of modernity and classicism winning my respect in their display of superlative expertise. The restaurant proudly boasts of using organic and natural ingredients, going to great extents to avoid the use of artificial flavours or colours in the dishes. And the bartenders craft delightful cocktails which will sweetly coerce you into rethinking the norm.


Here’s how The Druid Garden elated our taste buds:

Cold hors d’oeuvre or Appetizer

Smørrebrød {Danish Open Sandwiches}on rye bread with roasted pepper and confit tomatoes

Let me introduce you to Denmark’s national dish and their most acclaimed meal, the unpretentious smørrebrød. At their simplest, smørrebrød are open-faced sandwiches artfully created on a thin layer of dense sourdough rye bread known as rugbrød, which delights visually as well as in taste. At The Druid Garden, this very tasty and moist appetiser was creatively done with an innovative topping, offering a more detailed texture & contrast than an ordinary sandwich. The Smørrebrød reminded me of the goodness of freshly baked, satisfyingly chewy Danish rye bread which leaves a distinctively sour taste that tends to linger in your mouth; sublimely delicious!

197a Smorrebord of roasted peppers and confit tomatoes

197b Smorrebord



Campagna Burratacheese with a fresh heirloom tomato salad and blood orange dressing

The uncanny tastiness of Burrata! For the uninitiated, burrata means buttered in Italian. Fresh burrata has a rich and creamy taste, and the Campagna Burrata at The Druid Garden had a really soft texture which smoothly gave way just the way soft butter melts when you cut it with a knife. As my knife gently cut through the dish, the soft inner curd and fresh cream oozed out, offering a sweet milky flavour that gently fills the palate. If you’re a lover of mozzarella and ricotta, the Campagna Burrata is so what you want.

197c Burrata Salad

197d Burrata Salad



Melon Carpaccio with Crab Saladwith orange, fennel & arugula and ponzu dressing

The essence of Italian cooking is not in its flamboyance but rather its minimalism and simplicity. With the help of fresh ingredients and by mastering basic cooking techniques, one can enhance the true flavours of the dish. “Carpaccio” is the name used for dishes that use thinly sliced raw meat or fish to be served as appetizers. The one served at the restaurant looked appetizing, came with a lavish drizzle of special sauce and was topped off with shavings of parmesan cheese. Terrific and especially good for low-carb aficionados.

197e Melon Capraccio with crab salad


Assorted Indian Platter:

Amritsari Paneer {rolled and stuffed with julienned vegetables} – This classic north Indian dish is innovatively recreated where chunks of paneer are marinated in flavourful Amritsari spices. As you bite through three delicious layers of this gourmet pakora {fritters}, your taste buds will experience hints of nutmeg and cardamom in the crunchy coating, followed by softly moist paneer, which in turn leads to an explosion from the sweet-spicy centre taking your palate on a roller coaster ride of flavours.


Palak Anjeer Kebab {stuffed with dried figs and served with mint chutney} – If you are yet to discover the world of kebabs, let me tell you that they are prepared using minced meat or vegetables which are wrapped in skewers and cooked or grilled. For those who lean towards vegetarian dishes, the mouth melting palak kebabs at The Druid Garden will certainly make you yearn for more.


Beetroot Shami Kebab {with Lotus seed and served with mint chutney} – I can’t even begin to talk about the flavour until we discuss the colour of this gorgeous dish! What I do love the most about beets is their vibrant colour. Loaded with antioxidants these kebabs are a power house of energy, making for a mouth-watering and healthy side dish.

197f Beetroot Shami

We can all agree that a delightful platter of delectable kebabs with an awesome dip makes for a great start to a meal. The smoky, char-grilled aroma and melt-in-mouth texture easily gets you hooked.


Assorted Mexican Platter:

Chicken Empanadas – baked with manchego and cream cheese

My husband and I both love these tasty Latin-American-style turnovers, and the juicy and flavourful baked chicken empanadas here were irresistible! The shredded chicken and cream cheese filling wrapped in a flaky pastry crust added layers of flavour to these golden brown delicacies.

197g Chicken Empanadas


Vegetarian Empanadas – baked with corn and leek

Healthy vegetables flavoured with a perfect blend of spices before being wrapped in a flaky crust – we savoured every bite.

197i Chicken Empanada


Chipotle Vegetable Tacos – with peppers, corn and a pumpkin seed gremolata

These smoky chipotle vegetable tacos were delicious, where the veggies made for a savoury and crunchy topping; an absolute must try.

197j Vegetable Tacos


Main Course

Grilled Lamb Chops

Lamb is my “desert island” meat. My taste buds find true reprieve in almost every aspect of lamb meat, be it roasted or grilled. And with the right mix of earthy spices to accentuate its flavour, lamb meat is in a true sense, “food for the soul” for me.

I found The Druid Garden’s recreation of the classic combination of lamb and mashed potatoes pretty fantastic, especially with the creative addition of the berry sauce. The succulent lamb chops, paired rather nicely with the roasted garlic mashed potatoes and the tangy sauce; and the creamy mash enriched with roasting juices was so good that I wanted to eat it with my fingers!

197k Lamb Chops



Mixed Berry Sorbet

While I confess to a sweet tooth, especially high-fat, calorie-dense ice-cream; a refreshing bowl of cool, frosty sorbet is often more enjoyable.

A modern take on the classic, The Druid Garden’s sorbet is served on a bed of chocolate soil, fresh orange segments and orange scented chocolate ganache. This dessert was very light with delicate spicing which urged for a richer and darker flavour like the dark chocolate which in turn complimented the cold freshness of the sorbet. Literally the most sophisticated sorbet ever!

197l Mixed Berry Sorbet


The Unbelievers dessertblack sesame cake and kaffir lime coconut sorbet with lemon curd and miso butter scotch

The super-moist nutty sesame glory in that dark but whimsical way paired with rich coconut cream & aromatic kaffir lime sorbet that had a beautifully rich mouth-feel, and was every bit as flavoursome as ice-cream, was most definitely “dessert for the soul”! Try it!

197n The Unbelievers desser


Hazelnut Tortelayers of dark chocolate torte, chocolate hazelnut ganache, salted caramel jelly, almond and white chocolate feuillentine with sour cherry coulis

A sweet tooth’s dream! This decadent multilayered European delicacy, with a name derived from the German word “torte” which means cake, was brilliantly layered with chocolate butter cream, mousse, and fruits. It was incredibly moist and was possibly the best chocolate torte I’ve ever had!


The restaurant serves up some quirky cocktails and mocktails which are a perfect way to augment the anxious wait for the beer which is still being brewed. And there is so much more that I want to try out here the next time I visit, like the pizzas which are made in an authentic wood-fired oven.

Moscow Berry MuleVodka muddled with a fresh berry portion and sparkling ginger beer with berry caviar

197o Moscow Berry Mule


Mary’s Little WandTomato juice and vodka, whisked with Oriental spices and topped with an ethereal cloud of celery

197p Mary's Little Wand


Skinny Pina ColadaFresh tender coconut water, cold pressed pineapple juice, and classic rum… as light and spirited as a midsummer night


The staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. I appreciate their help on the beverage list and what foods pair best. While the food isn’t fussy, the dishes are visually appealing and decadently delicious. The cocktails are a wonderful accompaniment to the food, and The Druid Garden certainly emphasizes that. Located in the ambient neighborhood of Sahakar Nagar, The Druid Garden is an enigmatic food destination for food aficionados who enjoy sipping on their favorite drink and enjoying an epicurean meal under the stars.

Getting there:
The Druid Garden
40/1, Century Corbel Commercial, 3rd Floor,
Sahakaranagar Main Road, Sahakaranagar,
Bengaluru – 560 092
Landline: +91 80 46777777
Manager: +91 7349748250


*Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. Due judgment and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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