Style Crush: Tie Dye Dresses

Style Crush: Tie Dye Dresses

Fold, twist, and dye ~

like a dream

infinite patterns breathe life

and sync harmony

into my creative endeavor



I have always been captivated by tie dye designs. There is something very unedited, insightful, whimsical, indelible, and exquisite about the designs that they linger in you, always. These uniquely structured, concentric circles and distinctive patterns have been perennial when it comes to fashion and have still managed to fascinate and hold their ground despite the ever-changing fashion scenario. Recently, tie-dye has gained an impressive reputation leaving a stamp of its timeless charm on the fashion industry.

For me, there are a lot of warm memories associated with tie-dye ~ making tie dye tee shirts was one of my dream projects during summer break and one of the arts & crafts activities I blissfully indulged in. I still have one colourfully stained tie dye tee from my middle school days that holds a cherished place in my heart. 🙂




The ripples, circular movements, and lines add on to that effect of making tie dye designs chic and breezy. Tie dye pleated skirts, maxi dresses, and tops have started setting ablaze the winter season with their bold colours and textures that are lyrical, and to be honest they make fantastic pieces to rock with both sandals and boots, AND sweaters, complementing the starkness of the winter chill. This has contributed to the return of tie-dye as a fully-fledged trend.

This ancient form of art swept the seventies and became a norm with all those who wanted to flaunt their free spirited rebellious side. The psychedelic colours brought in a revolution that conditioned the perception of the youth of that time. It again came back to popularity in the nineties and true to the circular trend of the fashion industry, it is back in full force and trending all over again.





There is something in the patterns and textures of tie dye that leaves me with a feeling of being liberated, sensuous, and floating in poetic realms. The versatility of its colours, vibrant patterns, and artsy vibe really injects a shot of uniqueness into your day. In my opinion, anyone can pull it off without much effort and end up looking stylish, and perhaps even dressy.





I have a penchant for clothes that spell elegance and are effortlessly luxe and I am someone who likes to use fabrics that can segue into winter by accessorizing it right and wearing the right type of footwear that is apt for the occasion. The stunning custom-made dress I have on here reflects what I am talking about.

So, if you too want to get in on the tie-dye trend and include dresses such as the one I have on in your wardrobe; have a look at some surefire tips as mentioned below which can help you decide how to incorporate the tie dye into your wardrobe and make your own statement while stepping out, be it summer or winter ~




On creating a beach effect ~

I would recommend pastel shades and loose flowing maxis and blouses keeping in mind the Bohemian vibe of the sea, sand, and salty breeze. And you can find various designer clothing stores that offer a curated tie dye collection that can recreate the being-on-the-beach feel, perfectly creating an island gateway vibe.

On dressing for a party ~

Another great way to experiment with tie-dye is by teaming high-waist trousers or shorts with a low-buttoned dress. It’s probably one of the most versatile and easy-to-pull-off looks yet will look very luxe in a very easy-going kind of way. Now all you need is a glass of margarita to add on to the effect.

On being formal ~

Considering the fact that not every party environment is the right place to wear tie-dye, you can experiment with a tie-dye high-low gown like the one featured. You can also complement the dress with a light sprinkling of accessories. This way, you can create a unique look, and decidedly make heads turn while you make your entry.




End note: Yes, tie and dye clothes are making their presence felt everywhere this season and have been elevated to the level of super-sleek tailoring! If you love the tie dye like me, you will find myriad ways to wear it, be it casual or formal, during summer or winter, day or night and elevate its flexibility and surrender yourself to its abstracts.


I’m already feeling tempted to get myself another dress or maybe a pair of high-waist pants… Who wants to join me?

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