Step into the calm oasis of the Ritz-Carlton Spa

Step into the calm oasis of the Ritz-Carlton Spa

Ritz-Carlton Staycation Part III
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The next morning I ordered room service and treated myself to a scrumptious breakfast. My schedule for the day included a visit to the Ritz-Carlton Spa, followed by Sunday brunch at The Market {more on that in my future posts} where I would be joined by my husband, Vikram. Since I had woken up early after a blissful night’s sleep in my luxurious suite, I decided to start my day with some ‘me time’ at the hotel’s swimming pool.

Located on Level 5 both the fitness centre and swimming pool were unoccupied when I went there on Sunday morning. And if you’re similarly lucky, you’ll find the swimming experience to be quite peaceable; a cool dip in the crisp, clear water or a warm dip in the Jacuzzi with no cares in sight. You could also escape the heat in the spacious patio seating and private cabanas or with the help of an invigorating blend of fresh fruits designed to cleanse and rejuvenate – or possibly both at the eponymous Pool Bar {exclusive to resident guests only} located beside the pool.







At the end of a morning session at the pool, why not gift yourself a spa treatment?


The Ritz-Carlton Spa

A sanctuary of tranquillity offering a host of inclusive wellness options, the spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore intermingles treatments based on traditional healing practices, using the beautifying effects of world class products crafted from natural indigenous ingredients leaving guests drenched in a feeling of well-being.

Located on the 5th Floor which is quite aptly referred to as the ‘Wellness Floor’ of this luxury hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Bangalore spans an abundant floor space of 17,000 sq. ft, offering 12 treatment rooms with separate changing and relaxation areas, as well as thermal suites for guests. Designed to serve as a true destination for restoration, this state-of-the-art wellness abode offers an assortment of solution-led healing body treatments, face treatments and massages; each one specially crafted to suit our fast-paced lives leaving a calming and refreshing effect on the body and soul.

An exquisite collection of curated paintings dot the walls of the spa augmenting the charm of the space, while the elaborate jaali patterns create a sense of privacy and add to the ambiance. A wide range of retail products designed by renowned beauty labels give guests the choice to retain their affinity for quality products while being soothed into wellness. I came across ESPA and Ila from the UK. Omorovicza is another beauty label available here which brings the healing properties of Hungary’s thermal waters, while all the wellness of the ingredients found in the Himalayas in Northern India are packaged into bottles by Forest Essentials. These products together provide the perfect range of wellness options for visitors.

149i Scientifically advanced ESPA products


The Specially curated Signature Treatments I was invited to experience:
Jaali Embrace Body Massage – 90 minutes and Gold Hydrating Facial – 60 minutes

I walked past some lovely tropical plants as I crossed the spa foyer to be greeted with a warm and friendly smile by the reception staff. I was led to the Relaxation Lounge where I enjoyed a delectable welcome drink and felt refreshed with the cold towel I was offered.

149k Welcome Beverage

I was obliged to get a tour of the spa which helped me find exactly where the hydrotherapy suite, the relaxation suite, the changing rooms and the treatment rooms were located. I quickly changed into my complimentary white robe and slippers in anticipation of a refreshing treatment. With two therapists for the massage, I was escorted into my treatment suite for the 2-hour ‘Jaali Embrace’ massage.

149l The Ritz-Carlton Spa Vitality pool

The Ritz-Carlton Spa Vitality pool


The Ritz-Carlton Spa Treatment room


The Jaali Embrace

The recurring theme of the ‘jaali’ that runs through the hotel creating a beautiful and seamless effect for the guests, finds its way into the area of wellness – with the ‘Jaali Embrace’ being the most favoured of the signature treatments on offer. A refreshing retreat for guests who have been running on busy schedules and need a chance to unwind, this Signature massage harnesses the energy and power of four hands creating a harmonizing effect on the body restoring energetic physical and emotional equilibrium.

Commencing with a soothing foot ritual to ground & balance energy, two therapists connect to start the four handed ritual using long, sweeping movements working in perfect synchrony to re-energize the body. The main elements of this treatment are the pouring of warm oil and the use of hot volcanic stones, finishing with a soothing therapeutic head massage to achieve total relaxation.


My Experience

My therapists led me to a treatment suite which was intricately decorated in hues of deep red and rich mahogany, while the soft lighting added to the calming effect of the room. The senior therapist familiarized me with the divine scents used in the treatment while also adding some insight into the treatment for me; explaining the details of the ritual and asking me how I would like the pressure of the massage.

My treatment started with a relaxing foot ritual, following which I slipped in between two towels on the treatment table while I waited for the massage to commence. My mind slipped into peacefulness as the soothing sounds of the music that played in the background began to have its effect on me. My therapists used cushioned bolsters to prop up my shoulders and feet so that I would be comfortable throughout the massage.

As I lay on my stomach, the therapists gently stretched my arms and legs beginning the treatment by increasing the flow of energy in my body. A heavenly blend of oils seeped into my nutrient-thirsty skin, as the therapists used long kneading strokes in synchronized movements which originated from my toe and went all the way up to my shoulders and subsequently ended as they moved down to my fingertips to transform my fatigued body into a rejuvenated one.


The therapists then started the lower back massage which was utterly relaxing making it one of my favourite parts of this treatment – it felt like my therapists were magically wooing away all the stress and tension that had been built in my lower back because of my work schedules. The lower back treatment was followed by hot volcanic stones which were pressed on the body {this left a lovely warm sensation} helping my muscles relax and my body soak in the goodness of the stones.


I was asked to turn over onto my back and the massage continued with the process of applying a warm balm on my whole body throughout the course of the treatment. The essential oil used in the Jaali Embrace are known for being deeply moisturising while working to keep skin really supple, at the same time enhancing the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

A foot massage and a scalp massage finished off the 1 hour and 30 minute long treatment leaving me rejuvenated and recharged to go back to my busy schedule once again. This was one section of the specially curated Signature Treatments that was over; my body was already thanking me for this ritual when I began the repairing and invigorating Gold Hydrating Facial.


Gold Hydrating Facial

The Gold Hydrating facial at the Ritz-Carlton Spa was by far the most revitalizing facial that I have experienced… really. The hour long treatment started with a consultation with my therapist who spent some time analysing my skin before my facial could begin.

This repairing and hydrating facial started with a lip and eye cleanse, moving to a rehydrating rose petals cleanse enriched with vitamin E and F. A divinely scented toner was then used to help in skin revival before my therapist applied a double application of Hungarian Moor mud; to further cleanse, exfoliate and peel. My face was soon covered with a rose scented gold mask, which deploys hyaluronic acid in three different forms to plump and nourish my skin while the bio-available gold repairs micro-damage to strengthen my skin. My facial which included cleansing, scrubbing, exfoliating, steaming and moisturizing left me feeling truly pampered!


Whenever I treat myself to a facial {and for me it’s once every 2-3 months}, I feel like it’s a skin reset where I get to clean up all the mess and start all over again with a delightfully bright and nourished skin. Those who have been ignoring their skin for a while, I definitely recommend booking a Gold Hydrating Facial – it includes a consultation and a skin assessment where your therapist will also answer all your skin questions.

Once my facial treatment was complete, my massage therapist escorted me back to the Relaxation Lounge for ginger tea and some sweet treats. From their friendly demeanour, to their rich insight about massage therapies and skin treatments, and their attention to detail – the therapists at the Ritz-Carlton Spa are terrific indeed. This luxury Bangalore spa is the perfect place to breathe deeply and feel the busy bustle melt away as you take your time to relax, wind down and be soothed in an oasis of calm.

For more visit their website or call +91 80 4914 8000 (ext. 8501) to book your treatments.

*Disclosure: My treatment was hosted by The Ritz-Carlton Spa Bangalore; however the opinions expressed in this post remain my own.

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