Summer 2017 makeup trends to try right now

Summer 2017 makeup trends to try right now

Welcome to Summer 2017: The era of new mood beauty

In a world of rationalized abstractions where we hardly delve deep enough to find the connection between beauty of the soul and that of the skin, I am glad to see that pretentious makeup is slowly fading into oblivion to make way for a more natural look that is both effortless and graceful. The Spring/Summer 2017 shows paved the way for minimal makeup where we got to see clean skin and wash-and-go hair making way for a new season of beauty.



This season, Beauty is more about celebrating your individuality and if you’ve been following beauty forecasts, then it won’t be too difficult to perceive a play of bold and brazen with hints of subtle and sexy this Summer. With some thorough research on beauty trends for this season, I’ve selected these makeup and beauty looks which seem most prominent for Summer 2017.


Skin That Breathes

We have undoubtedly loved the minimal makeup look for a long time and this season is inclined towards putting it at the core of all beauty trends. Summer 2017 is focused on healthy, radiant and conditioned skin. Stash away those brushes and forget strobing, baking and contouring to revel in skin that breathes. Let makeup take the less travelled path where you use it subtly to hide marks and blemishes only. I am playing on extremes – natural and bold looks – to make this trend work for me. Pick one asset that you would like to show off, like your lips or your eyes and embolden one of these while you downplay on the rest of your face keeping it fresh and radiant.









Smudgy Eyes

Last year didn’t see too much of the smoked out eyes aside from on the runway when the look demanded. But my guess is that this year is going to witness a stronger comeback of the brazen and sensual look. Although, it will not be just about colourful eye makeup; it will be about the smudgy eye texture that creates a new level of oomph. Eye shadow that crosses over from black to silvery blacks, frosty jewel tones and the lux of ol’ school blues; creating new waves and bringing some much needed luxury and radiance!

Not sure of how to achieve this look? Here’s a hint: use some eye gloss over your liner to get that smudge effect or create that sultry “late night, early morning” effect with some kohl. If the flawless look of 2016 was way too architectural for you then the grungy smudgy 2017 look will be the imperfection being celebrated this season.







Pretty Is the Way to Go

Pink is back in a big way and can certainly be considered as the “new neutral”.  Everything from rose gold phones to rosy shades of makeup used by Dior, Pucci, and Isabel Marant mark – Pink as the beauty neutral of 2017. And the beauty of a neutral is that it can be exquisitely used on different areas of the face allowing the dewy highlight to bring out your natural beauty creating a radiant glow in the strong summer heat.

Gracefully highlighting the cheek, dramatically emphasizing the beauty of your eyes or cheerfully plumping up your lips – Pink is the breath of fresh air in a summer that yearns for simplicity when it comes to makeup trends. My favourite trick for a pretty flush is ditching the blush for lipstick this season to add an emphatic rosy glow.






Glossy Lips

Drop the matte look as the shimmer of glossy lips is dictating Summer 2017. Tinted or transparent, the allure of shiny lips is a refreshing change providing both dimension and youth, and will sit pretty defining your puckers. I’m not saying that you have to push away your favourite matte lipsticks to the darkest corner of the vanity, all that this summer needs is a jaunty transformation from sophisticated matte lips to the cheery glossy ones.





Focus Point: Ears

If magnificence belongs anywhere this season then it is at your ears. With hair neatly swept back to leave the ears exposed, electric colours dangling down the lobes were a high point at most of the fashion weeks this season. I personally loved the way Bottega Veneta models made their appearance with their hair neatly tucked behind their ears and held in place with a pretty ear clip. But it isn’t just about unabashed attention-seeking ear accessories, but about colour highlights as well. From the glittery ear paint seen at Giamba to the hues of yellow painted on the lobes at Proenza Schouler, we know by now that ears are getting all the attention they’ve been craving for this season.




2017 is beckoning us to explore new makeup canvases, and with innovative ideas floating in a sea of fashionistas, I can vouch on the nape to be the next body part of choice to get creative with.


End note: Summer 2017 heralds the need to lighten up your makeup styles with an effortless look that radiates natural beauty. You don’t need to weigh down your skin with heavy makeup any longer, flatter your skin by letting it breathe – i.e. a perfect execution of light handed application and blending that is always sure to enhance your look.


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