Silky satin separates take on a casual attitude for Spring 2018

Silky satin separates take on a casual attitude for Spring 2018

A fashion fête where the most distinctive, sensual and spectacular traits of the season’s style meet and celebrate!

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Spring 2018 sees a brilliant re-imagination of textures, layers, shapes and designs. Linear and vaporous, fitted and fluid, diverse in lengths and volumes ~ this season’s style draws from the best of past fashion trends with a contemporary take. It is a celebration of the wearer’s singularity, catering to distinctive tastes and reincarnating classics to provoke interest and inspire acquiescence with sophistication and diversity.

Sensual allure and interesting necklines contrast with masculine style pullovers, creating an alluring paradox when paired with satin shorts and slipper shoes in fabric or hand-painted leather. This right here is a get-together of a repertoire of style sensibilities and perceptions which mingle together in ingenious ways sparking a kaleidoscope of colours and materials that incites the imagination and inspires awe.

Working light-catching Satin into casual silhouettes for day ~ Satin is soft, it caresses the body freely and the discreet draping gives shape to shirts, tunics, and shorts.


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